Mike: New Churches of Scientology — Where Are They?


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New Churches of Scientology — Where Are They?

New Churches of Scientology — Where Are They?

The Big Lie

March 26, 2013 By Mike Rinder 14 Comments

David Miscavige repeats it over and over at events and in Corporate Scientology publications

“We are expanding like never before – we have opened X new churches in the last X alone.”

Here is a representative sample from the Tampa Bay Times – just one of the MANY letters over recent years that have been sent to the media. Apparently the Scientology spokespeople flunk their TR’s and have no concept how to handle any origination except to pretend it didn’t happen and talk about what they want to say – of course, that’s “Reporter TR’s”…).

This is just a small part of the letter which talks over and over about the growth proven by “new churches” in response to questions about The Hole, the culture of violence, the FBI investigation and David Miscavige’s beatings (everything is dismissed with the normal “it’s just lies from a small cadre of bitter defrocked apostates”).

For the complete letter, see here Letter from Church of Scientology to Tampa Bay Times

In the face of the Church’s continued and unprecedented growth….

Surely the Times — which claims a great interest in Scientology — is aware of the tremendous growth the Church continues to experience today. The month of June alone has seen the following Scientology Churches open their doors:

• The Church of Scientology Orange County, in Santa Ana, California on June 2, 2012.

• The rededication of the Church of Scientology Stevens Creek, in San Jose, California on June 9, 2012.

• The Church of Scientology Denver, Colorado on June 16, 2012.

• The Church of Scientology Phoenix, Arizona opening just yesterday on June 23, 2012.

A significant factor in the Church’s expansion has been the establishment of new Churches, known as Ideal Organizations.

The Truth

Typically, it is difficult to ever clearly prove the lies of David Miscavige and his spokespuppets.

But there has been a recent change in the information on Scientology.Org – the official church website. Jeff Hawkins and I had both noted in the past that the way the church website was set up there was no easy or accurate way of finding all Scientology Organizations. These days they claim 11,000 around the world, a figure closer to the total membership than the number of organizations. Of course the number is probably decreasing as the church continues to disassociate itself from any of the “groups” it so grandly takes credit for the moment they get themselves into any trouble). But for this posting, I will stick to ORGS.

Nowadays, you can find on the church website a listing of orgs and missions for each geographical region (though Australia and Russia are included under Asia?). But it is now possible to count the number of orgs in every country around the world.

Oh, how inconvenient is this for David Miscavige and his sockpuppets. Especially when he announced with great fanfare the “encyclopedia of Scientology” What Is Scientology? In 1993.

After years of “astonishing and unprecedented, straight up and vertical international expansion”, “more in the last year than in the 50 years previously”, “5 times more than has ever been experienced in history” blah blah blah de blah de blah…

Ladies and gentlemen it gives me great pleasure to announce to you tonight, that while we only counted 136 orgs planetwide in 1993, today, 20 YEARS LATER, WE HAVE THREE MORE ORGS. That’s right, we now stand at a GRAND TOTAL OF 139 ORGS PLANETWIDE!!!!! THREE CHEERS FOR DAVID MISCAVIGE!!!

The Ideal Org Scam Rolls On

The way to keep a big lie going is never to acknowledge that it may not be true. Just plow on, ignoring all facts, all doubts and all evidence to the contrary.

An utter failure in expanding Scientology (other than its real estate portfolio) by anyone’s estimation, Miscavige charges onward and upward! The same Scientology site that lists the total number of orgs also claims (they are bit out of date, but oversights like this can be forgiven when you are wrestling with growing pains brought about by opening an org every 7 years) that:

The listing below includes new properties in planning or construction stage projected to open in 2012-2013.

UNITED STATES: Albuquerque, Battle Creek, Boston, Chicago, Columbus, Detroit, Harlem, Kansas City, New Haven, Philadelphia, Portland, San Diego, San Fernando Valley, St. Louis

CANADA: Toronto, Montréal

EUROPE: Copenhagen, Budapest, Basel

LATIN AMERICA: Bogota, Las Lomas, Caracas

AFRICA: Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth, Bulawayo, Harare

AUSTRALIA/NEW ZEALAND/ASIA: Sydney, Auckland, Kaohsiung

UK: Birmingham, Manchester, Plymouth, Sunderland.

Perhaps this posting will tip them off that they didn’t make a single one of these “new” orgs in 2012…

But for any sharp eyed observer, they will note that there is a NEW ORG on the horizon. Kaohsuing in Taiwan. The IAS bought this building a 8 years ago and it has been just sitting and rotting — see my earlier post here David Miscavige’s Idle Fraud – Taiwan.

Starting into the third decade since the listing in “What Is Scientology?” looks to be a monumental year with new org number 4 bringing the average time to add a new org closer to 6 years than 7 in one fell swoop. Now THAT is straight up and vertical!!!

If you live near one of these “new orgs” perhaps you could swing by and shoot in some latest pix. After all we want comply with “Command Intention” and not ignore the massive growth proven by the Ideal Org Strategy!
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Mike Rinder


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I wonder if someone has any of the "Auditor" magazines/newspaper broadsheets from the 80's. I recall that there were about 165 organizations listed, and I think they were all Orgs, but possibly that 165 included missions. The orgs were all supposed to go Saint Hill size before OT IX and X would be released. I would like a cross check on those numbers. Anyone?? If I remember correctly, a Saint Hill size org would have approx 200 staff. I wonder how many orgs now have that many staff.


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I love this comment:

Bonnie says:

As a 40 year veteran of Scientology, I absolutely feel that Scientology saved my sanity. ...... doing ..... my OT levels made me a saner person.

Wow ! Cool ! Unfortunately there is no explanation how someone can become a "saner person" by believing in space opera and body thetans.

