Media asks: Was a Vanity Fair Editor Secretly Working for the Church of Scientology?


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One of several headlines are essentially saying :

"Was a Vanity Fair Editor Secretly Working for the Church of Scientology?"

I saw that this story was briefly mentioned in an earlier thread but since then the media is picking up on the story in outrage and I suggest we support these articles by reading them and commenting if possible, since this is what drives these news sources.

I have no doubt about John Connolly shilling for the cult. Larry Brennan, Chuck Beatty, Mark Rathbun, Mike Rinder, Jason Beghe and others discuss this guy and his shenanaghans. Beghe and Brennan talk about Connolly connecting up with them over a lengthy period of time for a story that never got written. Mark Rathbun said:

"I hired Ingram," says Rathbun. "And I remember distinctly that he would talk about his pal John Connolly. For years I periodically saw his name in programs and reports as an active source of information and stories."
more by Mark Rathbun - Mar 1, 2011 - New York Observer

Connolly was found to have worked with Nancy Jo Sales on an earlier Vanity Fair piece that did everything to attack the credibility of 2 people who accused the church of repeatedlyharassing them. :

"Beth Kseniak, a spokeswoman for the magazine, says Connolly has never been assigned to write about Scientology aside from contributing reporting to a 2008 Nancy Jo Sales story about two people who believed, falsely, that they were being harassed by the church. "

So read and comment away at the story Scientology does not want the media discussing!

Was a Vanity Fair Editor Secretly Working for the Church of Scientology?
New York Observer - John Cook - ‎Mar 1, 2011‎, where the author is employed as a staff writer, declined to publish this story. Did the Church of Scientology use a Vanity Fair contributing editor to infiltrate and gather intelligence on the cult's enemies in the media? ...

Scientology Might Have a Spy Working Within New York Media

Why Did Gawker Decline to Publish Story About a Vanity Fair Editor? |

Why Did Gawker Refuse to Run a Scientology Story? By Joe Coscarelli, Tue., Mar. 1 2011 Village Voice

"On Tuesday afternoon, the New York Observer, now under the editorship of founding Gawker editor Elizabeth Spiers, published a juicy feature about Scientology by current Gawker editor and investigative journalist John Cook."


That he is connected to the media and his name comes up in relation to Scientology and people in or out of Scientology, and he has never written anything on it, stands out most for me.