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Dispatch from Berlin “Ideal” Org

April 5, 2013 By Mike Rinder Leave a Comment


Chris, Berlin Special Correspondent just chimed in with two VERY relevant and important comments concerning the state of the Berlin “Ideal Org” and how Gold goes about shooting videos based on his personal experience in Berlin.

The information seemed too important not to be made more broadly know with its own Posting.

Thanks Chris — we look forward to more excellent, factual information from you.

Mike Rinder

Berlin Ideal Org

I´ve been a staff in Berlin at the time of the opening of the “Ideal” (idealized) Org in 2007 and left the Church last year, in the meantime SP-declared.

The numbers of Joburg Org for me seem rather “good” numbers compared to what I know from Berlin:

Staff there was and is having less staff pay compared to Joburg. In 2007 it was about 20 € / week (~25 $). Summer 2012 there was no Staff pay at all for quite some months, sometimes you got your 1 or 2 €.

From 2008 – 2012 the average GI / week was about 3.500 € (~4.000 $).

For a long time there was an out-PR-sign at the elevator: “This elevator is only for the use of PCs and students” to remind also new staff that the electricity was far too expensive to also allow staff to use the elevator (6-level-building plus basement).

There were times when the phones were shut off, because of unpaid bills…

Some Staff were fare dodging to go to the allhands-book-stand, since no money. Some were stealing food from the canteen, so that HCO even had to install cameras. When even this didn´t work out, they had to install vending machines, in order to prevent further stealing.

Same as in Joburg green wogs were hired and not being told about the low wages – which put the recruits into personal danger sits.

The uniform problem – the same also here. You had to dry clean it – which was not done anymore because of the high costs. The uniforms of many staff members look terribly worn-out.

From 8 posted HGC auditors in 2007 there is one still left. Some of them blew straight, when they “got” it, some were needed in the Academy. Now the HGC is manned by one auditor, the Snr. C/S auditing and the Tech Sec auditing – in case one of the few left publics finds his way there.

Numbers of Staff are more or less the same like Joburg.

I cannot give too many details about Malmö (Sweden), but according to reports of people who had been on staff there, it doesn´t really differ.

Gold “Expansion Videos”:

Regarding this article I just can add that it hasn´t been different over here in Europe.

In Berlin, soon after the opening of the “Ideal” (idealized) Org in 2007 Gold came over to take pictures of the Dianetics book sellers.

We had to go to the famous “Brandenburger Tor” in order to have a Berlin typical scenery. Since IN FACT we had only about 3 people you could have called FSMs or public booksellers, once in a while – all staff that was dispensable for some hours were ordered to go there to “fill” the picture. In order to not make it too obvious that those on the picture were not active public – like announced – we had to wear private/casual clothes or got a red Dianetics jacket over our Staff uniform. Additionally every tourist that was standing around watching the filming, was invited to join the filmed “Dianetics book sellers team”, too. So we made a group of about 40 people.

This was the last time I´ve ever been happy about seeing expansion videos.

Later, when I met Staff of the Gold film team somewhere I asked them why they never shot “live” pictures, “real” photos. I always got a non-answer and was being told that there were “confidential” hatting materials from Ron, which would answer all my questions, which they couldn’t show me. – Hidden data line.

I even wrote an RTC report about this a few years ago, mentioning that those actions were in fact pure lies – giving the idea that there was a big team, when there was in fact no public book sellers team at all. Of course I never got a reply on this.


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I just had to laugh at the tourists being asked to join the Dianetics book sellers team.

It brought to mind an skit which tour companies in Berlin could offer as part of their Berlin tour.

Tour schedule includes :

2 PM ....Tearing down the "Wall of Fire Cult"

, in front of an official cult headquarters, all tourists will be asked to disembark and will be permitted to hand out reading lists and sell books such as, 'Messiah or Madman', 'A Piece of Blue Sky', 'Inside Scientology', 'Beyond Belief....', 'Going Clear...' 'My Billion year contract', 'Blown for Good', Scientology, Abuse at the Top', 'The Complex', 'The Mind Benders', 'Bare Faced Messiah' , 'The Scandal of Scientology', 'The Church of Fear' and the yet to be published 'Fraud: Scientology the cult of Mental enslavement '. NOTE: those not wanting to participate can tour the IDLE MORGUE and hunt for XENU.
P.S. Tiny Tyrants found may be dangerous to your health and are not covered by insurance.


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More reason to dance in the streets . . .


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Shane Weightman says: April 5, 2013 at 11:25 pm

When i was on staff i was the Div 6 supervisor at London not-so-Ideal Org and whenever Gold would come to film my course room, i would always have a hard time filling it up. We would ALWAYS run out into the street and scream “who wants to be in a movie??” or grab staff members and get them out of their uniforms and into regular clothes so they looked like public. Usually Gold would position their cameras so they filmed only half the course room. Then the next shot would be the other half with the same people but facing different ways and different clothes in order to make it look packed!

I always felt wrong seeing this but knew i would get into trouble for saying this. It would be an “enemy-line” or whatever its called. I was then sent to Flag for Class 6 Snr C/S training and saw on an event those exact shots from my course room. Miscavidge would be saying how our stats would have tripled. (yeah…going from 1 to 3) lol! And how great we are and how well we are doing. He would also be saying how we are blowing up and filling our ideal org like crazy.

My pay 90% of my three years on staff varied between £0-10. We would occasionally (once in a blue moon) get 50k from someone and our pay would bump up to £100 for one week if we were lucky…

I’ve experienced all of the above first hand! Ive tried explaining this to my parents and they wont see it. I haven’t spoken with my parents for a while now and don’t know if i ever will again. My son wont ever know them at this rate and it makes me sad to think that this is happening all over the world. Today is my mum’s birthday and i couldn’t stop thinking about how stupid it all is.

People in the Church of Scientology are all soooo scared that they don’t see the truth. I used to see it but couldn’t convince myself it was wrong. I wonder if people in the church all see that and they are all scared to admit it to themselves.

This is a long comment but had to share my thoughts when i read this about the Berlin Ideal Org. London was the same when i was last there a few years ago.