Just wondering in what (s)he believed before that.


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Mike: The Missions of Scientology — Where Are They?

As always, consider going to Mike's blog for the discussion thread there.

The Missions of Scientology — Where Are They?

March 27, 2013 By Mike Rinder 23 Comments


Another Scientology Mission Closed….

Again, it is unfortunate for David Miscavige and the Church of Scientology that they now have a listing of all Missions on their website.

The 1993 edition of “What Is Scientology?” gives a perfect 20 year comparison of the period that Miscavige routinely calls our “greatest expansion in history”. And that comparison is not pretty — and certainly doesnt fall into the category of “greatest periods of expansion.”

What do Ideal Orgs Have To Do With It?

As you may be aware, David Miscavige himself announced that every “Ideal Org” would be the central point for expansion in its zone – putting missions and groups in its field, and as they expanded they would create a huge new field and the original Ideal Org would become an AO and each of the Missions would become orgs and that the groups would become missions. There was a CGI graphic of this scheme that was shown at many events when he was originally trying to sell the public on this idea and convince them this was not just a scheme to make money, but truly a plan to Clear the Planet (just like the Super Power Building). Miscavige himself spent many many hours rejecting and having the video redone to his exact specifications.
Part of the plan is that every Org is supposed to have 20 flourishing and prospering missions around it that are a direct result of the Org’s Div 6 reaching out and creating new Missions and working to expand the ones they already have. It is the entire theory of Miscavige’s Ideal Org “strategy” though not much is said about it these days.

There will be more to come analyzing the state of the Ideal Orgs in detail, this post addresses the state of the Scientology Mission Network in broad terms and the success of some of these “Ideal Orgs” in “building their field” and opening or running Missions around them as feeders onto the Bridge.

It’s not a pretty picture.

The Facts as Presented by the Church of Scientology

First, the raw figures.

In 1993 there were a total of 236 Missions internationally.

, the total is 325.

This is a 37% increase over 20 years – less than 2% a year. Hardly spectacular, and certainly not going to “Clear The Planet.” But it IS better than the increase in number of orgs…

BUT – and this is a big but given the “strategy” mentioned above.

The increase is composed of 44 new Missions in Russia, 22 in Ukraine, 17 in Hungary, 16 in other Eastern Bloc countries and 17 in Taiwan. Between them that is 116. Meaning a net loss of 27 missions in other countries around the world.

There are two orgs in Russia, one is “ideal” and the other is not so they are on the Miscavige quota (though it must be said that the VAST majority of these missions were opened in the 90′s — NOT in the last decade — the years of greatest expansion according to Miscavige (the last 5 years) have seen virtually no growth in missions in Russia.

There is an org in Hungary – Budapest — though NOT an Ideal Org…. (hmmm, guess you don’t HAVE to be an ideal org…)

There is NO ORG in Ukraine or any other Eastern bloc country or Taiwan.

But in this time of massive international expansion the listing also shows there is no longer ANY SCIENTOLOGY MISSION (and no orgs of course) in the following countries that DID have Missions in 1993 – Ethiopia, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, Zaire, Malaysia, Cuba and Honduras.

Now, let’s analyze the first Ideal Orgs as they have had the longest to achieve the desired objective of 20 missions in their zone:

Buffalo – Today it counts Albany, Middletown and Rochester. An increase of 1 (Middletown) since 1993.

Tampa – Belleaire, Clearwater, Ocala (really Orlando Org is closest but give them the benefit of the doubt as all of these are actually missions owned and operated by Flag public). Increase of 2 since 1993.

San Francisco – There are 6 class V orgs in Northern California and who knows who claims which missions. There are 22 missions in the region today. There were 14 in 1993. An increase of ONE mission per org in 20 years.

Madrid – 2 in 1993, 5 today. 3 is the BIGGEST expansion around any of the original “Ideal Orgs”

Joburg – 4 in 1993, 4 today. No increase.

New York – 3 in 1993, 1 today. No comment.

I would hazard a guess that many of those Missions in Russia and Ukraine are VERY difficult to find, if they even exist today.

Do Everything Possible to Avoid Closing a Mission

I received word recently that the Beverly Hills Mission (once one of the most financially successful Missions in the SMI Network) had “combined” with the Sherman Oaks mission in order to survive. SMI insisted that they keep AN auditing room in Beverly Hills, so there would be “no mission closure”! So in those more remote areas, you can imagine what qualifies as a mission so SMI doesn’t have to report another “closure.”

It’s really embarrassing when it happens in Los Angeles or Tampa, like the Mission of Old Tampa Bay that “sprang up” and disappeared again or the much publicized “celebrity mission” of Santa Monica pictured above – or this one in Redlands which was covered in an earlier post here.

No Evidence of Expansion

Of course, Orgs and Missions are the best indicator of “expansion.” In spite of the Shermanspeak and endless hype, there just is NO evidence of the monumental expansion — or any expansion at all! Even according to the church’s OWN website…

And I haven’t even touched on where are the 11,ooo Scientology Orgs, Missions and related groups as so far we have only accounted for 150 orgs and 325 missions. Wonder where the other 10,525+ are?

We will examine the REAL state of one of these orgs, straight from the horses’ mouth…. What is happening INSIDE one of the original “Ideal Orgs” today. It is a heartbreaking story that is difficult to read, but lays bare the lies. Maybe Miscavige should visit an ACTUAL org every now and then instead of just showing up for Grand Opening hype fests….

More and more people are sending information to me about their stories and the current scene in their area, copies of emails and promotional pieces. It is greatly appreciated. I am working to put it together into cohesive posts. Keep the information flowing.

Mike Rinder