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Mike: It's an Ideal Ideal World... by Redefinition of Words

Mike: It's an Ideal Ideal World... by Redefinition of Words
It’s an Ideal Ideal World…

May 1, 2013 By Mike Rinder Leave a Comment

David Miscavige’s Propaganda by Redefinition of Words is trickling down to the few remaining field auditors (who apparently no longer audit but deliver “seminars” — auditing as a career in the RCS doesnt seem to work out, though today there are a lot of independent field auditors who are prospering…).

The objective now is an “Ideal Life.” Even in the same font as the “Ideal Org” promotion. Soon to come — “Ideal Children”, “Ideal Meals”, “Ideal Cats”…

This is the new Corporate Scientology “brand” — Apple has iPhone, iMac, iPod; Costco has “Kirkland;” Walmart has “Great Value” and Miscavige has “Ideal” as his “brand”. Everything except “Ideal Scene.”



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Re: Mike: Library Campaign Fraud

Maybe someone should tell Mike that there are a huge number of public libraries with online catalogues visible to anyone.

Here's a UK list: http://dspace.dial.pipex.com/town/square/ac940/weblibs.html

I've searched through many US library catalogs — they're only a quick Google search away.

You should post a comment on his blog - I'm sure he'd appreciate the tip.
That is now a done, with credit to ESMB:

CommunicatorIC says: May 1, 2013 at 6:07 pm

Correction. Tip from ESMB: There are a huge number of public libraries with online catalogues visible to anyone. Here is the UK list:

Hat Tip (HT) to ESMB: http://www.forum.exscn.net/showthre...ower-Miscavige&p=802602&viewfull=1#post802602
The correction was mine. My original comment on Mike's blog omitted the sentence, "Here is the UK list:" I made a second comment, quoted above, including same.


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half-way out, still a scilon

At least four posters on this board have named Paul Coco as someone who made their Scientology experience very unpleasant. One poster here recalls the awful and violent disconnection of which Paul was part of.

So he's out of the building but not out of the mindset. There is a thread on London Org where Paul is discussed and I hope that he can get the courage to apologise to people he hurt.


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Mike: Scientology Sockpuppet Speaks (Sort Of….)

Mike: Scientology Sockpuppet Speaks (Sort Of….)
Scientology Sockpuppet Speaks (Sort Of….)

May 4, 2013 By Mike Rinder 18 Comments

Corporate Scientology has mastered the art of speaking out of both side of its mouth and keeping a straight face at the same time.

See Tony Ortega’s article about the Laura DeCrescenzo case this morning. While pleading that the CHURCH is being “discriminated” against (they have also mastered the art of playing victims — everyone including the courts, psychiatrists, governments, SPs, media, the internet, drug companies, cyberterrorists, anyone who dies in their care and the martians are out to “get” them) and how turning over Laura’s pc folders will prejudice “other religions,” they don’t mention that they hang onto these folders so they can comb through them to use against “critics”, or that they have admitted that more than 200 people have had access to her pc folders (and that doesnt include those they have NOT admitted to, including the fact that sessions are video’d). Nor do they mention the simple fact that she isnt asking for someone else’s folders or “privileged” information. She is asking only for her own files — THEIR record of HER statements. The church is NOT protecting her from the disclosure of her confessionals to a hostile source, they are ONLY seeking to protect themselves by hiding their records of what she said because they will SUPPORT her claims. Such amazing hypocrisy under the guise of sanctimonious “religious beliefs.” The only religious belief at issue here is the belief that they must protect themselves from the outside world at all costs….

But then here comes another doozie. This time from nominal “spokesperson” Karin Pouw STILL responding to Larry Wright’s book. Karin has not actually SPOKEN in a few years now. She is simply the name affixed to victim letters sent out by the church to the media. She does not write the letters.

His/her/their latest contains much to laugh at, but one particular paragraph is especially noteworthy (you can find the complete text of the letter at the end of this post, so as not to be accused of “quoting out of context” — another of their favorite victim phrases, to be covered in an upcoming post…):
• Ms. Johnson seeks to perpetuate the myth that lawsuits “are Scientology’s principal weapons against its outside critics.” Yet she can cite no example more recent that 1971, and for good reason. In fact, the Church has not filed suit against a media organization in more than two decades. While we reserve the right to sue over defamation and the spreading of egregious falsehoods, the public record is clear: we go to great lengths to avoid litigation.

Wow, someone’s nose grew a few inches when they wrote this — Dave/Dan.

Of course, Ms. Johnson left herself open to the parsing of sentences and distinctions without substance that is the primary tool of Miscavige in “attacking the attacker.” Had she said “Threatened lawsuits are Scientology’s principal weapons…” Miscavige/Sherman/Pouw would have had nothing to protest. Any member of the media that has attempted to report on Scientology has been the subject of numerous letters from lawyers and threats of litigation — this is well documented with copies of the letters published or read out on air on numerous occasions. So, it IS true that the church does NOT sue the media these days. They cannot afford to as Miscavige is terrified of having to take the stand to testify.

But there is an even bigger lie in this little paragraph.

Somehow they managed to pick out that Ms. Johnson “can cite no example more recent that (sic)1971…”

Funny about that. The church sued Time Magazine and Reader’s Digest following the Time article in 1991 and of all people, David Miscavige knows this. He directed every aspect of that case. They also sued Richard Leiby and the Washington Post in 1995. But maybe it’s a typo, as she does go on to say that they haven’t sued the media in more than two decades. Yeah, probably a typo. But the church has ridden Wright into the ground about the typo in his book giving the wrong year for Tom Cruise’s wedding — as if it is absolute proof that everything about his book is flawed and inaccurate as “he can’t even get that simple date right….”

OK, it’s hard to type when you have socks on your hands….

But the HUGE lie that cannot be written off as a typo is that they are responding to the quoted statement from Larry Wright’s book that lawsuits are the principal weapon used against “outside critics.”

Apparently in the bubble in which Miscavige/Sherman/Pouw reside, the word “outside” excludes Debbie Cook. She was an “inside” critic? Because the church DID sue her and her husband in 2012. At the very time Larry Wright was writing his book. And she was certainly a critic…

The church always claims that any criticism of their abusive practices are “fabrications and lies.” They do it again here in another of the very stale “bitter defrocked apostates banding together to run a campaign to sell their self-published books” lines, ending with the brazen statement: “Yet they can’t find outside sources, police reports, public records, or any other objective, third-party means to verify their allegations.” I call bullshit on that too.

Again, how are they defining “outside sources?” There are a lot of “outside sources” who have verified the existence of the Hole, physical and mental abuse, beatings by Miscavige. They discount them all because they are former “inside” outside sources… Or they have written a “self-published” book… Or they “banded together”… Or something.

And there are certainly public records. They forget the Debbie Cook court case again? Or the Headley case (well, that doesnt count because they didnt prevail on the legal issues, but that didnt invalidate the sworn testimony, cited by the Appeals Court). Or the declarations filed in the Luis Garcia case two weeks ago, or the Garcia case itself? Plenty of public records…

Unfortunately, the FBI doesnt make their investigative files available, so they can pretend no reports exist there. But there are plenty of law enforcement and government agency reports available outside the US. And I have half a dozen police reports of harassment by PI’s in the US, as do Marty Rathbun and Karen DelaCarriere. But they don’t count either apparently. The sockpuppet is expert at one thing — asserting things as though “everyone knows” they are true when they are in fact bald-faced lies.

Seems to me Corporate Scientology simply accuses everyone else of doing what THEY do so facilely: Lying, while assuming the mantle of victims and oppression.

Here is the full letter:
To the Editors:

Diane Johnson’s sophomoric line claiming that you can spot a Scientologist by their “glazed look” tells you everything you need to know about her bias and prejudice toward the global religious movement and why she was the wrong person to objectively review Lawrence Wright’s book [“Scientology: The Story,”NYR, April 25]. This does a great disservice to readers of The New York Review of Books.

Among Ms. Johnson’s misstatements:

• Like Mr. Wright, Ms. Johnson regurgitates the false allegation that L. Ron Hubbard once said that “he’d like to start a religion because that’s where the money is.” This myth was exposed years ago via several court judgments in two countries that established that Mr. Hubbard never made such a statement.

• Ms. Johnson seeks to perpetuate the myth that lawsuits “are Scientology’s principal weapons against its outside critics.” Yet she can cite no example more recent that 1971, and for good reason. In fact, the Church has not filed suit against a media organization in more than two decades. While we reserve the right to sue over defamation and the spreading of egregious falsehoods, the public record is clear: we go to great lengths to avoid litigation.

• She extols Lawrence Wright’s fact checkers, but omits completely that the Church has documented dozens of factual inaccuracies and undermined the credibility of key sources for his book. These inaccuracies include everything from citing an interview with a source with whom Wright never corresponded or met to claiming that the Church owns banks and schools in Clearwater, Florida, which a simple check of public records shows is false. He even botched the year a prominent celebrity Scientologist was married even though the wedding was covered by scores of media worldwide. Add to that tales Mr. Wright printed from news clippings without mentioning they were later recanted, along with allegations he prints from court cases that conveniently neglect to mention they were tossed out as baseless during judicial proceedings. In one case, Wright attributes a bizarre, unsubstantiated tale about a phantom crime even though police and court records show no such crime ever took place. Mr. Wright’s source: a man who once publicly claimed that his daughter and father had committed suicide with the Reverend Jim Jones in 1978, but later admitted he made it all up.

• Her sweeping pronouncement that “Scientology is a moneymaking outfit” flies in the face of six decades of reasoned conclusions to the contrary reached by judges, government administrative bodies, and religious experts worldwide.

• Ms. Johnson refers to Lawrence Wright relying on the work of Dr. Robert J. Lifton to condemn Scientology. Something Ms. Johnson and Mr. Wright failed to note is that in 1987 Dr. Lifton himself sharply criticized any use of his theories of coercive persuasion when applied to participation in new religious movements.

• The review happily embraces a small collection of former Scientologists and self-promoters behind an orchestrated media campaign. In an attempt to sell self-published books, they invent new, increasingly bizarre tales while “corroborating” each other. Yet they can’t find outside sources, police reports, public records, or any other objective, third-party means to verify their allegations.

