Marty Rathbun reveals new details in Nazanin story


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Posted on October 14, 2012

Former high-ranking Church of Scientology official Mark “Marty” Rathbun has released a book that condemns current church leader David Miscavige for taking Scientology away from the concepts of its founder, L. Ron Hubbard, and blasts Miscavige and his best friend Tom Cruise for a litany of malfeasance and corruption.

In Scientology Reformation: What Every Scientologist Should Know, Rathbun argues that since the death of Hubbard in 1986, Miscavige has damaged the church he took over by placing an emphasis on fundraising for projects that have little do with what Hubbard wanted. Along the way, Rathbun says, Miscavige has discarded Hubbard’s plans for expansion in favor of raising huge sums that he can spend on himself and his friend Cruise, while imprisoning and violently assaulting his underlings.

Much of what Rathbun covers in this book we have heard about in news stories over the last few years. But Rathbun also provides startling new information about what he witnessed working closely with Miscavige, and also includes details of the Nazanin Boniadi/Tom Cruise story that seem as if they could have only one possible source — Boniadi herself.

Boniadi emerged in a blockbuster Vanity Fair story by writer Maureen Orth which appeared last month. We learned from that story that in 2004, at a time when Tom Cruise’s involvement in Scientology had reached a new fever pitch, the church wanted to help him find a new companion after the breakup of his relationship with actress Penelope Cruz. Several Scientology actresses were auditioned by the church but were not told that they were being vetted as Cruise’s next girlfriend. Boniadi was one of the women selected, and various church officials are quoted in the Vanity Fair story saying that Boniadi moved in with Cruise and lived with him for three months at the end of 2004 and beginning of 2005. Boniadi herself did not appear to cooperate in the reporting of that story.

Now, Rathbun provides more details about the auditioning process. Before Boniadi, he says, another Scientology actress, Yolanda Pecoraro, was auditioned. She was Cruise’s date at the infamous 2004 IAS gala during which Cruise was awarded a Freedom Medal of Valor (and featured the well-known video interview of Cruise talking about Scientology which was leaked to YouTube in 2008). But after only three weeks, Rathbun writes, that relationship was over, and it was Boniadi’s turn to be groomed as Cruise’s next mate.
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Hey this is cool and all but you shouldn't post the entire article. Not only is it unfair to the author because now people who read it here no longer need to visit his site thereby denying him readership but it is also plagiarism and I'm pretty sure its not legal.