Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays/Good News thread.


Merry Christmas, all! Spending a wonderful vacation week this year in a place I love. And even got a nice visit from our own Dave B! Cheers, one and all!


In agree PG, music, is um... here is my real reply, lol & happy ho-ho to all!

*disclaimer* some of thios will melt parts ofg yer brain, esp. the second side :razorsmiley:


Actually, what makes this really funny is that the party date is embedded in this vidio, and hey Osa, must watch ( they'll listen I hope), get free, give yourself an awesome present, escape Hubbard's deluded world, haz a pizza wit yer own toppings...
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Oh, a wise guy,eh?

Christmas chez FB...


& a happy one to y'all. :)



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As this is a *Good News* thread as is this for a Christmas Surprise?
Cross -posted from Facebook with William's permission.
William Drummond had a devastating experience in Scientology with family destruction and his own brother Billie
(still in) and St. Hill battering him with OSA vengeance.

Yesterday William posted ~~~​

In 1974 i was in a relationship with a lady and we.had a son.
Because i was screwed up in Scientology she left me. I never saw her or my son again.
Yesterday i went onto facebook. I received a message asking me if i was the bill drummond that used to date Sian Morgan.
It was my long lost son.
We talked for hours. Then my x called me and we talked for ages.
We are reuniting for the first time in 42 years on boxing day. (December 26th)
The demons created by the COS are being put to rest.
Great xmas present.
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There are various greetings across threads, this is a chance to bring them all together. I know people who don't post anymore check in at these times and it's a good way to spread some good feelings.

It would be great to hear stories of new lives and freedoms this last year, how we have coped and our wishes for the future.

I started a Disconnection and Christmas thread, which is the sad one. We can have a happy one too.

To start off I can say that despite the traumas of this last year, I am feeling particularly good and much healthier now. When you face serious medical problems it does change your perspective on life. It reinforces priorities, who you need in your life and who you don't. It's always about attitude and as we find our feet and come to understand our pasts, we now have unlimited horizons. Of course it's tough sometimes, yet in a weird way I am grateful for the challenges (when they are past!) because it helps find out things about yourself that can only come through experience.

I have a lovely little one year old grandson now and new life is such a joy. A cheeky sort of conspiratorial smile from this little kid as he toddles past on his way to another adventure is just fantastic. It always makes me laugh! I walked up the path with him recently, his little hand in mine and his tiny feet keeping pace with me ... it's a moment I will never forget. As a mum I guess I was too busy to really appreciate the small moments.

I don't post family pics but I will share this cropped one. A wee lad taking a toddle with his bestie.

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So Merry Christmas everyone, I wish you well and may the coming year be full of scientology recovery and good things.

:hifive: :party: :dance2:​

How wonderful!


I've been out for years but i still am grateful for each cult free day. My time is my own and i'm grateful for everyone here.
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