Andy Nolch


I have a long chat with the Commanding Officer of Ron's Org Grenchen. He is an OT44, auditor and CS. We cover many topics in particular Div 6 expansion.

Rons Org Grenchen website:

The Indie Scientology Podcast has mind blowing guest interviews, success stories, LRH quotes and much much more. Hosted by Andy Nolch the space cowboy. Available on most podcast apps & Youtube. What you thought was impossible, is possible!


Andy Nolch. who recently used 25 litres of paint to defile a memorial service, to a raped and murdered woman, with a painting of a 25 foot penis hours before her family and friends arrived, wants us to watch his conversation with OT 44 Max Hauri.

Hauri took over for Captain Bill Robertson, a.k.a. Astar Paramejgian, Deputy Commander for Sector 9 of the galaxy. Captain Bill died of throat cancer at age 53.

The link when clicked displays the publicly distributed PR piece, 'What is Greatness?' written by Hubbard in 1966, one year after he had written his (non public, for senior members only) Fair Game Law which advocated, among other thing, murder and arson.

Hubbard gloated over the killing of a man, while in the next breath pontificating about "love," in a PR screed used as a kind of honey trap for unsuspecting people, luring them in to Scientology.


In the early 1960s, Hubbard had come to regard John F. Kennedy as an enemy. He blamed Kennedy for the American FDA/e-meter troubles and referenced his assassination of 28 months earlier in the broadly publicized 1966 PR piece, 'What is Greatness?'. 'What is Greatness?' was published on the same day that the 'Fair Game Law'-applying Guardian's Office was quietly established.

Even in this PR piece, meant to identify Scientology with "love", Hubbard couldn't resist gloating over the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

Quoting from 'What is Greatness?':

"Were you to approach many ruling heads of state in the world and offer to set them free (as only a Scientologist can) they would go berserk, cry up their private police and generally cause unpleasantness. Indeed, one did - he was later assassinated by no desire of ours but because of the incompetence of his own followers about him. He could have tried to use Scientology. Instead, he promptly tried to shoot it down by ordering raids and various berserk actions on Scientology organizations. That he was then shot had nothing to do with us, but only demonstrated how incompetent and how mortal he really was."

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