Meet the scumbags that write for Freedom Magazine..




5. Given how over the top and awful the writing in Freedumb magazine is, these guys seem to have found a way to amuse themselves and fuck over Scientology while forced to make a living this way: They're consciously making fun of Scientology and treating these Freedumb writing assignments like the writers at The Onion and The New Yorker's Andy Borowitz do.

6. I say, leave 'em to it. They're doing a damned good job!


I wonder if the people who are their targets feel the same way? I'm sure at least a few of them don't.

It's too bad I no longer have that stack of old Freedom newspapers from the late 1960s and 1970s. Every issue featured an editorial cartoon characterizing psychiatrists as killers, Nazis, etc. Later in the 1970s and early 1980s, after the FBI raids of 1977, and large scale defections and former Scientology insiders beginning to speak out, it featured attacks on those perceived as key enemies, both "wogs" and ex-Scientologists.

It was the same over the top, nasty, vicious, smear job "journalism."

And then there were magazines produced specifically to attack David Mayo's "squirrel" group. One particularly cruel and sadistic attack on a former Commodore's Messenger comes to mind. As a little girl she had always wanted to be a ballerina but, of course, she couldn't study ballet since she was a full time servant/slave/extension of the Commodore, L. Ron Hubbard. Finally, years later, when she left Scientology, as a grown woman, she decided she would take up ballet.

Not professionally of course, since her body had not had the physical conditioning and she had not had the necessary training, but just to have a taste of what had been her dream as a little girl held captive in a cult.

Her body didn't resemble a ballerina's but rather resembled an ordinary - slightly plump - female body for her age. So what did Scientology do? It produced a series of photographs featuring an obese older woman, prancing about in ballerina tights, which it featured in one of the attack magazines directed at David Mayo's group.

It was meant to be hurtful and it was.

The same pattern - the pattern established by Hubbard in his attacks on his perceived enemies, and his instructions to Scientologists on how to attack - is used today.

Has it been confirmed that none of these people are Scientologists?

Even "wog" Private Investigators are given meter checks, and are briefed, and also - from accounts I have - sometimes drilled.

It would seem likely that - even if "wogs" - these people have had similar preparation.

They would also be monitored and everything they write or create for Scientology would be checked, and approved or disapproved.

Leave 'em to it?

Well, we can't stop them can we? But why not know who they are?

Currently, there are two audiences for this sort of smear garbage: the Scientologists, many of whom see it and do take it seriously and remain in Scientology, at least partly, because of it. (It's hard to believe, as we all know, but there are such people.) The other audience is non Scientologists. Here the results are mixed. Sometimes the results are along the lines of "mutually assured destruction," where those seeing it are turned off by both Scientology and those attacked by Scientology.

Scientology damages its own image but, at the same time, discredits, or taints, its perceived enemies. The attitude of an uninformed person seeing this sort of thing is that he or she doesn't want anything to do with any of these people. Here, Scientology has the edge, since it's an institution - a corporation - and the others are just individuals.

The idea is that corporate Scientology has more resources, and will out last any of its individual critics or perceived attackers.

It can then, at a later date, do PR damage control.

Oh, and, of course, the Scientology corporation has religious cloaking.


What seems absurd to us who know better doesn't always produce the same reaction in others. Look at the crowds cheering John Travolta. The same folks will be there cheering Tom Cruise if he ever reappears. They're not likely to join Scientology but, in various ways, they are vulnerable to being influenced by Scientology and its agents.

So, I'd like to know more about the people currently helping David Miscavige.

There's an entire "industry," and network, which supports the cult: lawyers, PIs, writers, electronic surveillance specialists, politicians, "scholars," etc..

Some are amoral and just in it for the money or for the connections. Some are well meaning but are duped.

IMO, the more information available, about this Scientology support network, the merrier.

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Let's "friend" them and then start posting horror stories of ex scientologiests who were broken, shattered, driven insane and killed.

See how long they keep this side job

Lurkers - see where your IAS dollars go? Paying PI's and journalists to lie, harass, spy in the name of clearing bank accounts and families.


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Different countries perhaps? I'm posting from the UK. We had a similar problem recently when Maria posted some links to essays she'd written.

Personally I'm not overly bothered about reading them, so I don't want anyone to feel they have to make a big effort to sort this out on my account, but other Brits here may have the same problem.

Yes but it doesn't worry me much. Seen one scumbag, seen them all really.


I use different browsers on different computers and even going to general overseas news media I have problems. Sometimes between here and Israel and here and Australia. These happen via internet purchased from one company and wifi pilfered from another. It could be the advanced pc firewall settings. But I do not always get the same pop up reason why for the failed hook-up to the linked article. :no:


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Maybe it is just me - so checking in with others ~

This thread went off subject and more into "the links don't work..mine do"

Heh - is anyone interested in getting in comm with the SB's on FB and inviting them here to have a comm cycle with us
Es Pee's????

SP's talking to SB's....LOL:thumbsup:


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Maybe it is just me - so checking in with others ~

This thread went off subject and more into "the links don't work..mine do"

Heh - is anyone interested in getting in comm with the SB's on FB and inviting them here to have a comm cycle with us
Es Pee's????

SP's talking to SB's....LOL:thumbsup:

I think they would immediately unfriend any direct attacks. :biggrin:

One can become very creative in maintaining ARC perhaps by maybe saying:

Well as per the Simone Bolivar policy I certainly think pushing power to power is spot on. I certainly have no problem with the Sea Org spending $2.5 Million dollars to renovate the COBs quarters at Hemet. After all, the exercise room, the Sauna, Chefs kitchen and Theater room have to be high Theta for when Celebs like Cruise and Travolta come to visit. My Sea Org friend told me the place is fabulous It has Brazilian Rosewood floors. I would love to see it.


If it weren't for having to pay off my loans for OT2 and donations to IAS, I would definitely want to join the Sea Org, but, my Sea Org friend told me, they earn $50 a week. I just can't do it economically right now.

It may start some thinking


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My hunch is they know exactly how disgusting their employers are. They're in it for the money. Not for the truth. But by writing dreckier dreck they get their jollies. For them it's not personal. It's "professional."

It's just a shame they can't find better employers.


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The latest Freedumb, that tries to look like the New Yorker and has an article "Why Religion Matters" with ridiculous stats that have zero to do with scientology is the result of hiring these desperate "journalists" who gave up any shred of respect to whore themselves out to a nasty, abusive cult for a paycheck.

However, this last Freedumb was very different from the absurdly over-the-top issues that were entirely devoted to juvenile smear jobs and name calling of critics. They were beyond absurd and make the cult look as bad as possible. This new issue, though you see some OSA crap about Gibney, actually tries to have some "serious" stories are a small step above the 5th grade school-yard name calling and bad doodles making fun of people that the last two years of Freedumb issues have been.

If you'll recall last year the cult put out a big call to hire a bunch of writers and editor after the former editor croaked. (Tony wrote about the guy who died and how it was a really sad last chapter in the life of a guy who for two decades had been a real journalist) The cult was actually looking to hire professional journalists and the pay was way above the generally very sad salaries most lower-tier/ not well known journalists can get due to the slow death of the newspaper and print industry.

I think any decent journalist would not touch Freedumb with a 10 foot pole and would rather mop floors that work for such an outfit, but obviously there are plenty of hacks out there that were willing to take Freedumb's money to try and give it a bit more polish. Smurf's list is that crew for hire, trying to give an evil cult a whiff of respectability via a magazine and they should be ashamed. I hope they watched Going Clear and felt that shame deep in the pits of their stomachs, but who am I kidding. Anyone who looked at previous issues of Freedumb and went on to accept a job to continue the tradition has no shame - they are scumbags and I hope their legacy of working for Freedumb is enshrined in the internet forever. If they thought getting a job in journalism is tough before their tenure at Freedumb will ensure it's now truly impossible since they have been tainted with Scientology's slime.

These "writers" are the bottom of the barrel. At least member of Scientology truly believe the crap they are told and do things because they think it's for the greatest good. These writers don't have that defense. None of them are actual members of the cult, I'm sure they would never join in fact. These people know what Scientology is about. They did their research, they are "reporters" for fucks sake and aren't scared off from reading online reports about the cult due to entheta, sec-checks or an SP declare. They aren't furthering the goals of an abusive cult because they are brainwashed believers, but because they are greedy and don't care what damage they do to get a pay check. They have NO excuse for what they are doing, they are scum.


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I convinced my neighbor to watch 'Going Clear' and showed in the facts about the "church" he was attending. He has stopped going to the LA Org. He gave me all his Scilon-related crap including the most recent issue of 'Freedom Magazine'..

One is also on staff at UCLA. The paid scumbags are: (Editor) (Ajay Singh) (Ray Richmond) (John "Rick" Rogers)

TonyO reporting on Jim Lynch's replacement..

John Franklin Sugg. age 66, is the owner of Think Atlanta Consulting, Control # 11061795, Registration Date: 8/10/2011, 428 Tanglewood, Blue Ridge, GA. 30513, (706-632-0080).

555743_4128774009981_892852671_n.jpg[email protected]/63343940/

His wife, Kathleen (aka Catherine Ann) has a LinkedIn page.

L D Sledge

LinkedIN L D Sledge
Sledge the Ghostwriter
Clearwater, Florida
Writing and Editing
Works in progress:
Riches to Rags, Why Celebrities and Pro-Athletes go Broke and How to Avoid it", blogging for Southern Botanicals ( Ghosting new novel set in New Orleans. Writing for Freedom Magazine and The Hard Truth, an emag. [..]

[..] Projects
Written six novels, ghostwritten three, in process of writing novel for client now, journalist for Freedom Magazine and The Hard Truth, emag., much more.


Formerly Fooled - Finally Free
Donnell Suggs

Freelance Feature Writer for SLAM Magazine
Greater Atlanta Area
Basketball Times, Freedom Magazine, SLAM Magazine

Freelance Writer
Freedom Magazine

December 2014 – Present (5 months)Greater Los Angeles Area

Under contract to write and report features for the print and online publications.


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I remember John Sugg from before he went to write for the Scientologists. This is from one of his comments on a post attacking Tampa Bay Times -

And one final thing, Jeff, that has slipped your mind: After 40 years of the Times attacking Scientology, the Church is doing just fine. There have never been so many Scientologists coming to Clearwater, they have a new cathedral, etc.


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I havent taken a deep dive into each person's link, but are we finding that these people may not even be scientologists but hired Scum Bags?

Vile Scum bags that know the lingo but little about the workings?

Science fiction pulp writers getting a penny a word?



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The propaganda value of Freedom Magazine is today strictly limited to internal public, whereas in the past, it was used to influence external non-Scn publics.

I suspect that the reason for the writing being outsourced is due to the depletion of literate OSA staff, which is in keeping with Scientology's overall diminution of both numbers and talent.