Marty: Placido Domingo Jr. vs. COS Facebook Police



I'm eager to learn about such matters. :)


No, you're not.

Hubbard lied to Scientologists about the "tech," and was willing to corrupt the "tech" for PR and marketing ($$$) considerations.

That's very serious. It's not a joke. It's a tremendous betrayal of trust.


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This is how advancements in knowledge works.

This is how civilisation advances. This is how philosophy
and science advances.

To paraphraze a quote from Igor Stravinsky[ think Micky Mouse and fantasia, or The " Rite of Spring"] :-

"Lesser composers imitate, greater ones steal wholesale."

Or, perhaps he plagiarized because he had no intent on thinking anything through beyond making a buck off of other's "issues". Having reached the lovely state of OT IV, I feel pretty ripped off and pretty deceived and pretty much betrayed.


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I didn't see this posted previously.

LA TIMES article in the Entertainment Section. That is a devastating blow to Scientology because LA is the entertainment capital of the world and has the majority of celebrities that Scientology is plotting to convert into the cult.

Ooops! One of the worst PR stinkbombs in Scientology's 60 year history--to reveal that the cult Fair Games its celebrity members when they don't follow orders.

By the way, the "buzz" in Hollywood is near-instantaneous, good or bad, when something happens. It spreads like wildfire. I can't even imagine anything Scientology could do to repair this damage.

I don't know if this was in the street-edition of The LA TIMES or just on their website:

Glug...Glug...Glug...(sound of boat sinking).

The strange case of Placido Domingo Jr. and the Church of Scientology.

It isn't often that the world of opera intersects with the celebrity blogosphere. But over the weekend, the family of tenor Plácido Domingo found itself the subject of intense online chatter and speculation more fitting of a Hollywood scandal. The culprit: a former association between the singer's second son and the Church of Scientology.
On Saturday, the Village Voice published a blog interview with Plácido Domingo Jr. in which he accused the church of taking retaliatory measures against him for his decision to leave the organization after 20 years. The interview -- in which Domingo Jr. called Scientology's actions "scary and pathetic" -- has been picked up by gossip blogs, including Radar, as well as Britain's Daily Mail.
In the interview, Domingo Jr. said he was finished with the church and angry at the way it had tried to make him "disconnect" from his ex-wife, Samantha Domingo. He added that the church had encouraged its members to un-friend him on Facebook, and that leaders had escalated attacks on him by posting online details of his personal life that he only revealed during confidential auditing sessions.
Domingo Jr. said that he and his older brother, José, had both been longtime Scientologists, and that their father had never questioned it. (Domingo père has no known associations with the organization and has been a life-long Catholic.)
"He's never been involved in this," Domingo Jr. said about his father to the Voice. "He's always respected our opinion... He respects people and reserves his judgment in this aspect. He's a wise man."
Scientology, considered by many to be a cult, has cultivated numerous celebrity members, most famously Tom Cruise and John Travolta. In recent years, it has also seen some high-profile defections, including Oscar-winning filmmaker Paul Haggis, who told his saga to the New Yorker.
The Village Voice interview with Domingo Jr. was written by Tony Ortega, the editor in chief of the alternative weekly publication.
The Village Voice did not include a comment from the Scientologists, but the church has consistently denied that it practices disconnection.
Domingo Jr. is a singer and musician who has performed a number of times with his father. He has written and produced music in a variety of genres throughout his career.
Em, the only person I knew who could knock off hats was Billy Joe Tolen who claimed he could. But, I never witnessed it for my self, though a friend of mine ( since deceased) (if recall serves) said he could.

But defined states aside, there is obviously gain to be had from auditing, I (and yes, it is only my subjective reality) have had gains. Have I gotten the exact stated gains?

Well, I can tell you my grade zero is out for sure because of all the people who have disconnected from me still won't talk to me (flow 2)

Can Marty fix that? Maybe, if I tell all my ex-buddies to get the suppressed persons rundown, then we can get back in com? ( ep was the sp sending a letter)

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