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Marty: Tom Cruise, Mission Impossible 3 & Scientology


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Marty: Tom Cruise, Mission Impossible 3 & Scientology

How Miscavige Ruined Tom Cruise (continued)


How Miscavige Ruined Tom Cruise (continued)

Posted on July 15, 2011 by martyrathbun09| 8 Comments

The despatch below from Tommy Davis to the head of the Office of Special Affairs Network concerning Tom Cruise is revelatory in several respects. I have included some comments in between certain paragraphs in the following document to clarify and provide context. All inserted comments by me are in italics. The rest of the text is the original document in full.

For those who are concerned about me being a little tough on Tom, I invite you to use the search function on this blog with his name and see how thoroughly I put him on notice about the serial human rights violations his support of Miscavige has wrought. I probably would not even have posted this, except that I saw the Int Scientology News New Years 2011 edition with Tom Cruise front and center of the two page Shrine spread worshiping at the feet of his lord, Miscavige. Publication of such would absolutely require Tom’s personal green light. Ethics gradients, my friend, and believe me to date they’ve been light.

The internal church of Scientology memorandum:

CO OSA Int 9 January 2006
SVP CCI cc: D/CO Ext OSA Int
PR Chf OSA Int
Pres CCI
D/Tech Sec 4A CCI

Re: Yours of 8 Jan

Dear Sir,

Thanks for the ack. It was a bad oversight on my part to have not sent that debrief to Mr. Rinder. Thanks for doing that. I would very much like to see his plan on MI3. Mr. Cruise and I have been having a lot of comm on the subject and I want to make sure I am in the loop. I still have catching up to do myself in this area.

There are a few things that have been coming up that I would like to touch base with you on that are on a similar line.

One thing is that he told me today that he has been asking for regular CCHR briefings and has not been getting them. He mentioned that when he used to get them they were just suppressive as they were filled with MUs, etc. I told him I would handle this. I did brief him a bit on the recent feedback from the CCHR tours and the recent Time magazine article on Ritalin.

Tom used to carry a dictionary he was so big on word clearing. But, now that he is D/COB it is “suppressive” when someone uses a word that he does not understand. This is the vicious victimology practiced by Miscavige. Ask anyone who spent much time around him, he is very good at convincing those around him that the world is out to get him, his stewards, his cooks, his secretary, the groundsman, his staff, his wife, his mother, his father, the US government, the psychs, you name it. He is being attacked by “suppressives” at every hand. Guess he got his tight friend to buy into that crap too. By the way Tom knows about psychiatry (despite the misunderstood words) and you, Matt, don’t.

The other thing is that I would like to get a new briefing for him on the results of his dissemination and PR actions. I.E. what is the count of kids off drugs now? New FDA or CCHR products as a result?, etc.

I think the point I am harping on here with all of this is that the MI3 press tour is coming and it will be on us before we know it and we have to be prepared. That means briefings on what is happening in the EU, Japan, Mexico, surveys from those areas from the marketing units, buttons, etc.

Translation: Tom Cruise is being provided with church of Scientology surveys which will give to him the “buttons” to push in his press conferences in different countries in promoting his movie Mission Impossible 3, so that Tom can a) become more of a star and make more money and b) promote Corporate Scientology objectives.

He asked me to draft a note to Sarkozi (he is Interior Minister now isn’t he?) for him then there is Pinault (the French billionaire T met on the Collateral tour who owns FNAC, the major EU electronics, music, books store, etc.) and those two are just France. What do we want to do there? What about Spain? I don’t want to just leave this all up to COB to figure out because you and I both know he will if we don’t do it now.

Translation: Tom Cruise’s correspondence with world leaders is being drafted by church of Scientology hack Tommy “two tone” Davis so that David “low toned” Miscavige won’t have to bypass, and kick the living … out of Tommy for having to do so. Tommy can’t even spell the leaders’ names and doesn’t quite know their positions; but hey, in the scheme of things they are just riff raff. After all, Tom knows that Dave is the “leader of leaders”. To make sure it stays that way he is going to insulate himself from any information about the actual world leaders, and he is going to prove it by having the church communicate to those leaders for him. Guess what Opinion Leaders of the world who have confided in Tom Cruise? Every word you’ve said has gone back for processing and handling to the “church” of Scientology.

COB made it clear that the message for him is to promote the film. Be the biggest movie star ever, etc. He is pumped about this and is already on a full create on getting proficient with his planes, cars and motorcycles, and just doing cool intense bigger than life movies star stuff.

Translation: By then there was already severe repurcussions from DM’s previous coachings of Cruise (to wit, Matt Lauer meltdown, Oprah psychosis) so Dave is doing the 1.1 thing:” Tom, just go out there and be a movie star, just like I always told you.” Remarkably, Tom is “pumped” about that, and with the direction from his guru is going to dive into movie star valence with reckless abandon, because that is what COB has directed. Interesting how date coincident with COB’s message to Tom to “become the biggest movie star ever”, Tom steadily fell from approaching that target and instead plummeted toward becoming the biggest laughing stock in town.

However at the same time we need to nail down the exact DA docs that can be used when he does these interview or when Paul and Arnold do the pre-interview preps. Like the one doc that DAs the silent birth, or the sonogram crap, or even the psych stuff. I will of course have the guys in my office all over this but I want to have the line in very tight with you, Karin and Linda.

