Message to Scientology and its Supporters



March 21, 2010

Hello leaders and supporters of scientology. As you already know, we are Anonymous. You may also know that we are not the petty group of dummies and hackers that you once thought. What we are is a force. We are a wind sweeping across this beautiful earth.

Your recent efforts to stay our cause have failed. The removal of our declaration has but only strengthened our cause and reaffirmed our beliefs. It was like catching a cold. The virus tried with all of its might to knock us down but soon we overcame its brutality, and became stronger.

We have become stronger. We have overcome you. The scales of war have always been on our side. We have always known who will win this fight. You see there is much information on The Church, and little to none on us. You have attempted to spy on us, unbeknownst that you have in fact been spied on and infiltrated many times by Anonymous and it's allies.

Our libraries of information are vast and ever supported by countless copies to replace fallen articles. For every one that fall, ten more will take its place. This was a part of our declaration, you should have known this.

In today's age, information reaches every corner of the earth within minutes. Our war is no exception. For every ignorant move, for every poorly constructed strategy, one side will lose support and the other will gain. We have gained much support throughout this campaign. One major support is from the media.

To the media you call us Cyber Terrorists, but the media insists on calling us Cyber Activists. If you were to make a judgment on who's side the media has chosen, who would you pick?

We will never stop. We will never fail. We are anonymous. We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.
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True,Anonymous has been like a sweeping wind across this beautiful earth, but I think the "church" sees them more as a 200 mph, category 5 hurricane!

Keep up the good work Anons!!!:thumbsup: