Marty on Freedum Magazine and coverage of The New Yorker debacle

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I decided I'd take a look at this thread, don't normally do Marty's World, and got to the very first line of the post..... "David Miscavige reached another milestone today. He killed another once-wonderful creation of L Ron Hubbard: Freedom Magazine."

That was enough for me. :duh: When will I learn.


Dear Terril plays those cards quite often when under pressure.

"Are you against people having wins?"

Etc, Blah.


Two old posts, not from this thread (Applying RJ '68, Scientology PR tech and Scientology Propaganda tech):

I must admit, it's slightly disconcerting to consider that someone who cannot discern the sordid insincerity of Scientology's phony 'Creed', written as accompanying PR-cover for its "Religion angle," would be in a position to influence the minds of others in an intimate fashion, providing "Hubbard Guidance" as others are led "up the Scientology Bridge."


You describe the creed as " sordid insincerity", " Phony".

As PR cover for its "religion angle".

That its a bad thing leading others "up the Scientology Bridge."

So you don't subscribe to human rights?

The Creed expresses many points re humann rights.

We could assume her that you and human rights are distant.

A Creed by definition embodies fundamental beliefs.

You seem to be unaware of that.


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Well . . . riddle me this: does Marty's contribution to this discussion make sense to a KSW Standard L Ron Hubbard Scientology Tech kool aid slurper? I've asked a couple of times about whether or not the MSM reaches into the Scilon consciousness in a "wake up" sort of way. Generally speaking, it seems not. "Freedom Magazine", on the other hand, is deemed a worthy organ of repute, a font of truth, apparently. Now, perhaps by ignoring our wog-world wailing and speaking directly to his "lurkers" Marty has struck a powerful blow against the one source of information Scilons trust. Perhaps the quavering doubters will recognise that if "Freedom Magazine" is all bullshit and ask themselves "since when"? Could the denigration of "Freedom Magazine" by Marty spark a question or two within the cult - might not a few more of them just check out the original article for themselves and commence to LOOK?

A slightly uncomfortable irony in this latest cult footbullet is that it is perfectly in line with Scientology Scripture and practise. It is the classic . . .

Scientology 101: In the face of indisputable facts and/or irrefutable logic, apply ad homs.

. . . not once does the smarmy vid ever specifically address the content of the article, its all about the author and the New Yorker and others. Nasty Scientology is nasty.

It is also a premeditated act of belligerent intolerance aimed specifically at a recognised human right - namely, freedom of speech - by an organisation that calls itself a Church.

Scientology - what have *you* got against human rights?


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Poor said:
LRH ... established the policy for the publication to clean up rotten spots in society.

Few things are more farcical than the notion of L Ron Hubbard "cleaning up the rotten spots in society". It's like putting a drug addict in charge of the drug cabinet key, or asking a known alcoholic to run an alcohol rehab programme. In fact, it's like appointing a particularly greedy monkey as the foreman at a banana plantation.

And of course, L Ron Hubbard was all three of those things.

Poor Marty is still trying to fashion his own personal silk purse out of the sow's ear of Scientology. He fails to realise that Scientology already succeeded in its aims (keep LRH supplied with adoring suckers, keep him rolling in money, and keep him away from law enforcement) and is finished with. Trying to make Scientology work in 2011 is like trying to make a spent firework sparkle again.


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. . .
Spend quite some time with anons.

We get on fine.

I've been to a couple of those Tottenham Court Road pickets since 2008, as you may recall.

I have to say, I rather got the impression that the Anons were laughing at you, Terril. But maybe that doesn't bother you.

Terril park

I've been to a couple of those Tottenham Court Road pickets since 2008, as you may recall.

I have to say, I rather got the impression that the Anons were laughing at you, Terril. But maybe that doesn't bother you.

As I don't know an anon called " Freeminds" and you appear to be using Tommy Davis as an avatar, its not possible to recall you. Next time you may wish to let me know you are also " Freeminds".

Well anons like " Lulz", and spend a lot of time laughing at each other.

Were I to be included I'd have no problem with that.

And Smilla, myself and anons are there for the same reason, to protest abuse in CO$........and some lulz.