We believe your readers should be able to judge for themselves whether Mr. Wright did his homework, or whether he merely compiled a laundry list of exaggerated claims and allegations made to newspaper and TV reporters by disgruntled ex-members. Publishers in the United Kingdom and Canada chose not to publish the book, which we believe speaks to quality of the facts, allegations, and sources Mr. Wright used. And while we are aware libel laws are stricter in those countries, if a book and its sources tell the truth there should be no cause for concern by a publisher….

Karin Pouw
Public Affairs Director
Church of Scientology International
Los Angeles, California

Re: Mike: Donate to COS when you shop online. ("Clicking for Dollars — UK Leads the W

My understanding is that Scientology is not accepted as a charity organization in the UK, especially when any money goes to something that only benefits the members of their "church" and not the general public.

Yet they claim the money is going to charity.


Or am I missing something?

Idle Morgue

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Re: Mike Rinder's new blog: Something Can Be Done About It


Interesting, but not very satisfying. Gratuitous 1.1 commentary added in purple.

Something Can Be Done About It

Posted on March 20, 2013 by martyrathbun09 | Leave a comment

by Mike Rinder

For 4 years, Marty Rathbun’s Blog –
Moving On Up A Little Higher – has provided an invaluable service. It has been the best source of news on the current goings-on in the world of Scientology, exposed truths about what has happened in the past, provided a venue for those newly emerging from the bubble of the Church to announce themselves to the world, given insight into squirreling of the tech, offered helpful advice on sources of wisdom and became a place to find new friends or reconnect with old ones.
You [STRIKE]had[/STRIKE] lost me at "squirreling". The term squirreling implies that something works. We're still waiiiiiiiiting!


I have assisted Marty moderate his blog since the early days. We have agreed that while he continues Moving On Up A Little Higher I have started a new blog Something Can Be Done About It that will hopefully help fill the vacuum on the “daily news” about Scientology, slanted to the perspective of those who consider themselves Scientologists. And by that I mean nothing more than those who have found something workable in the subject and apply it to their lives.
Jesus, the definition of "Scientologist" has been re-defined! According to that a person who "listens" to you when you are talking is a Scientologist. LOL. It is not intended as a label, just an easily understandable shorthand for whom I consider the target audience for the blog. I would like it to be a place where those “sitting on the fence” or “under the radar” as well as those who want reassurance that progress is being made towards ending the abuses in the church can find information of value.


As has been the moderation policy on Moving On Up since its launch, a lot of leeway will be given to people who are sincerely expressing a view.
Ohhh! I see. But what happens if I sincerely express a view? Marty called me (and others on ESMB) a 1.1 hater ("SP") and then disconnected from ESMB. Is that the "lot of leeway" you are talking about? LOL.

But if it becomes clear their only intent is to stir up trouble and distract from the discussion, they will be told they can go somewhere else. Would it be clear someone's "intent" is to stir up trouble when they talk about the lies and crimes of L. Ron Hubbard? How do you know their "intent"? Knowingness? LOL. It’s simply a matter of deciding whether one person demanding their “right” to yell “Fire” in the theater trumps the right of everyone else who is there to watch the movie. Anyone who feels aggrieved is welcome to start their own blog. It costs nothing and WordPress makes it very easy to do.


If you have an article or information you think may be of interest, send to me at [email protected].

I look forward to hearing from you.
For some reason, I kind of have doubts and reservations about that. LOL.

I really miss you - Hoaxie! ^^^^ I love his posts!


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Mike: The Phoenix Org Is NOT Rising

Mike: The Phoenix Org Is NOT Rising
The Phoenix Org Is NOT Rising

May 6, 2013 By Mike Rinder 16 Comments

This is a report of a very recent visit to Scientology Phoenix Org by someone I knew in the CMO and SO. Frankly, he gives them a lot more benefit of the doubt than I may have, but still, if this is an Ideal Org and this is how David Miscavige plans to “clear the planet” the proverbial snowball in hell is great odds by comparison. Mike Rinder

Personally wanting to see what an ideal org looks like, I decided to visit Phoenix org. I haven’t been in an org since leaving the CMO and the SO in 1990, before the conception of the ideal org campaign. Back then, the push was St. Hill Size. Period. Having watched the evolution of defectors, along with the subsequent blogs and media coverage, I’ve been curious to see the expansion, or lack thereof, myself. Obviously, visiting one org may or may not be indicative of the whole, but, it is a start.

As for my visit to Phx org, let me start off by saying this: the ONLY thing I found to be close to ideal is the building itself. And, even there exists a departure from the ideal scene: HCO is in a different building from the rest of the org. Now, maybe that’s not a huge deal, but my thought on this is: if you’re going to spend a boatload of parishioner’s money on what should be ideal, shouldn’t you find a building that is truly ideal? It would be one thing if every other aspect of the building (location, visibility, etc) were ideal and that was the only departure, but that’s not the case.

