Patron with Honors
To those I have found again through this board and the XSO board, I will never forget any of you!


Of friends
Of places
Of things
Once known, once loved
No longer there
But always there
Out of reach
Brought to the surface
Part of the past
Sometimes part of the future
I know you
I will never forget you
I lived there once where you once lived
I dreamed the same things
I cared, you cared
We thought it was right
Good times, poor times
We each experienced the same
Now here we are
Memories is all we have
Of friends
Of places
Of things
It is time to make new ones
No longer the past
Of friends
Of places
Of things

So glad to have found some of you again!

Free to shine

Shiny & Free
Bless ya!

Yes, we thought it was right.

Yet the most right thing is to find the truth in honouring and respecting yourself first. That is squished and squashed out of us early on, so the 1st dynamic becomes the 3rd, and that is a confusing and distressing way to live a life.

Stand tall and proud my friend, each and every day is a new start, and we can use those memories to create better lives. Because we know what not to do! :yes: