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Marty's going to Germany to Handle the German government


Ordinary Human
The downfall of which "cult" scooter? The cult of David Miscavige or the cult of L. Ron Hubbard :coolwink:


Cof$ Cult + Freezone Cult + Independent Cult = The Greater Cult of Hubbard.

The Scientology Trinity of Scientology Fundamentalist Fanatics:

1. Belief in the infallability - or near-infallability of Hubbard.
2. The belief in a Standard Hubbard Tech.
3. KSW.

Cof$ Mother Cult = Hijacked Pseudo-Orthodoxy.

Independent Cult = Orthodoxy.

Freezone Cult = Squirrel's in the eyes of Mother Cult and Independent Cult, by virtue of their recognition of a Source, teaching, and practices other than Hubbard's - Captain Bill, Galactic Patrol.