First of all, if it wasn’t for my GPS, I would have had a difficult time locating the org. Even with my GPS, I passed the building, as when I was getting close I started looking for signage. I didn’t see any, passed the building and turned around, only to then see a small sandwich board type sign that welcomed everyone to come in for either a stress test or personality test. There is a Church of Scientology sign in front of the building, but it’s not visible unless you are looking directly at the building, which is difficult when you are driving, and it is small enough to be fairly easily missed. The sign would be sufficient, I suppose, if one were walking past the building. However, the building is in an extremely residential area with little to no foot traffic. To the best of my knowledge, the neighborhood is middle to upper middle class…the western most part of the Arcadia neighborhood, for anyone familiar with the Phoenix area. And, while the yards are beautiful, there is no bustling of activity around the org whatsoever.


I took a picture of the building from the parking lot with a similar perspective to the photo taken when the org was dedicated as an ideal org (which I pulled from the org’s website). The first thing I observed was a dearth of cars in the parking lot. My first thought was, well, it is Sunday morning, which, in my experience, is a typically slow time for all orgs. However, as will become apparent as you continue reading this, the vast majority of these cars very likely belonged to the staff.


I entered the reception area around 11:30 am and told the receptionist that I had been public in England and was in the process of moving to Tucson and that I understood Phoenix was my closest org and that I would like a tour. The receptionist told me that Sunday service was going on and that as soon as it was over, which would be within 10 minutes, someone would be able to give me a tour. I was then pointed towards the huge Div 6 new public area and was told I could wait there and look around.

The Div 6 area reminds me of a high tech modern museum with numerous high def TVs, each of which, I believe, will play intro movies for new public. It was very clean and well kept, although most of the overhead and display lights were off and the TVs were off…just as I noticed that, a staff member came into the space and started turning on the TVs and lights while complaining that someone else was supposed to have done that first thing in the morning and that he didn’t know why it hadn’t been done.

There were absolutely no public in the space, which added to the whole quiet museum vibe.

Tucked away into one of the corners of that space is the LRH office. Now, correct me if I’m wrong (remember, it’s been 23 years since I left the SO), but I believe LRH’s office is supposed to be more centrally/prominently located in the org. In any event, it was a nice office, clean, well furnished – just not a prominent focus point of the building.

I milled around for a few minutes until a staff member approached me (I will not give his/her name nor post, as I do not want any specific individual to be harassed or put through any kind of ethics handling when this write up gets viewed by Scientology management – but I will refer to the staff member, for the sake of simplicity, as a “he.”) and introduced himself. I again gave my shore story and he said he’d be very happy to give me a tour.

He was quick to point out that there had been a huge event the night before – he called it an alliance event. Now, having read about alliance events on this blog, I was familiar with the concept, but I played dumb. He was very proud that Phoenix org hosted the event (he said that Phx hosted because it is an ideal org and the largest of the three orgs), comprised of Phoenix, Las Vegas orgs and Albuquerque org. I asked what the purpose was and he said it was to raise money so that Albuquerque org could become an ideal org. He said they raised $275,000 at the event. I just acknowledged this, though I was and am very skeptical of this amount, given the small size of the Phx org – and, if it truly is the largest of the orgs in this alliance, what does that say about the size of Albuquerque and LV?

It appears that Class V orgs (I am assuming that’s what they are still called) now have uniforms (or, maybe it’s just ideal orgs?). Blue pants/skirts and white shirts for the ladies. Blue pants, white shirts and a tie for the men. Most of the women looked pretty disheveled. Not one of the men had buttoned their collar nor properly knotted and tightened their ties. Maybe the shirts aren’t the right size?

I asked and was told there are about 60 staff total. My guide told me that there are roughly 35 day staff and 25 foundation staff, which led me to believe that Phoenix org had been divided into two orgs, day and foundation. He was most proud of the fact that there was a full time nanny to care for the staffs’ kids and public kids.

When we walked past the two org boards (one for day and one for foundation), I did not see evidence of nearly that many staff. Now, to be fair, I didn’t spend a whole lot of time looking at the org boards and counting staff and it is certainly possible that they hadn’t printed and posted the dymo tapes for each staff member, but I only observed roughly 10 staff members at the org during my tour, which included every space with the exception of HCO.

The org furnishings remind me of Ikea. I’m not saying they are from Ikea, but they are Spartan modern. Regardless of taste for style (I personally don’t care for the Ikea look), the most noticeable aspect was that the furnishings look new and unused (the org was declared “ideal” in July 2012, so there’s been 9 months to use the furnishings) and almost as if they were just there for show – you know, how someone will put furniture in an empty house that is for sale to try to make it look lived in.

There were 3-4 public in the main Academy course room. I am not sure how many were Div 6 public and how many were Div 4 public, as I was told that the Div 6 supervisor is double hatted as the Purif I/C, so when there are people on the purif during Foundation, they are put in with the Div 4 public in the Academy. (Side note: If there were really 25 Fdn staff, wouldn’t those two delivery posts be single hatted?)

I was told there were two HGC sessions in progress, but I did not see anyone in the HGC at all – staff or public. The empty auditing rooms that I did see looked like they were never used. I believe there was someone on the purif, as there was a staff member in the purif area when we walked through, but they must have been in the sauna. I was also told there were 4 people enrolled in the intro Dianetics Seminar for the weekend. I did not see them.

