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Marty Rathbun: thoughts on Scientology and spirituality


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Marty: Fear

Marty: Fear

Posted on May 15, 2013 by martyrathbun09 | 21 Comments

L. Ron Hubbard once designated the entry level of Scientology as Scientology Zero. Scientology Zero consisted initially of demonstrating to a person that the environment was not as dangerous as he had been led to believe. It educated a person on the existence of merchants of chaos who traffic in painting a picture of danger so that they can profit by protecting one from that danger. It is the old organized crime protection racket.

As we have seen over the years Scientology has become that which Scientology Zero warned of. The church continually plies its public with end-of-world scenarios that can only be handled by contributing more greenbacks to the church. Some folks on the outside engage in a similar game of designating the church as the enemy that will consume humanity if not combatted continually.

One purpose of this blog from the outset was to demonstrate that the church of Scientology was not something to be feared; that it in fact had simply perfected the protection racket game, giving folk the illusion that it was something to continually fear.

I came across a little something by Bruce Lipton from The Biology of Belief (Hay House, Inc. 2005) that explains why obsessing with fear inhibits growth:

In a response similar to that displayed by cells, humans unavoidably restrict their growth behaviors when they shift into a protective mode. If you’re running from a mountain lion, it’s not a good idea to expend energy on growth. In order to survive – that is, escape the lion – you summon all your energy for your fight or flight response. Redistributing energy reserves to fuel the protection response inevitably results in curtailment of growth…

…Inhibiting growth processes is also debilitating in that growth is a process that not only expends energy but is also required to produce energy. Consequently, a sustained protection response inhibits the creation of life-sustaining energy. The longer you stay in protection, the more you consume your energy reserves, which in turn, compromises your growth. In fact, you can shut down growth processes so completely that it becomes a truism that you can be ‘scared to death.’

Maybe that is a scientific explanation for Lao Tzu’s having wrote the following in the Tao Te Ching:

There is no greater illusion than fear, no greater wrong than preparing to defend yourself, no greater misfortune than having an enemy. Whoever can see through all fear will always be safe.


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Marty: On Becoming A Person by Carl Rogers is new recommended book

On Becoming A Person

The fundamental two-way communication process that all Scientology processing derives its workability from existed before L. Ron Hubbard ever wrote a word on the subject of the mind. It would behoove Scientology auditors to study of it. A great place to start would be On Becoming a Person by Carl R. Rogers (Houghton Mifflin, 1961). One of Ron Hubbard’s greatest contributions to the improvement of mind and spirit was simplifying the codification of such principles thus opening the process of self-actualization to far more people. Unfortunately, as his group evolved much of that contribution was lost as Scientology became more mass-production oriented, expensive, exclusive, and cult-like. The training of practitioners became progressively more assembly-line like. On the one hand that helped to thoroughly drive home some workable skills while on the other hand it omitted a more contemplative, intellectual appreciation for the mechanics at work and the responsibilities incident to such practice.
On Becoming A Person is a four-hundred page treatise on the First Act – relating it to every aspect of the actual auditing (or generic, counseling) process. I believe that an auditor ought to study the book so that he fully appreciates why and how auditing works; and why and how an auditor must become the being (not simply ‘assume the beingness’) that naturally (not mechanically) duplicates, understands, accepts, and fully acknowledges (not with a mere ‘good’, ‘thank you’, ‘I got that’), all while genuinely – and unreservedly – intending the client to regain his or her genuine self and his or her determinism.

It cannot be gainsaid that Scientology is rife with datums, dictates, rules, and policies that detract from this pure, undiluted intention and being. It therefore would behoove anyone trained in that discipline to read and contemplate On Becoming a Person so as to orient himself to what actually creates gains for an individual, and how the slightest departure from it spoils the process, any process.

Even if you are not an auditor or training to become one, I recommend On Becoming A Person. It is all about becoming a better person, more of who one really is.



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OT III and Xenu are being discussed, by name, on Marty's blog.

OT III and Xenu are being discussed, by name, on Marty's blog.

FWIW, here is my contribution:

CommunicatorIC | June 7, 2013 at 8:58 pm | Reply

Gern Gashoen:


“Axiom 38

1. Stupidity is the unknownness of consideration.

2. Mechanical definition: Stupidity is the unknownness of time, place, form and event.

1. Truth is the exact consideration.

2. Truth is the exact time, place, form and event.

Thus we see that failure to discover truth brings about stupidity.

Thus we see that the discovery of truth would bring about an as-isness by actual experiment.

Thus we see that an ultimate truth would have no time, place, form or event.

Thus, then, we perceive that we can achieve a persistence only when we mask a truth.

Lying is an alteration of time, place, event or form.

Lying becomes alter-isness, becomes stupidity.

(The blackness of cases is an accumulation of the case’s own or another’s lies.)

Anything which persists must avoid as-isness. Thus, anything, to persist, must contain a lie.”


Applying the above:

Did you audit OT III? Did you audit above OT III?

If so, WHAT were you doing? WHY were you doing it? WHOM were you addressing? With WHOM did you communicate?

IF you communicated with anything other than yourself, where did it (or they) come from? Why was it (or were they) there?

Were you addressing reality? A myth? A metaphor? An allegory?

Can one truly AS-IS a myth?

Can one truly AS-IS a metaphor?

Can one truly AS-IS an allegory?

Did you AS-IS anything? If so, WHAT?


With regard to your suggestion to just do MU finding and Word Clearing until one agrees with, accepts, acquiesces, and propitiates, sorry, I’ve been there and done that. Never again.

No amount of MU finding and Word Clearing will make a text accurately describe reality (thus permitting one to AS-IS) if it does not, in fact, accurately describe reality.

I agree with the other posters. Auditing OT III is a form of implanting.

I will add that OT III procedure is a violation of the principles behind, the rational for, and purpose of the Auditor’s Code. It is evaluation in session. Instead of auditing one’s own time track, one is TOLD what is on their time track.


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Independent Non-Scientology (Marty): Confusing Name With Reality

Independent Non-Scientology (Marty): Confusing Name With Reality

NOTE: This is a post that really cannot be excerpted or summarized.

Even if Ch’iu was a criminal, his intent and action in this situation was not criminal. Although he might have committed unforgivable crimes, there was nothing criminal about the food and water. Self-righteous people often follow a principle blindly without understanding it and in doing so confuse what is name and what is reality.


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Independent Non-Scientology (Marty): Keeping Scientology Working Revisited

Independent Non-Scientology (Marty): Keeping Scientology Working Revisited

The following is an excerpt from the book Memoirs of a Scientology Warrior.
The tract dramatically drove home some conflicting ideas. On the one hand, Scientology is portrayed as the only technology for enhancing and preserving individuality. On the other hand, by the end of the policy Hubbard is demanding that no one be allowed past the first bulletin in Scientology training courses without assuming the identity of hard-core Scientologist, and agreeing to abide by the rules on the same terms as everyone else. The conflicting concepts between the group and the individual were finally resolved by me with the mental computation that the only way to truly realize true individuality is to forfeit individuality in favor of the purposes and goals of the group.

In retrospect, had it not been for the fact that my life seemed so bleak and hopeless, given the circumstances of my brother, I never would have agreed to this indoctrination. But the world and the state of mental health in my view were as bad as Hubbard described, and up to then I had not found anyone else who saw what I was seeing in such black-and-white terms. And so I decided to agree and to abide, even though deep inside I did not fully agree.'

Only 30 years later did I fully appreciate how significant that moment of intellectual surrender would become.


