Marty reports on DM's P.I. Jeffrey Woodcock


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I wonder if the Sames School that Woodcock is involved with is a WISE front. I see this message to the President of Haiti offering their services (in 2008). LRH makes it an ongoing program to get access to heads of state.


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Mr Sames also posts to Jewish forums. Here we have a "Ted A Sames II" of Tampa Fl saying

I see that some Messianic rabbis say that being kosher is not necessary. These Rabbis probably came from Christian backgrounds and have watered down what God said and instructed us to do in Torah. Yes, God does not want us to eat unclean food as vultures, rats, bats, road kill, pork, and shellfish. I am a Messianic Jew and I am 100% kosher even though I fought it because Floridians love smoked pork and shrimp. Read exactly what God tells us and don't try to fit the Bible and Torah into something you want it to be. Don't make what God wants you to do. Besides being part of the Law, everyone knows these animals are scavengers and filters to keep the earth clean never meant to be food. Remember, rats and pigs are the same. Ask and hunter or a real scientist what can be found in pigs and their feeding habits. The pig eats anything...more like a vulture...would you eat a vulture?

I wonder if Mr Sames is aware of what his associate Mr Woodcock is involved with?

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I received the following pdf document by email today.

According to Mr Woodcock's attorney he has never been convicted of a felony with a handgun.

Apparently the OP in this thread contained incorrect information so I have deleted it and apologise to Mr Woodcock.

None of this changes the fact that Mr Woodcock is a wanker and was busted following folks around town and doing dirty work for David Miscavage. However he is NOT a wanker with a handgun felony.

I would say with that post you governed yourselves accordingly!!