Sunday Service was going on when I got there. We went through the chapel right after it ended….it appeared there were 4-5 public and as many staff attending the Sunday Service.

When we walked through a somewhat narrow hallway, there was an OIC board and I looked at some of the stats….it was hard to read them as the print outs looked like they were using an old ribbon printer that needed a new ribbon. The GI seems to be about $2-4000 per week and VSD about $4000 per week. FHS was zero. I could have memorized more stats, I suppose, but I was really taken aback by the fact that I could not find any separate stats for Day and Fdn, though there were separate org boards for Day and Fdn. I asked my guide if the stats were a combination of Day and Fdn and he admitted that to be the case, quickly telling me that they just don’t produce enough to separate the stats but they will be able to one day. (In the past few days, I had a conversation with a couple of former CLO WUS execs who told me that Phoenix was always just been a single, full-time org. As I’ve dug through my memory, I seem to recall that that’s the case. What doesn’t add up, however, is why there are two org boards…I don’t seem to recall any policies or advices that prescribe staffing a day and a fdn when the org is a single org. But, then again, maybe I have an MU. On the other hand, I do know for sure that combining a Day and Foundation org into one org is a Suppressive Act, as laid out by LRH. So, if the orgs were separated out at one time and now have been combined….well, you get the picture.)

I do know one thing for sure: when I was in the CMO in the 1980s, I had significant familiarity with WUS Class 5 orgs and their stats. Phoenix org was certainly no smaller then than it is now. And, in fact, I believe it was somewhat bigger – at least on the basis of GI and VSD. One thing is for sure: there’s been virtually NO expansion in Phoenix and, quite likely, a significant contraction. This is despite the fact that Phoenix’s population has grown by 50% since 1990.

I was introduced to a staff member who told me she’d been on staff for 2 ½ years and was very excited that she was going to get to start on the Bridge, as she was starting the purif next week. Wow. 2 ½ years on staff and not yet on the Bridge?

My guide was really excited about the new building and how it had contributed to their expansion. He said that before July 2012, they only had 14 staff and were in an office building in the downtown area of Phoenix. He told me about the history of their interest in the building over the years and how their dream of being able to be in this building became a reality during the recent real estate bubble crash. There was a lot of pride in the building … I actually heard more about the building than I did about any kind of services success. Just goes to show the old adage is correct: you get what you push.

No one ever asked me for my last name, asked for an address or for any kind of contact information. As I was leaving, my guide did ask if I had signed their guest book and entered my information. I said that I hadn’t, but that I planned to be back the following week on Saturday (which was my intention, though I did not end up making it back to the org). With that, I left.

As I was driving away, I felt a reflective sadness. This Phoenix “ideal org” is anything but ideal, yet, at least from my guide, the impression I got was that they think they are ideal because they have a nice building. Granted, this was but one visit on a Sunday morning to a single org, but if this is any indication (and, from the other reports I see on this blog, I believe it is) of the broader scene, there is no expansion going on except, possibly, church coffers AKA SOR (Sea Org Reserves) through Miscavige’s real estate acquisition plan and IAS scams.


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Mike: Get "170 new Sea Org recruits." ("The Captain FSO Explains His Priorities")

Mike: Get "170 new Sea Org recruits." ("The Captain FSO Explains His Priorities")
The Captain FSO Explains His Priorities

May 6, 2013 By Mike Rinder Leave a Comment

Here is a new email laying out the priorities for the Flag OT Committee as directed by the clown in charge of the FSO.
A couple of comments:

The FIRST priority for the FSO is “Ideal Orgs”? Bizarre. More evidence that “Command Intention” (ie Miscavige orders) has taken the place of all other policy/programs/orders in the RCS. Believe me, this ONE thing alone would be enough for Miscavige to be declared by LRH. There are enough old timers around who can recall the wrath that rained down on anyone who cut across the FSO’s main line business…

The SECOND priority is the IAS. And the same old lies keep being perpetuated — they are “paying the costs of our vital 4D campaigns”. Perhaps one of the Narconon plaintiffs should test out this theory and name IAS as a defendant on the basis that they pay for all the “4D campaigns”. Watch how fast the IAS files papers unequivocally stating they have NOTHING TO DO with funding Narconon and its campaigns (and that IS more true, as anyone who has ever tried to get money out of the IAS for anything can attest)

But the THIRD priority is a totally new one on me. Getting PUBLIC to recruit people for the SEA ORG! Because they need 170 NEW STAFF in the next couple of months for “Super Power”.

Just how long can the lies keep being told?

So, the top two priorities for the “Flag OT Committee” is regging for Miscavige pet projects and the next priority is recruiting for the SO (and irony of ironies, there are quite a number of people on the OTC who are EX-SO).

And then finally the lowest priority is getting people on SERVICE. But even here, the priority is “Purif and Objectives Review” and “basics study”…. apparently the mainline business of the FSO these days.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen….

Harvey Jacques would be more suited to the circus than defiling the once important and dignified position of Captain FSO.

