Might DM commit suicide in lieu of going to prison?


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That's some great thread necro, Idle Morgue. Ah well... allow me to compound it?

I don't think it's the law that David Miscavige should most worry about... but Hubbardites. As time passes, more and more people see that Scientology has failed. It's in a downward spiral and nothing that David Miscavige has done in the last couple of decades has even slowed the fall of Scientology. In fact, worse than that, he's done everything he can to conceal the true state of Scientology, as the group has continued to shrink.

A lot of the remaining Scientology victims are desperate, and more than a few of them are quite disturbed. What does a person do when they believes that "clearing the planet" was the most important task of their lifetime, when they finally see that COB has failed at that job, and has been lying to the Hubbardite community?

It only takes one Rex Fowler type. Or one sleep-deprived, desperate person who has been denied access to his family for too long; one person who got slapped once too often.

The Sea Org aren't a proper military and they don't really know how to bodyguard their principal. Scientology facilities' security is designed to keep Angry Gay Pope off the flowerbed; not to stop or even detect murder as an 'inside job'.

If I were David Miscavige I wouldn't be worried about all the people who have blown... I'd be worried about one person who really ought to have blown, and hasn't. Somebody with a grievance. Maybe personal, or maybe they've seen too much of LRH's work slipping forever into oblivion. They might even manage to make it look like one of those classic 'Scientology Suicides' that don't get investigated properly.

David Miscavige might believe that he can escape to a country with no extradition if it all goes bad... but he can't. Not unless he wants to live in hiding from the 20,000 or so Scientologists that would be very interested to know where their leader (and all the money) have disappeared to... and once his location is known, the Rex Fowler Option becomes a very real threat all over again.

I can't imagine that David Miscavige sleeps very well, nowadays.