Marty: Placido Domingo Jr. vs. COS Facebook Police


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He fucked up and did what he planned to do. Well tried.

Along the way he was a brilliant philosopher. That is his legacy.
No matter all the brickbats.

Was he? In your opinion what is his most "brilliant" discovery?

While you're at it, could you point out one Clear and one OT please. I mean a Clear & OT who fit the bill as to what was promised as per the grade chart & DMSMH.

Just one will do.
This was on the blog
Seriously dude WTF !!!!

Mimsey at a loss for words for once

By Dragonfly
On July 11, 2011 at

I think it’s interesting that the report came out today that Travolta donated 10% of the foundation’s income that he started for his son that passed away. They say that is thousands of dollars. No idea what the foundation is or does or how it gets money but that he donated 10% must mean that they have some pretty good gossip on him he wants to keep locked up.


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Okay, I will have a go at it.

++++Some 100 people were locked in what Law enforcement called "The dungeon" which ex-SO call the SP hall. This was a lock down in a small confined space for 100 people who had to sleep under the desks, with no bed, not permitted to go home.

++++Further punishment was Oliver Twist slop or beans and rice, which they had to pay for from meager "stipends."

++++Mid summer when desert heat in the Hemet area can hit 120 degrees, the air-conditioning was switched off in SP Hall. (It mostly has the most senior loyalists who have been working the SO schedule for decades.)

+++++"Seances" were introduced which is mob ganging yelling at once person for their CRIMES. Punching, spitting, beating, screaming and other mob activity was encouraged, a true dramatization of "One flew over the cuckoo"s nest."

+++++If the overwhelmed SO member did confess a crime, it was mocked and laughed at while more crimes were demanded.

+++++Debbie Cook Baumgarten former Captain FSO for some 30 years had to stand in the center when water was poured over frequently, while she was made to wear a sign saying "I am a LESBO." She blew, but reports are she received a check for $250,000 to be muzzled and gagged so she never reports what really happened in SP Hole, on Facebook.

+++++Some 600 to 700 Sea Org members are under complete lock down in INT base with no ability to go through the guard gates. The
slaves imprisoned at GOLD Base have been battered into being
robots and serving him personally and safeguarding his extravagant
lifestyle. It is obvious some are held against will. Russ Bellin tried to escape about 18 months ago but his leg got tangled in the fence and security hauled him back in, he has never been heard of since. Staff are obsessively guarded, watched, interrogated, imprisoned and harassed, at Miscavige’s orders, to prevent them from ever leaving and speaking out about what they have witnessed.

+++++Anne Broeker (Annie Logan) who lived with LRH in his last years has lung cancer. It is unknown what treatment she is getting

+++++++Sleep deprivation is a form or torture and is common in the Sea Org, reported extensively in the books Blown for Good and Abuse at the Top and Counterfeit Dreams

+++++ Punishment by throwing staff into into feces pond, Musical Chairs INT Base style and other acts of sadism and beatings with the staff member unable to flee. Throwing people into the feces pond only stopped when SO members got violently ill, then it moved to another location.

I do acknowledge that certain LRH policies were flawed and should never have been enacted. As much as I value certain workable parts of the technology, the wins that can be had in no way justify any of the ATROCITIES, SADISM, ABUSE and VIOLENCE that is the hallmark of the CULT.

I want to thank you for doing what no "official," corporate COS "Scientologists" -- and, to be honest, very few Independent Scientologists -- are willing to do -- that is, confront (be there comfortably without flinching) the "flawed" and negative policies of LRH, the extent to which such policies have contributed to current abuses, and the fact that such abuses predate the reign of DM.

I understand how difficult that can be. I also understand it is possible only outside the "official," corporate Church of Scientology.



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Was he? In your opinion what is his most "brilliant" discovery?

While you're at it, could you point out one Clear and one OT please. I mean a Clear & OT who fit the bill as to what was promised as per the grade chart & DMSMH.

Just one will do.

That reminds me...

Today I went to pick up my car from the ARC Auto Repairs that was fixing it. I paid the bill and went to drive home.

Unfortunately the engine still would not turn on!

The mechanic swore he fixed it, so I handed him the keys and told him to "Okay, then, show me that it works. You turn it on!"

He handed the keys back and said: "I don't do parlor tricks."

Am I being paranoid or is it possible that the mechanic is a Scientologist?


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Why yes, that's easy!

LRH never personally beat up Jeff Hawkins, Mike Rinder or Marty Rathbun. Only DM did that.

And if you are going to keep posting Ad Hom's against Ron, you should read the rules here. Or I will be forced to report you to whomever runs this joint and I have total knowingness they will very pissed off and boot your ass.



That's true. L Ron Hubbard never beat Hawkins, Rinder or Rathbun. He just ORDERED DM to do it:

Free to shine

Shiny & Free
Media on Placido, it's going mainstream.

The Fair Game Heard Round the World

OSA is also losing its nerve as it puts up and takes down Minerva hate pages.

LA Times: ... ology.html

UK Daily mail: ... -wife.html

Houston Chronicle: ... 48309.html

San Antonio: ... 459662.php

Corpus Christie: ... o-hire-in/

El Paso: ... etail.html

New York: ... omingo.php

Celeb sites: ... acking-him ... 4979606512 ... ology-112/ ... omingo-jr/



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The Telegraph (UK)
Placido Domingo's son criticises Scientologists after leaving church

Placido Domingo's son criticises Scientologists after leaving church

The son of the opera star Placido Domingo claims he has been targeted by Scientologists after leaving the organisation.

By Nick Allen, Los Angeles
6:16AM BST 12 Jul 2011

Placido Domingo Jr, a singer and composer, accused the controversial group of treating him in a "scary and pathetic" way.

Mr Domingo said he had been asked to sever ties with his ex-wife, who had become a vocal critic of the organisation, and to only communicate with her and their three daughters through a lawyer.

Mr Domingo had been a member of the group for 20 years when it asked him to "disconnect" with his ex-wife Samantha, who lives in Kent. The church has consistently denied it practices "disconnection".

He claimed that, after he left, other members were then instructed to "unfriend" him on the social networking website Facebook.

The musician also claimed that information he had given to the group in private sessions had been published on the internet.

Mr Domingo told New York's Village Voice newspaper: "It's an outrage. It's penitent-privilege information. Imagine if they did that to Tom Cruise or John Travolta. My God."

Cruise and Travolta are among the high profile celebrity adherents of Scientology which was founded in the 1950s on the basis of writings by L Ron Hubbard.

Mr Domingo said his famous tenor father had never questioned his decision to join Scientology.

The musician said: "He respects people and reserved judgment in this aspect."

Other high profile critics of the group have included Paul Haggis, the Hollywood film director who quit in 2009.

Mr Haggis, whose 2005 film Crash won two Oscars, left after 35 years and criticised the organisation for a stance against gay marriage.


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That's true. L Ron Hubbard never beat Hawkins, Rinder or Rathbun. He just ORDERED DM to do it:

HellYeah, I remember reading Jessie's post before...and I re-read it today. Both times I wondered how Indie Scientologists can still promote Ron Hubbard.

Then I re-read Marty's comment that followed. He totally explains why Ron's ordering people spat upon and beat up was necessary.

Jesse Prince | November 2, 2010 at 5:31 am | Reply
I’m glad you brought up this subject of how the crimminality and destructive behavior escalated to what it is today in Scientology. I will start by saying I am not an L Ron Hubbard hater. I am also not an L Ron Hubbard adorer either. I just want to bring up personal knowledge that I have concerning Miss Cabbag’s odd behavior of abusing staff. The behavior of attacking staff DID NOT start with Miss Cabbage or Marty R or anyone else. Here is how it started from my eye wittness account. The year was 1982. The majority of International management (Exec Strata and CMO INT) had been removed from post. Out of that group of people there were two of them that really irritated L Ron personally. The two people I am refering to here is John Attack and David Mayo. For those who were around in 1983, there was RTC Conditions Order #1, a Com Ev on about 12-18 people. The exact number that comes to mind was about 18, but on this I could be mistaken but it was an unsual amount of people on the bill of particulars. I was either a member or secretary of that comm ev that went on for months. During this time RTC as well as ASI and CMOI would send up weekly reports to L Ron on the state of affairs with Int Mgmt ..etc. A report was sent to him each week concerning the comm ev and L Ron would often order this or that investigation of the people being comm ev’d. John Attack was the Exec Strata person over Div 6 activities and L Ron pretty much hated John and I understand hate is a strong word but so were the circumstances. To make a long story short, I read an advice from L Ron to Miss Cabbage ordering him to spit in John’s face and tell him that was from L. Ron. Miss Cabbage complyed with his order and reported the result. I saw the advice that came back to the compliance report of spitting in John’s face and L Ron was very pleased to here the news and escalated the situation by suggesting someone should slap the hell out of John Attack. Sure enough, as John was held by others, John was beaten by Miss Cabbage. Similar degrading actions were taken with David Mayo and this soon spread to others deemed to be SP’s. Prior to this it was unheard of at least by me for any staff member to attack another staff member. In fact it was a serious ethics offence to attack a fellow staff member. I knew Miss Cabbage before he was asked by L Ron to attack staff. He NEVER put a hand on any staff member period and I knew him for years prior to his orders to attack staff members. His wife Shelly would also encourage other executives to abuse staff in this manner and if they didn’t they were accused of having their finger falter on the trigger of a gun. In other words, pull the trigger. God only knows what the hell she was talking about but there you have it. It is so important to have the truth known so that people are not confused.

martyrathbun09 | November 2, 2010 at 11:42 am | Reply
Jesse, Thanks. First, I am sure you are talking about John Aczel and not John Atack. LRH didn’t know John Atack from a ground hog. Part of the picture you are missing is what was being sent directly to LRH from DM out of the then-LA unit Special Project (later to become ASI). That is where the reports concerning “All Clear” were sent – not via the Int base. That is where the grand conspiracy reports were sent from. Including the fact that Aczel and Mayo were clearly on the payroll of FBI and APA.

Thanks Marty. It's great to know that Ron rose above those degraded wog's abberated Assault & Battery laws. What an OT!


He fucked up and did what he planned to do. Well tried.

Along the way he was a brilliant philosopher. That is his legacy.
No matter all the brickbats.

You and your Independent Scientologist and Scientology Zoner friends and associates, and your CofS Scientology cousins, believe that Hubbard was on a mission to save Mankind and free all spiritual beings.

Abundant evidence shows that that was not so.

Hubbard had a hidden agenda. He wasn't doing what you, and the other Scientologists, think he was doing. He was doing something else.

You're an LRH cultist and a true believer, despite your big yellow "I think for myself" button, pinned to your lapel, and despite your "acceptable truths"-for the Ex's (the "failed Scientologists") and the "Wogs" (those "too dumb and aberrated to recognize Hubbard as a 'brilliant philosopher'," etc.)

In short, you, and most of your Scientologist friends, will never "get it."

Any attempts to explain it are futile.

And that's kind of sad.


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He fucked up and did what he planned to do. Well tried.

Along the way he was a brilliant philosopher. That is his legacy.
No matter all the brickbats.

Funny that no one recognises Hubbard's "genius" except Scientologists who kid themselves they can see something that no one else does.

Hubbard's legacy is he was a fraud and ruined a lot of people's lives.


In usual historical terms, a "legacy" sort of follows naturally based on events and various people's reaction to these things.

In Scientology it is far different. It involves what always occurs in Scientology. Endless PR, endless claims, endless statements, endless manipulation of perceptions, TR3, more TR3 (repeating the claim over and over) - all aimed at creating agreement with some idea (and it is meaningless to these mind manipulators whether the idea is "true" or not).

Hubbard would NEVER have ANY legacy if it weren't for large amounts of time and dollars spent by CHURCH projects and programs aimed at "creating the illusion of this LRH legacy". The Church LOBBIES for things like "L. Ron Hubbard Boulevard" in LA.

As with so much of Scientology and Hubbard, it is all FICTION - made up, make-believe, pretense, claims, assertions, etc.

The "LRH image" will ALWAYS in the end SUCK, because no amount of lying and deceit can hide the true facts of who and what LRH was, and what his Church is.


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Funny that no one recognises Hubbard's "genius" except Scientologists who kid themselves they can see something that no one else does.

Hubbard's legacy is he was a fraud and ruined a lot of people's lives.

The Emperor's New Clothes? or....


The Commodore's New Tech?



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Agree with you, Sir Ax.

But, reading your post I was reminded that "getting rid of the abuses" is treating the symptom, not the cause of the disease.

The beatings, imprisonment, legal abuse, deception under the cloak of religion, fair game, lying, defrauding, criminal conspiracies and terrorism perpetrated by Scientology ARE Scientology.

I totally agree with ya HH buddy. It’s all very well people saying “Well this isn’t Scientology!” but shitty stuff has been done to people pretty much since the beginning. But could this be a consequence of believing that Scientology really was The Answer? If somebody really believed this, might they not be willing to do anything that they felt necessary to protect it? I was never really gung-ho but there were times when I felt that ‘we’ were justified in breaking the law if necessary in order to achieve the aims, or at least what I thought were the aims of Scientology.

Obviously I can look back now and see how stupid that was and in fact, the abuses committed in the name of Scientology were counter-productive as well as being offences against humanity.

There are lots of really good people who call themselves Scientologists who would rather not look at the shitty stuff and instead focus on the ‘positives’. But if the people who are and have been carrying out the abuses are Scientologists and it is being done to ‘protect’ or further Scientology and it is backed up by Scientology policy or principles then it is, ipso facto, Scientology.

Smoke and heat are not the problem to be addressed if one is being consumed by a fire. Scientology is a wall of fire that eventually burns everything and everyone it can reach, including its own.

If I were the fire chief, I'd give orders to "Let it burn itself out."

Again, I agree. But, smoke and heat can kill too. So, clear the area, get everyone to a safe point and if necessary build some firebreaks. Putting up some warning signs to tell people of the dangers would also be sensible.

Then, if the fire burns itself out through lack of fuel, fine. Or perhaps a few brave souls will go in and rescue some of the embers and transport them to a secure environment where they can be safely used under controlled conditions.

Or maybe there will be a rainstorm of biblical proportions and the fire and brimstone is washed away, never to return and the scorched earth is reseeded with wildflowers for the bunnies and unicorns to gambol amongst.

Er, what are we talking about now? :confused2:



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The fact that the cult have their attack-dogs post such vitriolic spew about anyone who dares to leave and speak out is a sign of the panic spreading amongst the steadily reducing ‘faithful’. They are desperately trying to do something, but instead of looking at the situation rationally and perhaps changing what they are doing, they robotically keep doing the same thing, but with ever increasing vehemence and ever increasingly disastrous results.

Cleary it is the height of stupidity to post such vitriol – all it does it to show what a nasty cult the, er, cult is. No one will believe this crap. Correction, no rational person will believe this crap.

And posting this stuff for all to see (and cache for posterity) and then pulling it and pretending it never happened smacks of comical confusion. Clearly they don’t have a clue what they are doing with orders and counter-orders flying with every tantrum from the Tiny Tyrant.

So, panic, stupidity and confusion. Sounds like standard operating procedure for the cult then. :yes:

He fucked up and did what he planned to do. Well tried.

Along the way he was a brilliant philosopher. That is his legacy.
No matter all the brickbats.

Brilliant Con Man.
He was not a brilliant philosopher.
If you insist on philosophy in scientology, the deeper level of philosophy is the philosophy of total control, over the environment (MEST) and people. What is the legacy of that? The organization which you yourself CLAIM, to be trying to bring down.