Dear All Flag OTC Members,

I want to thank you for attending this past Monday’s get together with the Captain at the Flag OTC Meeting.

To reiterate what the Captain brought up as priority needs & wants from the membership, they were:

IDEAL ORGS – Support the Flag Ideal Org Alliance. Through whatever creative involvement you can muster, that is; helping to hold events, making phone calls, doing promotion, cooking, costumes, prospecting, fundraising or whatever. This is a current, priority guiding strategy for all of Scientology. We have targets in progress and a bunch of healthy targets in front of us. So join in the fun. Contact Kaye Champagne, Jim Bridgeforth or Susan Freilich for direction in this regard or to discuss you would be best at.

IAS – Always and forever, help to advance, support and protect Scientology through the IAS. The best way to assist is to set aside time to sit yourself down in an IAS office, in either; the Oak Cove, AO or Coachman, and ask these seasoned professionals what you can do to help. IAS pays the costs of our vital 4D campaigns, as well as costs for vital new Ideal Orgs which, having no existing local field, require an additional funding source, namely the IAS. It’s You, It’s Me. We are the IAS. Contact Kathy Feshbach for more information on how to get active: Cell 946-1514

Recruitment – You know tons of people and you are listened to by people we have never spoken to about joining the Sea Org. You have an idea that for some people the very best place for them is in the Sea Org. You heard the Captain and his need for some 170 new Sea Org recruits to get in, trained up and becoming members of the Super Power Team in the next 1-2 months. Call any Reception point at Flag and ask to speak to a Sea org Recruiter and explain your prospects and ideas. Don’t wait another minute – CALL Today!

100% On SERVICE – Make it the BUZZ all over town, that is: Getting everyone’s Basics in for Super Power. Simply ask everyone you speak with, put it in every email, etc … “Are your ready for SuperPower? Purif & Objectives Reviewed?” Direct them into the Any Org Reception to find out if they are ready or not! It’s really simple, really. And exciting!!!

AND AS ALWAYS … Get & Keep Bridge Flow moving. Advise all your friends to keep moving on their full Chronological Study as well. Fill up those course rooms! STAY ON SOURCE EVERY DAY! SURVIVE BETTER!

Please let me know you got the message. And of course any wins you have had doing any of the above now or in the future.

And please be respectful to the LRH policy in operating as a group and do two general rudimentary things every Flag OTC members should do each week:

a) Make it go right to turn in your weekly report via email to the Flag OTC on time, and

b) Attend every Flag OT Committee Meeting, every Monday in the Ball Room in the FH at 6:15 pm for the best coordination and momentum to carry these targets to dones as a group! See you there!

Wig Adams, Group Officer FSO


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Mike: COS Ideal Orgs Dead Agent Pack

Mike: COS Ideal Orgs Dead Agent Pack ("Dead Agent – David Miscavige and His Dead Orgs")
Dead Agent – David Miscavige and His Dead Orgs

May 8, 2013 By Mike Rinder 3 Comments

Our man in Sweden, Dan Koon, has sent us a copy of the “Dead Agent Pack” being distributed to those who dare question the wisdom of David Miscavige’s Ideal Org Strategy.

As D/A packs go, it leaves a lot to be desired. In fact, it is really lame.

It could be Exhibit 1 in a presentation to prove that Ideal Orgs are a squirrel, off policy “bright idea” by the Chairman of the MEST Universe.

Of course it can be tough to try to find quotes to “Dead Agent” clear LRH Policy. It’s sort of like the North Koreans trying to “D/A” the “enemy line” that they live in a closed society with impoverished, brainwashed citizens.

I have broken this pack down into the topics it covers. Each is posed in the form of a question. The full document is at the end of this posting.

<Snipped for fair use. Documents viewable at link http://www.mikerindersblog.org/dead-agent-david-miscavige-and-his-dead-orgs. M1>
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Mike: COS - All your Starbucks belongs to us!

Mike: COS - All your Starbucks belongs to us! ("An Ideal Florida! Hand Over Your Starbucks")
An Ideal Florida! Hand Over Your Starbucks

May 7, 2013 By Mike Rinder 60 Comments

This is a bit old, but one of our Special Correspondents came across it recently.

It follows the Captain Harvey the Clown posting perfectly, illustrating how far the Command Intention Vulture Culture has trickled down. This guy is theoretically the Dir of PUBLIC BOOKSALES of Tampa Day Ideal/St Hill Size super org. And here he is begging for donations to create OTHER “Ideal Orgs” for an “Ideal Florida” Not even “donations” for books.

And they are doing it because they “are part of Flags total amount, but we get credit for the raising of what we bring in.” What sort of Admin Scale are these people operating on? ”Others Stats”?

But let me reiterate the most important message from the person responsible for getting books into the hands of raw public. There are 2 things you can do: 1. Help raise money, and 2. Donate.

A little suggestion for the Dir Public Booksales — its a lot easier and more remunerative to sell books than it is to beg.

Date: Thu, 3 Jan 2013 08:06:01 -0800

From: [email protected]
Subject: IdealFlorida


I’m sure you know about Ideal Florida, right. This is a big push to really jump start this year in the expansion of our Church. One can’t really disagree with that. You agree. But how does one do that. That is to help. There are 2 ways one can do that. It is: 1. Help raise money, and 2. Donate. It doesn’t matter how much, what matters is the out flow towards a given goal. The little donations always, and I mean always, culminate in a big return inflow. That is why it doesn’t matter how much one donates. It’s the out flow that counts.

So I’m asking you to flow to Tampa Org Day. Why? We are part of Flags total amount, but we get credit for the raising of what we bring in. Remember this it’s the out flow that counts, not the amount. $5, $10, $15, $20 or upward, it doesn’t matter. It’s the giving.

Here’s an example. If you are at Flag everyday and buy a Starbucks coffee, what does that cost you. Does that really help you? Big question to think about. Lets think about $2 a day spent on self gratification. That’s somewhere between $10 to $14. Right. How about taking 1/2 of that and donate it to Tampa Org Day AND HELP EXPAND OUR CHURCH. If you did that every week how would that make you feel? It would be a GOOD feeling. You know you HELPED. That is all we are asking. Not much, just a flow.

Please help,
Kent Oliver: DPBS, TPAD



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Mike: Ideal Org Gone Wild: Kiddie Promo! “Packed” Dianetics Seminar! 2 for 1 Leatherb

Mike: Ideal Org Gone Wild: Kiddie Promo! “Packed” Dianetics Seminar! 2 for 1 Leatherbounds!
Ideal Org Gone Wild: “Packed” Dianetics Seminar!!!! Kiddie Promo. 2 for 1 Leatherbounds.

May 9, 2013 By Mike Rinder 7 Comments

Here is a new newsletter from the latest Ideal Org promoting their success with a “packed out” Dianetics Seminar…


And here is page two of the newsletter showing the details (I omitted the other stuff in between the headline and the evidence which was two success stories).

You can see from the 2 photos that the “packed” Dianetics Seminar in an IDEAL ORG had EIGHT attendees. Now this is almost certainly more than they have ever had at a Dianetics seminar which is good for them. But the millions spent on an Ideal Org isnt proving to be very cost effective when they promote loudly that this was something to be proud of (and believe me, if there were more than those shown in the photo they would have made clear that the photos show “some” of those present).

If any business in the world operated like this — millions spent on plant and miniscule resulting output, they would go out of business. But then again, as Miscavige is so fond of saying, this is NOT a business. What he doesn’t then follow up with is “so we can do anything we want and defraud you of your money and pretend we are saving you and the world by telling you lies in order to get you to part with your cash….”

And then look what’s at the bottom — Kiddie [strike]Porn[/strike] Promo. This is apparently becoming routine within the RCS. It is really a reflection of the mindset of the organization that they think using children to ask for more money is “normal.” Wow. Let alone the insanity of raising funds for “promotion” (something else that is supposed to be paid for from SERVICE fees) by selling “Leatherbounds” and WOOPPPEEEE, big news — Bridge is going to give us another one for every one we buy? So what? If you buy one book worth $10 for $500 in order to contribute to a “dissemination” campaign and they give you 2, worth $20, who cares? Maybe they can get Bridge to toss in a set of Ginsu Carving knives or a Shamwow! — at least that would make some sense. It would also make the point about the crass commercialism that has seeped into every corner of the Vulture Culture.



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Mike: IAS Human Rights Claims — Fact Check

Mike: IAS Human Rights Claims — Fact Check
IAS Human Rights Claims — Fact Check

May 11, 2013 By Mike Rinder 4 Comments

Next in the series of efforts to fact check the vague claims of “what your support for the IAS buys”. Of interest is that virtually no update of the IAS site has been done since 2007. The same unverifiable generalities are there from when the site was first created.

Kudos to Natasha Boris for performing the thankless task of wading through the bs to try to verify any smallest specific that may have slipped into the pages of the IAS website.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Part Two – Human Rights

by Natasha Boris

From the Human Rights Reference Handbook: Human rights are ‘commonly understood as inalienable fundamental rights to which a person is inherently entitled simply because she or he is a human being.’ Human rights are thus conceived as universal and egalitarian.”

The section “Making Human Rights A Reality” on the International Association of Scientology’s website is perhaps the most nebulous and vexing in terms of claims and specificity. We have attempted to extricate anything that might have even remote substance that we could research on Google, but found the process incredibly frustrating. (Our hats are off to the IAS writer(s) ability to dissemble, filling several pages while never saying anything concrete.) If any readers should have information on any of these activities, please feel free to share in the comments.

“Human rights educational tools include booklets, teaching materials, the award-winning music video UNITED and 30 TV public service announcements.”The video United,created in 2005, by Taron Lexton has received awards, but according to IMBD only three. Wikipedia directed us to the website for TXL Films which lists 13 awards. On TXL’s site is stated “The United Nations Honors TXL Films” and awarded Mr. Lexton with the Award of Excellence. Anne Archer MC’d and Hans Janitschek of the UN Society of Writers was keynote speaker and presenter. Mr. Janitschek passed away in 2008. Searching “United Nations “TXL Films” we could not find any independent verification of this award that was not TXL, Wikipedia, or CoS related. Searching “UN Society of Writers” we found it is actually the UNSRC Society of Writers, a member of the UN Staff Recreation Council (a club for UN staff and families), and not the United Nations themselves. Their website does list some past recipients of the Award here.

