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Michigan AG Complaints about Narconon Freedom Center & Per Wickstrom's facilities


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Records Request Fulfilled: Michigan Attorney General releases complaints
Written by Kelly on May 22, 2014

In the fall of 2013, Narconon Reviews submitted a FOIA request to the Michigan Attorney General’s office for any complaints filed against Best Drug Rehab, A Forever Recovery, Narconon Freedom Center and Tranquility Detox.

Unfortunately, fulfilling the request was going to be expensive. After some initial correspondence with the Michigan AG’s FOIA Department, and settling on a two-year time frame for the records to cover, the bill for the retrieval, review, examination, redaction, photocopying and shipment of the records came to $696.43. The cost was a tad prohibitive for a few volunteers with no outside funding.

Fortunately, a very generous donor, who wants to remain anonymous, emerged to pay for the records. As a result, 33 formal complaints with the Michigan Attorney General are now available on Narconon Reviews that were previously unavailable on the Internet.

Narconon watchers will recognize...

More at: http://narcononreviews.net/narconon/foia-request-michigan-attorney-general-releases-complaints/

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Wow, what a huge load of documents and data. So many people complaining, I hope some action is actually underway to shut these places down. The heartbreak and distress that vulnerable people and their families go through is just vile!


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This is such an incredible about of information and effort that went into getting them! Thank you to Ann and Kelly at Narconon Reviews and the generosity of the special anonymous donor for making this happen. Kelly Irwin wrote an excellent article with massive links, all worth reading! :thumbsup:


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Just wanted to let everyone know that the Narconon Reviews link and an excerpt were cross-posted to the WWP thread Narconon "intel dump", evidence gathering list.


The WWP thread Narconon "intel dump", evidence gathering list may have information of interest to people here and at Narconon Reviews.
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