Marty Rathbun - Wrong WHO and the wrong WHY


Troublesome Internet Fringe Dweller
It seems any criticism Larry Wright has about L Ron Hubbard and his insane tech can be put down to David Miscavige - well, that's according to Marty Rathbun.

Thing is, as well know, nothing David Miscavige has done falls outside of L Ron Hubbard's scripture and/or real-life example. Hubbard is the man who brought ethics to a seven year old by sealing him into a chain locker, Hubbard is the man who masterminded the biggest infiltration of the US government in its history, Hubbard is man who justified any action by any Scientolgist agaiinst the cult's perceived enemies, Hubbard is the man who wrote KSW . . . need I go on?

What ever radical reformation of Scientology Marty has in mind, he will, sooner or later, have to come to terms with the fact that the WHY of the cult's current situation is a direct result of the tech and the WHO is L Ron Hubbard.