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Medical malpractice in the Church of Scientology


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I have a bigger story.
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Hello Friend - how can I help you to write this story?
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Another ill person was held imprisoned against her will by the Church of Scientology

Uwe Stuckenbrock, Lisa Mc Pherson and Roxanne Friend - ill people imprisoned by the Church of Scientology!!

Here is what happened to Roxanne Friend:


1.I, Roxanne Friend, make the following declaration on personal knowledge except for those statements made on information and belief and as to those things I believe them to be true.

15. The "Church" of Scientology forced me to participate in what they are calling religious practices that I myself did not want to participate in . For example, in the spring and summer of 1987 I was given auditing that I didn't want and was not allowed to leave Flag when I wanted to. I was made to stay there for months to undergo auditing that I did not want and even though I told them I wanted to go back to Los Angeles because my father was visiting from the east, I was not permitted to do so . During this time I went from having mono to having pneumonia and getting very ill. Still, I was made to do auditing and was not allowed to leave . I also missed being Maid of Honor at my girlfriend's wedding because the case supervisor would not let me leave to go to the wedding. The fact that being at Flag was against my will is in my deposition on page 334.

16. Then around October 1988 I was told by Flag staff member Arda Froese that I was ordered by Senior Case Supervisor International, Jeff Walker, to go down to Florida to do a special program he had written. I was then ordered to go back down and do more "Introspection Rundown". At that point I said NO.

17. In December 1989 I went back to Florida for the purpose of doing a process called the Purification Rundown but was again forced to do the Introspection Rundown auditing. I left without Case Supervisor approval which was always required prior to leaving the Flag Land Base in Florida. I left in the middle of the night and took a taxi to a hotel near Tampa airport because I did not want to be on Scientology premises or continue the Introspection Rundown. Also, I made phone calls to the Clearwater, Florida or Tampa, Florida police saying that I was being held against my will. The Scientologists had the phone in my room cut off when I did this.

18. During the period the organization had place 2-5 staff in the room next to mine who constantly watched me and intruded on my life. I had absolutely no privacy. The followed me to breakfast, lunch and dinner. If I tried to talk with police, the switchboard cut my phone off for hours on end which is mentioned in my deposition on pages 471 and 472. The "Church" of Scientology staff members. They refused to allow me even to have meals with my friends who were in Florida at the same time. Additionally, the organization did not allow me to move around freely as I wished as mentioned in my deposition on paged 476 and 477.

19. After I left Flag without permission in December 1989 , I believe the organization then felt it necessary to force me into their procedures with greater force than before. This started with sending several staff members from Florida who came to my apartment in Los Angeles to try to persuade me to have auditing.

20. The staff members of the Florida Scientology organization subsequently drugged me (deposition pages 532-535) with the approval of Flag and senior officials of the "Church" of Scientology. Then they woke me up in the middle of the night (deposition page 511), took me in a recreational vehicle against my will (deposition pages 529 and 540) and subsequently held me in the rv and then in a room in Florida (deposition page 510) for a period totalling about four weeks, all against my will. I made at least two attempts to escape but I was bodily forced by the guards to return.

21. None of the above events happened with my consent. And I was kept imprisoned in Florida even after numerous written requests on my part to the staff of defendant FLAG, specifically my case Supervisor Richard Reese, stating I was being held against my will, that I wanted to leave and that I believed that what they were doing was illegal. See Exhibits 33 and 34 to Deposition of Roxanne Friend.

22. In addition to the trauma of the kidnapping and imprisonment, the Scientologists took away my privacy. In December 1989 and January 1990, I was spied upon constantly, 24 hours a day. My phone calls were monitored (when I had a phone in December); my comings and goings were reported on; and, of course, in January when I was completely imprisoned, every aspect of my life was under constant surveillance.

25. It is difficult to talk about and describe the feeling of being held by the Scientologists down in Florida. I felt like a hostage or a prisoner. I felt that nothing I could do could make a difference and that I better be quiet so as to protect my self. Today I am trying to pick up and arrange the fragments of my life and go forward.

Sworn to under penalty of perjury under the laws of the state of California this 6th day of December 1991.
Roxanne Friend

[Roxanne Friend sued the Church of Scientology (case number BC 018003 in Superior Court of the state of California for the county of Los Angeles). The Church settled out of court "for nuisance value." Roxanne not much later died of cancer, which may have been cured had she gotten medical attention sooner. Roxanne did not because she felt that Scientology auditing could cure any ill.]

here is the link: http://www.google.de/url?sa=t&rct=j...yfXYDA&usg=AFQjCNHXGwUyz7BTo6Pihj5sEC_t83LLKQ