Mike on Narconon bankruptcy to avoid repayments ("The Ideal Org Trickle Down")


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Mike on Narconon bankruptcy to avoid repayments ("The Ideal Org Trickle Down")


The Ideal Org Trickle Down

Today in Radical Corporate Scientology, the modus operandi is “do what I do, not what I say (or what LRH says)”. “Command Intention” trumps everything — policy, tech, common sense and common decency.

Which is why fundraising has become the primary activity in the Scientology world. Ideal Orgs. Super Power Building. IAS. Library Campaign. Planetary Dissemination. Psychbusting. The list goes on, in the face of specific and repeated policy forbidding it.

As a result, now you see prominent “OT Committee” members following the “Ideal Org” pattern to raise funds for their local “community group.” Not real surprise, after all, the “OT Ambassadors” are Miscavige’s “boots on the ground” in his war on bank accounts. So, he sends them off to get money for “Ideal Orgs” with the threat that he will only release OT IX and X when there is a new multi-million dollar palace for all orgs on earth. And as every stone in sight has been sucked dry seeking even a single drop of blood, the techniques have become increasingly bizarre in inverse proportion to their desperation. You can find the bizarre dress up games and exploits of the Ideal Org fundraisers all over the internet.

But here apparently, the irony of this effort is entirely lost on OT Ambassador Kim Payne.

Lacking the wherewithal for their project, they are charging people to be informed how to “remedy any scarcity” and “handle financial problems.”

It makes one wonder if the secret of the seminar is to “hold seminars and charge others for you to tell them to hold seminars and get others to pay you….” sort of a “seminar Ponzi scheme”? Really, who would want to attend a seminar about remedying any scarcity of funds conducted by people promoting their scarcity of funds?

This pitch is reminiscent of the classic from the IAS — also said with a straight face: ”become a patron and your financial problems will be solved because I know someone that became a patron and their income 3Xed.”

Here is the frightfully unironic email:

From: Kim Payne

Sent: March 20, 2013 2:05 PM


Subject: Prosperity & Havingness A Seminar with Drew Johnston – Hosted
by Pat Clouden

Prosperity & Havingness – A Seminar with Drew Johnston – Hosted by Pat

Sunday, March 24, 2013

10:00agfm to 2:00pm
at the new Community Learning Center

Lunch will be served

Here’s What You’ll Get

Find out the remedy for any scarcity

Learn how to expand your havingness

Get effective data on how to handle financial problems

Determine your security in the future

Find out the purpose and use of Financial Planning

Help Us Complete the New Building

Your $50 donation for this event goes directly to the renovations!

We are on the brink of completing the new Community Learning Center
and thus ushering in a new, bright and brilliant era in education for
Pinellas County. Through the implementation of the most effective learning technology on the planet, more children than ever will be
helped to maximize the astounding potential that each one has.

It’s only a $50 donation for lunch and the seminar!

Call or Email

To register by phone or email, contact Kathy Wach at the following:




The New Community Learning Center Building
1411 N. Fort Harrison
Clearwater, Florida

I do not know what the “Community Learning Center” is, but it sounds alarmingly like it might be a “replacement” for the Life Force Arts and Technology Applied Scholastics school that was the subject of a series of articles in the Tampa Bay Times and eventually closed down after ripping off hundreds of thousands and producing terrible results. It was a mile or so away from this new Learning Center.

Perhaps the strategy here is to do as Narconon London has done.

Narconon London filed bankruptcy in part to avoid having to return illegally obtained Advanced Payments for undelivered services (a percentage of which was sent to NN Int, ABLE Int and ultimately the church). They now claim that “Narconon International has limited any liability for Narconon London” — and they are forming a “new corporation” without the “debts and obligations” of the old one. In other words, we are not delivering what we promised, we are just folding our tent and hiding behind legal tricks to avoid our responsibilities.

While the church routinely takes credit for its massive “anti-drug and drug rehabilitation programs” and that there are “millions of students being helped by Mr. Hubbard’s technology of study” — I can almost quote you what Miscavige says at virtually EVERY event and what you see throughout the official church website. But as soon as anything goes wrong in any of these entities, the church suddenly has NOTHING to do with them and absolutely no responsibility or liability. But this too is a pattern of the RCS and of Miscavige personally: take credit for anything good and distance yourself, ignore and/or blame others for anything bad.

This is “living in the bubble” where everything you say is right, no matter what facts or evidence contradicts it. That sort of arrogance never survives for long. As those in the bubble grow more distant from reality, so too their survival potential.


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Mike praises Ortega, Childs, Tobin, Sweeney, Reitman, Wright & Seymour

Mike praises Ortega, Childs, Tobin, Sweeney, Reitman, Wright & Seymour

I think the following is worthy of note.

Luis Agostini says:

March 22, 2013 at 10:08 pm

I am admiring the respect you have for Tony and the validation you give him, which, in my eyes, means you have risen well above the COS’s easily acquired heavy ridges and are able to see the positives in those who even disagree with the viewpoints you would like others to have and seek the disappearance of the philosophy you love.

That is quite a greatness feat!


