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Hi there,

After lurking a lot for quite some time now I decided to register here.

I must say I really don't know why, but ever since 1995 when I first got internet, I have been interested in Scientology. Lucky for me I always knew it was bad news. :)

I was never a member, I didn't lose friends or family to the cult, and I live more than 2 hours of travel from the nearest org (Amsterdam, the Netherlands).

Still I read a lot (this site, clambake, later also esk), until the start of 2008 when I found out about Anonymous. I decided to register on enturb, later wwp, and helped with translating dutch and german articles to english. I was never involved in protests IRL, but I have been to the Amsterdam org just out of curiosity. (Yikes, won't do that again...! :) )

I don't know if I will post very much (doubt it), but here I am. :yes:

If you're interested in my translation work please visit WWP. If you have any questions about CO$ in the Netherlands, or would like a raw translation of something, please feel free to contact me. Though I am nowhere near lots of you when it comes to knowledge about the cult I'd be glad to help.

Tim Skog

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Welcome to ESMB TrevAnon. I'm glad you *de-lurked.* Amsterdam is a beautiful city. My sister visited there this summer and showed me photos from the trip.

Keep us posted on anything newsworthy about what's happening in Amsterdam with regard to the cult.


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Thanks for all the "welcomes" !

Hey TrevAnon,

Welcome to ESMB!

Thanks for the offer to translate. Should I now demand dox?:D

Yep, you should say "dox or gtfo" to me! :D How else would you know that I'm the same person as the one posting using the Trevanon-account on WWP?! :coolwink:

Welcome! Trev6 at Marcab? ;)

Nope, I'm not that guy/gal. There is a Trev6 posting on WWP, but I think (s)he is from Japan.


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:welcome: TrevAnon,
So I herd you're in translations? Because in another thread here I mentioned that I'd love to have a dictionary English Scientologese <> German Scientologese. Do you have an idea where to find one?

Hofecer, enjoy this great bunch of people.:)


:omg: 500 and 3 stars :omg:

I am having way too much fun here... :yes:

Oh, and I don't have a life... :biggrin:



Oh, its a re-appreciation bumper thingy :)