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Merry Christmas ESMBers!


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May this christmas be full of love, laughter, hugs, sharing, caring and reconnecting!!

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Happy Christmas to every single poster, member and lurker here (including OSA who work hard but probably won't have a great Christmas ... come and join us guys ... enough is enough and you all deserve better).

Thanks so much Emma.

Love to you all.



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Merry Christmas to my ESMB family!


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Thanks Emma and everyone else, hope you all have a great time over chrissmuss and I'll catch up with the latest after.....

Big Hugs from Aunty La La


To my "bestest" friends in the whole wide world......

Merry, merry Christmas folks!

This is the first Christmas for me, in a long long time, that I'm not sad or keyed in or whatever ya want ta call it, like I have been for years now every Christmas. Because of you wonderful lot here at ESMB, I have my life back, and a future to look forward to. I thank you and love you for that. :)

I know that Christmas can be just so hard. Some of you here are being prevented from sharing it with loved ones and/or family when you should be able to. Some of you have lost loved ones and it'll undoubtedly be a sad time.....My heart is with you all, and I hope that there is joy and love for you this Christmas, despite who or what is *missing*.

"Don't let the bastards grind you down", and have a good one guys! :thumbsup:



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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to "all y'all" (another Texas twist).

Weird how I live in Texas and have never said nor wrote that expression before....

May the New Year bring Scn closer to the end. And may disconnections, forced abortions, human trafficking, RPF, DM's rule, and all of Scn's other demeaning and nonsense stuff come to an end.

Emma - thanks for bringing all of us together. We have a great group!!!!!!


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Marry Christmas to everyone on this board, and also to OSA. It's good to have your company. Hope the Christmas bonus was good and you can have some fun!