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Meet Greg Mitchell, Scientology's lobbyist who works the halls of Congress


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Business Insider: Meet Scientology's lobbyist who works the halls of Congress for the church


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Gregg Mitchell

For over ten years, records show the Church of Scientology has had one man lobbying Congress on its behalf.

According to House of Representatives and US Senate disclosure reports, the controversial religious group has paid over $1 million to Greg Mitchell to lead its lobbying efforts since 2003.

No other lobbyist has reported working for the church during this period.

A spokesperson for the Church said Mitchell's lobbying work is "aligned to our broad humanitarian social initiatives."

In his disclosure reports, Mitchell provided extensive details about his lobbying for Scientology. These records show he has focused on several areas for the church — pursuing federal funding for Scientology's educational programs and disaster relief efforts, promoting efforts to help prisoners re-enter society, working to promote programs to help religious workers immigrate to the US, and working to make "international religious freedom" a priority for the government.

In a conversation with Business Insider on Wednesday, Mitchell said his work on "religious freedom" is currently the main focus of his lobbying for the church. This work often involves working with other religious organizations to encourage the US to put pressure on foreign countries that are persecuting religious groups.

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I wonder if it sucks to be a $cientology ''religious freedom'' lobbyist in these days ????

How can they be taken seriously???? :nervous:


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Before him was another company - Pitney Bowles or something like that. They must have screwed up and been fired. They have been using lobbyists for years and years and years.