Also, I am working with Michael to ensure Paul Bloch and Arnold Robinson are on track and on message, that they are getting T’s stats as a star out there and that they ride over and out create and stay above the BS. I’ll be meeting with them with Michael this week when I get back. I also want to work out how to attack these “year end list” people who are saying he is voted as “most annoying” or “most irritating” as I don’t believe them. I think getting Paul or Arnold to demand from these magazines the actual survey results/raw data, the numbers, the questions asked for the survey, etc. They can not let this crap slide with out a fight but make sure that it never looks like it is T who is behind it or cares about it or create a new sit by digging into it. They are going to get to the bottom of things like why TC has not won a People’s Choice award in ten years. The point is that more pressure has to be kept on Paul and Arnold to get out there and be proactive. The kind of pressure that will counteract the negative SP pressure they are getting from the press and their PTS comm lines, etc.

Ok, when Tommy says that “I” don’t believe the polls that consistently voted Tom “most irritating” and the like, he means David Miscavige doesn’t believe it. Tommy, and anyone else for that matter on those lines, is not allowed to have an opinion let alone express one. DM was already ordering Doven and Tom’s sister to gather Tom’s stats and ordering they be “slammed dunked” on every publication that attempts to say a negative thing about his tight friend as early as 02/03. In other words, DM is the source of turning even Tom’s outside professionals (publicists in this case – and as you will see later his agents and attorney in later documents) into robots carrying out terribly unpopular, ill-advised strategies that cemented the uber-mirco-manage, laser head image they wanted to erase.

I think this is it for now. I will for sure come and see you guys when I am back and we can catch up on all of this.

ML, Tommy


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Interesting comment:

Cindy Pinsonnault | July 15, 2011 at 3:24 am | Reply

Last month, some members of the goon squad showed up at my house. We didn’t speak, so I don’t really know what they wanted; I assume they hoped to get me to say bad things about my marvelous auditor, Marty.

I called the police, and while I was trying to explain who these dimwits were and what they might have been here for, the police didn’t quite get it — until I mentioned “the religion Tom Cruise is a member of.”

Instant recognition — not in a good way.

Those few little words were enough. They instantly understood, wrote up my report, made sure our neighborhood constable patrol knew what was going on and told me what to do if they ever show up again.

In this twisted little circular insanity of DM, the cult has ruined Tom Cruise’s career by helping Tom Cruise ruin the word “scientology.” I know very few people who don’t think of Tom Cruise’s bizarre behavior when I say scientology, or think of the strange cult of scientology when I say Tom Cruise. They are mutually destructive to one another.

Well done.


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Re: Mission Impossible 3

To quote Tom Cruise "it is all about MI-III"

sorry, I could not resist
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Tom Foolery


QUESTION: How can you possibly take Tom Cruise, the world's #1 movie star and the fan's #1 favorite celebrity--and turn him into the world's #1 laughing stock and #1 on the list of "Most Annoying People"?

ANSWER: By having Scientology Tech applied to your career by chronic liar Tommy Davis and sociopathic-terrorist-con man David Miscavich.

IN THEIR OWN WORDS (Tommy Davis): "They are going to get to the bottom of things like why TC (Tom Cruise) has not won a People’s Choice award in ten years. The point is that more pressure has to be kept on Paul and Arnold to get out there and be proactive.The kind of pressure that will counteract the negative SP pressure they are getting from the press and their PTS comm lines."

HOW THE TECH WORKS: When you fail, blame someone else. Especially the SP's. When do do things that people hate and they don't like you, attack them as an evil SP. So what do you do if you are an entertainer, like Cruise, and people don't think your movies are entertaining? Declare them.

HOW TO FIND AND HANDLE THE WHY: COB and Tommy Davis vow to resurrect Tom Cruise's nose-diving career and "get to the bottom of things". How do they do that, exactly? How do Scientologists help you get to the bottom of things?

ANSWER: By pushing you to the bottom of things (unfortunately your career, life and happiness go along for the ride).


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Just a note...

For anyone who thought I was kidding in my earlier post about Tom Cruise attaining #1 on the "MOST ANNOYING PERSON" list, I wasn't.

In 2005 he hit the top spot.

Top 10 most annoying stars of 2005
1. Tom Cruise
2. Michael Jackson
3. Paris Hilton
4. Britney Spears
5. Osama bin Laden
6. Al-Qaeda
7. Dr Phil McGraw
8. Tara Reid
9. Kobe Bryant
10. Jessica Simpson​

He made it into the Top 10 on other infamous lists, too. Such as coming in # 3 on the WORLD'S MOST ANNOYING SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE":


3. Tom Cruise

WHO: The 1983 movie Risky Business introduced a 21-year-old Tom Cruise to the world, and ever since the actor and producer has dominated the box office with films like Top Gun, Mission Impossible, Jerry Maguire, Minority Report, and War of the Worlds. He is the world's most prominent Scientologist, and the recipient of the religion's Freedom Medal of Valor.

WHY: A 2006 poll named Tom Cruise as the celebrity people would least like to have as their best friend, and maybe that’s because the actor’s craziness keeps leaking out. For pretending to be an expert on psychology (he lambasted Brooke Shields for using an anti-depressant), for his couch-jumping antics on Oprah (see above), and for a string of mediocre movies that are also box-office successes, Cruise continues to be one of the world’s most annoying people.

HOW MUCH SUCCESS? As of 2009, Cruise’s films have grossed over $6.5 billion worldwide.

MOST ANNOYING MOMENT: Tom Cruise freaking out on Oprah.

Ironically, the number of people that voted for "THE MOST ANNOYING PERSON" was ten million.

Same number of people that the Church of Scientology claims it has as members.


10 million people agree with it. Tom Cruise has been voted as the most annoying personality of the year 2005. AmIAnnoying.com has compiled an annual chart from a huge number of listed celebrities and groups and found that almost 10 million people couldn’t stand him.

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