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This is an old article from 2013 that I read for the first time today. And cried. It is so typical of the heartache caused by disconnection.
He was only informed his mother had passed away by a brave soul who wrote and told him.


In fact, because of this, when I was first approached by Joe Childs and Tom Tobin for their Truth Rundown series, I informed them I was unwilling to be on the record because I was afraid of the consequences it would have on my mother.

Apparently, me then telling Monique Yingling and Tommy Davis I was not interested in their effort to buy me off in exchange for being allowed to communicate to my family caused the inevitable. My mother was given Sophie’s choice. She could either stay in communication with my brother and family in Melbourne, Australia where she had lived all her life, or she could be abandoned by them and choose to remain in communication with me in the United States. Some choice. She was no longer able to even fly to the US and I was in no position to support her having just come out of the Sea Org.