Message from Patti about Good twin and ESMB


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Thanks for sharing :thumbsup:
Hope you continue to "lurk" and keep us in your heart.
You have been one of the interesting people who have made Exscn work.
Best wishes for you time away from the "maddening" crowd.
I wish you well.


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I hope a few will still be interested in what I have to say. . .

For now I can’t hate the church. I was them. Nothing changes that. Never.

Always - always - always interested in your words. From those quipsy tales of your young son back in the day when we worked so hard to make it all be true; right up to sitting at your table and enjoying the food and love and laughter in our freedom.

Thanks for being here when telpathetic told me, ask GT she'll help you get onto ESMB. Way back when I was having trouble with the login.

And thanks for all the posts along the way - especially when it was so hard to see my own shadow. You are a force to be reckoned with and your words carry on past the time they are read.

Post or don't post, I'm just glad I can call you a friend. I'll always listen.


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I have missed your posts. Whatever you decide, to post, to lurk, to move on, wherever life takes you, be happy.


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Thank you Patti. It was such a lovely surprise to find your post first thing this morning. I have wondered how you were doing and missed you. I am hoping you will continue the journey with us here, but you are free now to go where ever your journey takes you. Yay for freedom!


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Patti, your post almost made me :bigcry:

You are right - it's all about friendships and moving on. :yes:

All else is dross as a wise man once said. :thumbsup:

This is NOT OK !!!!

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Thank you Good Twin. I've been here a year and you encouraged me quite a bit in the beginning and I'm starting to find my voice AND my wings!

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Patti, your words did move me to :bigcry: a little. Your eloquent description of your ESMB evolution closely matches mine, though I doubt I could write it so well.

Thankyou for writing that.

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Wow. Patti.

All I can say right now is that I miss you and I love you. :bigcry:

Good twin

Why "self banned"?
What happened?

I just needed some down time. I realized that I would never be able to get my new desk set up and my junk drawers cleaned out if I was posting on ESMB all the time.

I'm still banned. I just cheat. I'm hard to control anymore.