Melbourne Postgame June 18th 2011

Postered for Free to Shine
AnonLikesPickles from WWP said:
It was a cold, wintry day in Melbourne on the day of June 18th. People went about their business - stuffing their faces with fast food, taking drugs down an alleyway, pointlessly crossing roads, etc. But all that is meaningless information. For that day was a dark day indeed.

A dark day for Scientology that is. Why? Well, Melbourne Anonymous, distracted from furiously fapping to sexy pr0nz in their parents' basements, had decided to creep from the woodwork and into the light to put fear into the hearts of those evil Scilons.
The action kicked off at Flinders Street Station (I was being a latefag and hadn't arrived yet, so I shall let someone fill this bit in).

Secondly, the group moved to Bourke Street mall, myself arriving a few minutes later. Here, we played music, whilst Crowley, having donned a skull mask, began to dispense wise words of warning about Scientology through a megaphone while the rest of us spoke to le public, took photos and handed out flyers. Some of us also had McDonalds for lunch. Our friendly Scientology stalker decided to drop by and film us with his brand new (and old looking) video camera, until some of us decided to play the Nyancat song and dance in front of him.

After this we boarded a [STRIKE]Anonymously Armoured Personnel Carrier[/STRIKE] tram to Ascot Vale. As soon as we arrived, an irritable policeman decided he would send us across the road because he couldn't be bothered reading a permit (I forget if we had it with us or not). Kenji attempted to argue, but not no avail.
Taking this odd turn of events in stride, we hauled ass across the road and set up. Music, soft drinks, cookies, glow sticks, balloons and sparklers were all brought out for our entertainment as we trolled Scientology with over 9000 kinds of pure awesome. We rubbed our merriment in the faces of the Scilons watching us from across the streets with their old cameras in hand - it seemed to make them more dour. Meh.
After a while, one anon managed to (in a series of events I currently have little knowledge about) get the police to STOP the Scilons filming and taking pictures of us. As you can expect, we got instant boners from this. Even the female Anons did, curiously enough.
After a while, the Scilons eventually bunkered up inside their [STRIKE]morgue[/STRIKE] org while we continued to have fun outside.
Eventually, we decided to call it quits. We packed up and headed home. Back to our sexy pr0nz. Except me, because I'm here on WWP typing this up. I TOTALLY DON'T HAVE HOT PR0NZ IN ANOTHER TAB. >.> -ahem- anyway, it was a good, fun raid (not for the Scilons though) and we shall be back next month.​

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