Marty Rathbun

FWIW (not much) I attempted to post the following on MR's blog today. It wasn't allowed through the moderation, although all in all it is relatively innocuous, if perhaps a teeny bit "biting". No real "sturm und drang" here, still I considered it best to post it.

Mark A. Baker // January 29, 2010 at 8:12 pm | Reply

All of which sides steps the basic point that LRH committed heinous acts himself, most especially encouraging others likewise. The “chain locker” incidents being noteworthy examples. Further, that apologists for LRH have all along sought to deflect responsibility for LRH’s gross misuses of authority on to other “sources”.

Which brings up the point that Marty, who himself has an extensive credibility problem arising from his own admitted past criminal & unethical conduct while acting as an agent of the Co$, has been seeking to deflect the course of ongoing investigations being conducted by the government of Australia into Co$ operations, criminality, and abusive practices.


Now the lady who made these comments, Carmel Underwood is a person of known integrity and highly thought of among the community of freezone, independent, & former scientologists. She’s also a mainstay in the recent Aussie successes in challenging the church’s history of abusive practices. In short, SHE has a great deal of personal credibility. Nor does she use her contributions in the fight against scientology abuses to promote in some way her own person or status.

My view is that former members of the church owe a responsibility to those still in and to the non-scientology public to support investigations into the history of church abuses so as to bring about the reforms necessary to prevent such ever happening again. Interfering with ongoing investigations is not assisting this process, it is a direct assist to the OSA’s continuing policy of disinformation & deflection.

Mark A. Baker