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Marty (The Rat) Rathbun


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Annoying, isn't it, when people don't answer questions?

It's referring to an amusing video Rathbun put on his blog of turning a hose on the Squirrel Busters while ostensibly washing his car.



LOL! Thanks, Paul. I'm sure Marty got some jollies from spraying those guys, but with a little bit of charm, or maybe even application of tone scale, (why didn't he think of that!) he could have had them pitching in and helping wash the boat.


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Annoying, isn't it, when someone can't understand that I don't spend every waking hour checking ESMB replies. And even so, you only beat me to the punch by several minutes.

I wasn't referring to you. Most people have lives and don't spend as much time on ESMB as I do! I was referring to the poster who most likely knew the answer wanted by the questioner but gave an amusing one instead.



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I think Marty was dramatizing the Obscene Dog incident:

Obscene Dog Incident: In the "Assists" lecture of October 3, 1968, Hubbard described a surreal cosmological event said to take place shortly after Incident I (the creation of the universe): "There's the incident called "The Obscene Dog" with its just a little bit later than Incident One. And sometimes actually by running it, why you can get the PC into Incident One. The Obscene Dog was a sort of a brass dog in a sitting position and anybody who got around to the front of the dog got caught in some electronic current and passed through the dog to the dogs rear end and spat out. Thetans didn't like this."




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There is much more to it than that. Marty had a personality and character of his own before he got into Scientology and the Sea Org. Something in his make-up made him ripe for DM's plucking as his sycophant. Do not ever forget that Marty was the one who helped DM depose the CO CMO by tricking her into giving up her position. DM would never have gotten where he is today without a deputy/enforcer. Think of Marty as a pet pit bull whose owner turned on him. Marty needs a leader to give him an agenda and a purpose. Something or someone to use him. DM turned on him, so now Marty's owner/leader is LRH. In another time and place, Marty would have found another cause or leader to dedicate himself to. He's soldier and enforcer. His intellectual abilities are rather limited, and so are his interpersonal abilities. He is not smart enough or charming enough to be a real leader over the long term. He can't even charm the silly little Squirrel Busters that show up on his door. (He could have avoided a lot of unneccessary drama if he'd acted like a wog instead of an MAA.) He is just the Blaster part of Master/Blaster from the MadMax movies. I pity him. To a degree. I don't think he has enough character to realize how much damage he has caused.

His intelligence is very limited, he comes across as very flat minded, very reactive and very aggressive. He also comes across as a liar and complete tool who is trying to save his own neck. I don't feel any sort of spiritual nature from him or Mike Rinder and I'm appalled that there is someone who posts on that blog who can compare them to Ghandi, Mother Theresa etc etc.

Not to worry my friend. More and more "indies" are waking up every day to the truth. I have a feeling that even some of his stanchest supporters will be leaving the fold soon.

I believe that many will drift away and Marty's attitude of 'agree and/or say acceptable truths of your OSA/counter-intention' will drive people away. The 2-D mind is not appealing to those who bright and clever and loving and caring. I wonder if there is even a spirit in there.


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. . . Marty had a personality and character of his own before he got into Scientology and the Sea Org. Something in his make-up made him ripe for DM's plucking as his sycophant. . .

I suspect that the Sea Org brand of the Scientology roleplaying game only enhanced latent megalomania that Rathbun already had in spades.

I think that the Scientology system is bound to throw up people like Marty and Miscavige, putting them in positions of power. Scientology is abusive; that's the way LRH wanted it. You see, bullies will always revert to type, over time, and the Scientology pseudoreligion is a bully's paradise.

I believe that Scientology twisted young David Miscavige, at a stage in his life when he might have been mentored and directed into healthier pursuits. Instead, he became a bizarre cross between Napoleon Bonaparte and Ming the Merciless. I have to assume that Marty had or could have developed some positive qualities, but for the rewards and influences applied by thought control within the Hubbardite system. Now, I doubt there's much that can be done for either of them.

Now it's clear that Scientology produces these jokers, and promotes them over and above the sane folks. And that's because the fanatics and lunatics are the ones who are most like LRH himself. They qualify for those hats because Scientology is itself twisted, paranoid and sinister.

Get rid of DM and 'reform' Scientology as much as you like... but the system will produce another malignant freak like Miscavige in short order. I guarantee it. Marty is trying to make sure he becomes the next lunatic in charge of the asylum - and that desire should tell you everything you need to know about his fitness for the role.

He's perfect for it. (Because Scientology is the opposite of perfect.) Fortunately, it's shrinking steadily and its capability to cause harm is degrading as well.