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Mentally Damaged Ex-Scientologists


Krishnamurthi sounds cool, but Im sure LRH said some similar things, like it being true to you and all that, but the truth is there, oh yes code of honour, another of those things that tell you its ok to be who you are and not to compromise that, untill you go to ethics of course, for frying the wrong fish:happydance: .

The sentiment is great, you have the key, no one else. It's what Im starting to understand.

Thanks Owly and thanks Krishnamurthi!

I agree. It's still a good sig line though and does remind one how easily one can fall into traps. Having been down many many wild and whacky rabbit holes myself, it's only recently that I have discovered that in fact I am the 'only' one that holds the key... to me.... :yes: Phew! And thank god for that!! :happydance: My wings are still drying out in the sun as we speak, as I prepare myself for flight. :D