MELBOURNE Org Newsletter/Promo Leak Thread

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C'mon everybody, let's give it up for Zhent who over time has become one of our biggest experts in ANZO stats!!! I'm amazed at your grasp of the detail. If I didn't know better, I'd suspect you were a past life clear come back on the other side of the fence to watch over ANZO .... (kidding)

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C'mon everybody, let's give it up for Zhent who over time has become one of our biggest experts in ANZO stats!!! I'm amazed at your grasp of the detail. If I didn't know better, I'd suspect you were a past life clear come back on the other side of the fence to watch over ANZO .... (kidding)

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and for all the protesting, and for all the videos, all the hours spent editing....

you are one of my heroes, Zhent. Many thanks for all you do. :heartflower:


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Thank you very much for all that you do Zhent

I would say that the 282 points was a half of the (500 split/shared by day and foundation) plus 32 of regular wks earnings Similarly, the 283 would be a half of 500 plus 33 for the week. Those weekly numbers of 32 and 33 come closer to matching the average weekly for the year.


I have noticed a few funny things with the stats in recent months. When Cincinnati Ideal opened both Day and FDN got 282 points each for the weekly birthday game count (A week after opening they crashed to only 25 points each LOL). When Sacramento Ideal opened Day and FDN got 283 each that week. Is this the 500-bonus you are talking about or something different?

Note in the final stats posted Cincinnati has popped up in the top 10 and both Day and FDN have exactly 1812 points each. Its all very dodgy if you ask me..

BTW, where it says 107 staff total in the first post, is that Day only or Day/FDN combined? Also does anyone know if Day/FDN have a different dress code, or there is some way to tell them apart?


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I'm not done yet!

Have a look at this page from a recent "Communication" - The magazine of Melbourne Org.


OMG they must think their field are fools! The photo of the Hubbard Professional Metering Course is clearly the same as Hubbard Professional TR Course but taken 10 seconds later. We know they are stretching their PR thin but really...

I have also obtained the completion list for the org, these are currently being processed and will be made available in full later. I can tell you right now that 1/4 are Basics completions, 1/2 are Div 4 & 6 courses (A lot of life improvement courses), and the remainder are 'Bridge Actions'.
Will be interesting to crunch some real stats from Melbourne...

BTW. Keep in mind they dont publish completion lists in every magazine, in order to stretch the completions out, so the period is a number of months (guess 3???).

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Originally Posted by sallydannce
What does "trendenous" mean?

My dictionaries don't have this word.

Gawd what's with the honky great typo in the LRH quote at top of n/letter!!!!

Lol, you just can't get good help these days!
In scientology's case, you just can't get any help! :biggrin:

Trendenous and baited breath. Excellent application of study tech. Heads will roll! :omg:


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The Melbourne FSM game was mentioned in the first post, lets now take a closer look at this with the following document.







Hmm, so the game is almost over now, its been running for 5 months and what are the results?

Well the leaderboard posted in the OP is a few weeks old but the top FSM only had 36 points? And that quickly dropped off to 12 points in 8th place. I have previous issues of FSM News and they were quite slow to even get there.

Just look at their award scheme, these 'top' FSM barely got the first award and were nowhere near the middle range 100 points award.

A little bit too optimistic I think they were with their expectations. :no:

Much more to come!


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Does anyone have the figure on the full cost of Melbourne Ideal Org? ie, the full public fundraising target.


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For some reason, the figure of $22 million comes to mind.

Anyone got solid dox on this, preferably from the org itself? Would be appreciated.

And now here is some more backlog for anyone bored:

Melbourne Foundation Newsletter - Issue 45 February 27th


Melbourne Foundation Newsletter - Issue 44 February 19th


Melbourne Foundation Newsletter - Issue 43 February 12th


And of course lets not forget LRH's birthday event.


Its on at 7PM in Melbourne if anyone wants to turn up.

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Its on at 7PM in Melbourne if anyone wants to turn up.

Unfortunately I'll be out of town. But it all sure looks like such a cool groovy place to be, what with the "jamming guitar strings" and chillin' and hangin' and rappin' and, like, it all just, like, you know, rocks, bro. Dude.


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A fairly thin Melbourne Newsletter. Conspicuously contains a lack of weekly graduates.

Melbourne Foundation Newsletter - Issue 48 March 20 2012


I wonder how long it will take for the excitement of the birthday game wear thin and for the org to go into a long, long rut for 2012.


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Their "newest bookstore officer?":omg:

What happened to all the "old" ones?:roflmao:

They had to IMPORT a bookstore officer?::dieslaughing:

They just can't help but shoot their toes off, can they? :hysterical:


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Melbourne Foundation Newsletter - Issue 49 March 26 2012


Oh dear, there are quite a few empty seats in that group photo.

How many did they bring in for the biggest event of the year? 200? less then 200?

Its simply astounding how they can harp on about 'unbelievable expansion' when its the same old fools coming to the events. The Church of Scientology simply cannot face the inevitable conclusion, that in this day and age practically no-one is interested in long term Scientology involvement. Suck in as many people for the intro courses and basics as they want and claim super expansion, these people WILL NOT be sticking around for long.

Oh, and getting LRH tech into China? LOL good luck with that!

Also interesting that for future birthday games the Day/FDN orgs will be rolled into one.


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Amazing how deluded the thinking is that now all of Mandarin-speaking China will just "open up" to $cilontology because the Hubbard gospel has been translated:screwy:

As for the "unlimited expansion," :)roflmao:) they are getting fewer and fewer to these events per their own promo.:omg:

Sad just how deluded the remaining Faithful are.:bigcry:


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Melbourne Foundation Newsletter - Issue 50 April 1 2012

(Sadly not a joke)


Oh how sad, as you can plainly see from post #31 above in this thread (Issue 45) they are just recycling the TRs/Objective stuff. I guess things are starting to go downhill again after the end of that crazy birthday game.

OMG I LOVE this Ian Stewart success story though:

History of Man Book and Lecture Course

"I had read this book early on, as an interest thing as the space drama stuff was intriguing, being a sci-fi fan and all. Reading the book with the checksheet bought to light so much new data and understanding on who we are and all the rest of our history. Having this backed up with all the preceeding Basics also made the progress very smooth. I learned about what has occured, though briefly this gave me a new level of ARC towards life. I understand people more in terms of thetans, bodies and what we have expeienced. Also my understanding of the E-Meter and its development and use has increased. Alot of the lectures go over this tool and its impact on auditing and how it helped Ron uncover the hidden past that holds us back. It really has given me a thirst to continue on with the Basics. As I read each book I feel that I grow more as a thetan and follow the path out of control by Mest into control as me, as I follow this actual path that Ron laid out. Again many thanks to the staff and to Ron as it is an amazing and honourable journey to be undertaking." - I.S.

How they hell did they let that get published, that shit is crazy, the first sentence says it all. Any new public reading that will be going "WTF have I got myself into?!"


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Another perspective on the Melbourne LRH birthday.

Melbourne Day Birthday Game Newsletter


I love how they lead with "Wow, the event went off without a hitch" :lol:


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Crap! Just crap! Their “sudden and groundbreaking” thing is just totally bullshit. What is Traditional Chinese? A seldom used written language which is used, mainly, in very scholarly sections of the community. Traditional Chinese written language was dropped from main-stream society something like 60 years ago (can't remember exact date and too lazy to look it up).

Your average 35-year-old, and under, cannot read Traditional Chinese! I suspect this piece of cult propaganda meant to say they have translated into Simplified Chinese but who the hell knows with this nutty group. Perhaps their translations are into Traditional Chinese. lol

These people have no idea! They have no idea what they talking about! They are a joke! If they have translated the books into Traditional Chinese, lol!

I could sit here all night giving deep and profound reasons (of a non-political nature), steeped in thousands of years of ancient philosophy, as to why Hubbard’s American neurotic nonsense will never take hold in Chinese culture. And like I said, it is not to do with current politics (current policy) up in China.

The average Chinese person would just laugh at scientology and wander off down the street to do something useful with their day!

The number of consistent typos in these newsletters just takes my breath away! F**k!

p.s. Please don't worry about China becoming infected with scientology. The Chinese know a good joke when they hear one!