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    Mike Rinder says:

    March 22, 2013 at 10:38 pm

    Thank you Luis.

  • I respect Tony enormously. He is a courageous man who cannot be intimidated. And he has a great deal of compassion for those who have been abused.

    While many in the media have been cowed by the church through legal threats and intimidation tactics, nothing has ever scared him. And believe me, there is a lot he has never even reported on that has been done to him, his family and colleagues. I put him in the category of Joe Childs and Tom Tobin, John Sweeney, Janet Reitman, Larry Wright and Bryan Seymour. But unlike everyone else on the list, he has no organization supporting him, he stands alone. And even when he was at the Village Voice, this is not the BBC or Australian national TV or the Tampa Bay Times nor even the New Yorker or Rolling Stone.



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The New Community Learning Center in Clearwater

More info from Mike on The New Community Learning Center referred to in the OP.


Mike Rinder says:

March 22, 2013 at 11:40 pm

A local OT has just sent me information about this learning center. In the interests of making all relevant information known, I include it below:

I just read your post on the Community Learning Center. Thought I’d share with you what I know. It is actually one of the better groups in the community that keeps exchange in.

They tutor disadvantaged kids. It is run by Holly Haggerty. It is currently run out of a little home that they’ve been in for well over 10 years. It is located at 1611 N. Ft. Harrison Ave in Clearwater.

The county government gives them some money for tutoring disadvantaged kids in the schools each year. There is an actual exchange that occurs. They get x amount of dollars for every hour of tutoring and each kid can have so much tutoring. I know someone that helped out tutoring and it is quite legit. All they do is teach phonics to kids. Teach them how to read and do math. They apply study tech but there are no Church or LRH courses delivered to the students. It has helped a lot of children. They grant the kids lots of beingness and give them lots of love and help.

The problem with this new building is that several years ago the Captain of Flag made Pat Clouden and some other OTs (about 6 of them all together) in the Community (Brian Andrus, Jim Mathers) to co-sign for a bank loan to buy this old restaurant. It needed tons of repairs. It was going to be the “Ideal” blah…blah for Clearwater.

Holly Haggerty has been doing just fine with her little tutoring group in the little house she currently operates in but now they have this albatross of a building that needs a $100,000 or more of work. They’ve had fund raisers and never raised enough to get it done. These OT’s who were made to co-sign for the loan guarantee the mortgage payment each month. Holly doesn’t have the money but they were wanting her to pay a few years back. It is a sad story for Holly, her band of tutors (they make $10 to $15 an hour for tutoring) and the kids.

So, there is another moral to this story. It isn’t just the “Ideal Org” fundraising that is trickling down. It is the insane action of crippling an org with a huge, expensive building as a “solution” to getting them to expand. It achieves the opposite every time.


Troublesome Internet Fringe Dweller

Heh! Rinder's piece above appears like a carefully disguised Scientology success story about L Ron Hubbard tech helping disadvantaged children. Not buying it.

Idle Morgue

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Mike on Narconon bankruptcy to avoid repayments ("The Ideal Org Trickle Down")


It is the typical "bait and switch" and this is the common thread that runs throughout Scientology.

I mean really - how many seminars do you have to go to - to obtain the ee pee from scientology seminars:

I got hoodwinked again - I had all of this stuff in my 10,000 books and lectures at home - but instead of reading that - I will pay $50 to come to a seminar held by people that make commissions off of getting more money out of me - to tell me that I must give all of my money in order to save the planet.

Seminar = fundraising for Idle Morgue
Seminar= fundraising for renovations for Idle Morgue
Event= fundrasing for IAS
Event=propaganda fed to me to make me feel better about the above ^

Here is a remedy for havingness: Get out of Scientology and stay far, far away - you will soon discover that you can have - you can have a family, friends, money, home, car, real food, 8 hrs of sleep each night, freedom to look, think, speak for your self and observe what you see, think and feel!

Here is a remedy for scarcity - Get out of Scientology - and you will find that money will no longer be scarce in your universe!

Here is the "bright think rundown" - The PC is brought to a computer and asked to LOOK - he does - he realizes Scientology is an evil cult destroying lives - he leaves. He has now obtained the ability to think brightly!


Angelic Poster
What is this ridiculous obsession with MORE REAL ESTATE that Scientology and Scientologists have?

Then they collectively seem unable to ever fix up and finish the joints.

It really is a very consistent and very noticeable disorder they suffer from.


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Mike on Narconon bankruptcy to avoid repayments ("The Ideal Org Trickle Down")


Heh - the "church of scientology" has their members declare bankruptcy as part of the solution to planetary clearing :whistling: why not the "church"? Makes perfect sense and I would not expect anything less than a criminal solution to their criminal games!

After they file bankruptcy and are "protected" by the law and their "religion" - they will move into phase II - running and hiding! They will do what El con hubbard did - run and hide and tell members that they are off on a "secret mission" but shall return to direct the next order...meanwhile members - remember: " YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE - you are wearing the boots in the sky and COB has left it in your hands now" - so keep the cult alive until he returns.

Meanwhile - David Miscavige and Laurisse will jet off to an island far away and start their "retirement program"...:biggrin: never to return again.