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Independent Non-Scientology (Marty): Dichotomized Religion & Sheep Production

Independent Non-Scientology (Marty): Dichotomized Religion & Sheep Production

From Abraham H. Maslow’s Religion, Values, and Peak Experiences :

When all that could be called ‘religious’ (naturalistically as well as supernaturalistically) was cut away from science, from knowledge, from further discovery, from the possibility of skeptical investigation, from confirming and discomfirming, and, therefore, from the possibility of purifying and improving, such a dichotomized religion was doomed. It tended to claim that the founding revelation was complete, perfect, final, and eternal. It had the truth, the whole truth, and had nothing more to learn, thereby being pushed into the position that has destoryed so many churches, of resisting change, of being only conservative, of being anti-intellectual and anti-scientific, of making piety and obedience exclusive of skeptical intellectuality — in effect, of contradicting naturalistic truth.


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A few million implants

Independent Non-Scientology (Marty): Dean of Technology

The following is an excerpt from the book Memoirs of a Scientology Warrior. I am interested to know whether anyone else ever had an encounter with a nut job bestowed with Scientology high priest status. If so, did you ever wonder how that could be given the representations made in policy letter Keeping Scientology Working? You think John and his like were not handled ruthlessly enough in their training? You think ruthlessness was given such a positive emphasis that thugs like him were encouraged?
Colleto was a Class VIII auditor – a very advanced level of auditor training and, presumably, skill. Attaining this level included the right for Colleto to use the title “Dean of Technology.”
Instead of helping me find what word I didn’t understand (as course supervisors are trained to do), Colleto pulled out the Scientology Technical Dictionary. Opening the book, he showed me the definition of “implant” – a technical term from auditing technology, meaning “a painful and forceful means of overwhelming a being with artificial purposes or false concepts, in a malicious attempt to control and suppress him.”

I thought I understood Colleto’s point. In Scientology auditing, one recalls moments of pain and unconsciousness from his past, reviewing them until they are discharged of the mental energy they contain, and their destructive mental and spiritual effects. By reviewing and relieving enough such incidents, the state of Clear can eventually be reached.

“Yeah, I get it. I suppose these implants can come up during one’s auditing.”

“They do come up. Everybody has them. How many do you think you might have?”

“I don’t know. I haven’t had any auditing. So I suppose I’ll find out I have a few.”

Leaning across the table and fixing me with an icy stare, just inches from my face, Colleto said, “Try a few million.” At that he got up, went back to his desk, picked up some papers and started reading


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Marty: Scientology is only now differentiating the adults from the children

Marty: What’s Going On?

It is fifty years later and it seems Scientology is only now beginning to go through the throes of differentiating the adults (truth seeking spiritualists and values inspired scientists) from the children (flat earth religionists and reductionist-mechanistic inclined scientists). Scientology seems, to steal a verse from U2, stuck in a moment that it can’t get out of.
EDITED TO ADD: Among other things, this is obviously another shot at the more Fundie Indies at iScientology and MS2.
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Re: OT III and Xenu are being discussed, by name, on Marty's blog.

OT III and Xenu are being discussed, by name, on Marty's blog.

FWIW, here is my contribution:


The term mythology can refer either to a body or collection of myths (a mythos, e.g., Inca mythology) or to the study of myths (e.g., comparative mythology)


"The main characters in myths are usually gods, supernatural heroes and humans".

Hubbard did that alright and forwarded it. :laugh:

In present time

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Re: Marty: Scientology is only now differentiating the adults from the children

Marty: What’s Going On?

Excerpt: EDITED TO ADD: Among other things, this is obviously another shot at the more Fundie Indies at iScientology and MS2.
wow communicator i/c, your comments on marty's blog are most excellent.

live leak here right now, straight from marty's blog,lol ... it really is interesting. but i missed the hcob where lrh predicted the internet? maybe gern has a copy?

Gern Gaschoen | June 8, 2013 at 2:36 am | Reply
Well, we’re discussing a fancy, but I know for a fact that LRH would have embraced the Internet expansion immediately. He predicted it would happen, quite well, actually, and I personally know a few people who profited from knowing what LRH had to say about computerization and the globalization of mankinds computer systems.. the man had access to enormous amounts of knowledge of the subject. Google? Ha! Its whole-track dramatization, in PT.

NSA Spying on all Americans? LRH said it would happen as soon as possible. It did.
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