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Merry Xmas ESMB & love to disconnected members!


stubborn rebel sheep!
Dinner was just me & my Honey.
I stuffed that Bird with the most delectable concoction of Cornbread Dressing. I added Chopped Onion, garlic, Celery, Diced Apple, Pecans, dried Cherries, and Golden Raisins.
It was Awesome!
The Turkey was moist and cooked well, and the Yams were perfect.
I thought of you, and hoped you were sharing Dinner with people you love, and who love you back.

Hum..that sounds delicious!


This years was different than the other years though! I didn't make christmas dinner, since I will have people for new year dinner
Instead, I made a reservation in a wonderfull asian restaurant so I can enjoy all the night with people instead of cooking!
(I didn't end this year in my best shap thoug..so I decided to just enjoy ..lol)

We had seafood..wine, and wine, and wine and porto... lol too much eating and drink...:unsure:
It was a very nice christmas diner with good company to enjoy! Very happy though!

Now..there is still 2 huge turkey to cook... :nervous: but I found a recipe to put all the vegetable to cook in the pan (adding pears) with the turkey..and then make a nice sauce with the stock! Having people (peaceful and funny) at home with me, and cook for them, and let them enjoy is my selfish pleasure!

The lonely times are used to do an inner back wash (to get the evil out of me..lol) and reframe thoughts and weed heart (I have been raised catholic and later became buddhish and practice both thus I am bi-religious...lol))...and take opportunity to negociate my evil bt's to go back in seclusion! This last year I had a malignant one growing within me..OH boy!...a beast...I am not done yet with him but he won't win over a defiant, resolute, and da..not any more a defiant, resolute and dauntless chick..but stubborn and persistant! :biggrin: