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A funny article about the current surveillance of David Miscavige's father Ron.

So, naturally, when Ron Miscavige went to visit some old friends in Portland, Dave just couldn’t resist. I guess he was especially worried as there are a few ex-base staff there including one of his former RTC Executives Shelly Britt, ex-Marketing Executive Jeff Hawkins and the former Chief of Security Gold Jackson Morehead.

Ron and his wife were staying with Shelly and here is how she reported it:


At that point I got my fiance, Randy, who went out and snuck up behind him. He told the guy that David Miscavige could go fuck himself. That got his attention. Any normal person would be like “wtf are you talking about?” But not this guy — he knew damn well “wtf”. He pulled out his camera to take a picture of Randy, but forgot to remove lens cap. He had surveillance equipment on the front seat next to him. He got out of his car so we could get a full frontal. Randy told him he was going to contact the police and the dude made a hurried departure.

It’s the same guy that was following us Saturday, just a different vehicle.


Rabble Rouser
Yup. The PI detail is frequently instructed to 'follow' in such a way as to be completely obvious they are following & once they are "discovered" their job is done so they can leave.

The CoS does play these stupid ( but very expensive ) games like that.