Ø “Internationally, our human rights education program has been adopted by the national human rights commissions and governments of both New Zealand and Mexico, and has earned commendations from the United Nations Development Program and UNICEF.” Refworld.org consolidates information from the UNHCR. Several hits come up when searching for Scientology, many of these recent. We were unable to find any independent verification of New Zealand or Mexico adopting the IAS human rights educational programs on a Google search. We were however able to find this report on New Zealand, and none on Mexico. Regarding the commendation from UNDP, we were only able to find this link that gave specifics about it. Imaculee Ilibigaze has no mention of working with the UN as an advisor on her Wikipedia page. Searching her name on the UNDP website offers no hits. Searching the UN website no mention is made of Ms. Ilibigaze working with the UN to evaluate effectiveness of their programs.

In searching UNICEF’s website we found a 2010 report on activity in Haiti. Scientology is mentioned twice, and only as part of a list of groups who were “cluster partners” distributing needed supplies. We were unable to find any resource outside of the CoS to verify a commendation.

Ø With an astounding lack of specifics we have: “Beginning in 1998, the IAS sponsored a series of five human rights marathons in Europe which brought the Universal Declaration to the attention of both individual citizens and their elected representatives….Thousands signed the proclamation during the six-week journey and through personal contact, events and media coverage this human rights message was heard or seen by an estimated 33 million people.” This was too vague to search.

Ø “In 2003, notices ran in pan-European publications such as theInternational Herald TribuneNewsweek TimeThe ParliamentandThe Parliamentary Monitor.”The IHT is now owned by the New York Times and we were unable to locate any images of these ads on Google associated with any of the publications.

Ø How to Resolve ConflictsA Guidebook to Peace through Human Rightsin sixteen languages. Both were distributed to human rights advocates, politicians, religious leaders and officials.”This may be true, but we have no way to verify without more specifics.

Ø “Most importantly, new public service announcements have been produced to reach millions with the message of human rights.” No information on distribution or where these have been shown is given, but they have been “produced.”The other link “vastly expanded human rights websites” comes up blank.

Ø “Thus, with assistance from the IAS, new facilities were acquired in Brussels to be the home of a greatly expanded Church of Scientology International European Office for Public Affairs and Human Rights.” A Google search on the International European Office only netted one news hit, a press release on a Musical Tribute to Black History Month. There doesn’t seem to be much activity taking place by this office that we were able to find. Given that it opened in 2003 we expected to see a few more press releases to back up the claim that “dozens of human rights conferences have been conducted by IAS members in Brussels itself, throughout Europe, and reaching beyond its borders to the far reaches of eastern Russia in Khabarovsk.

Ø “For this reason, IAS grants have funded the printing of 230 separate editions of Freedom totaling 27.8 million copies.” Again, this statement may be true, but lacks enough specificity to verify.

Again, if any readers can help shed light on activity taking place by the CoS promoting human rights, please share!


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Mike: COS assureed IRS that "it was NOT a requirement to be a member of the IAS"

Mike: The IAS — The Black Heart of the Scientology Vulture Culture
The IAS — The Black Heart of the Scientology Vulture Culture

May 13, 2013 by Mike Rinder 49 Comments


The history of the International Association of Scientologists is worth knowing.

Its initial value (in 1984) as a repository of funds outside the reach of the IRS in 1984 may be debated. It seemed like a good way of protecting money.

The IAS had nothing to do with the “Portland Crusade” though David Miscavige has made it part of his history now. (As a note, the “winning tradition” born in Portland is another sleight of hand — the losing tradition of a $39 million judgment was born in Portland and then carried on in Los Angeles with another judgment for Wollersheim that was NOT vacated in spite of the same candlelight vigils and marches around the courthouse….) The story goes on from there, with numerous accomplishments credited to the IAS that they never in fact funded. And in many cases, there was NO accomplishment at all (see recent posts IAS Applied Scholastics Programs — Fact Check and IAS Human Rights Claims — Fact Check). But, it became a VERY important cash cow and Dear Leader became its controller, carnival barker and poster boy.

Whether it originally served a purpose or not, today it is a cancer that has killed the Church of Scientology.

Like any cancer, it consumes and kills the entity which gave it life.

For there is an immutable law of the universe at play. Exchange. It is a topic widely covered in LRH policy.

So we always make it the first condition of a group to make its own way and be prosperous onits own efforts.

The key to such prosperity is exchange.

One exchanges something valuable for something valuable.

In our case processing and training are the substances we exchange for the materials of

Reversely, when people offer nothing in exchange, do not produce and cannot or will notadminister they become pawns. Sometimes they think they are merely the subject of meanness or rancor. But if they do not produce or exchange and cannot share in administration they become zeros.

The stark facts are these: one knows and handles administration, one produces, one exchanges OR one dies as far as this universe is concerned. That’s why you hear an Administrator who means well for the group talking about PRODUCTION and EXCHANGE.

Crime is the action of the insane or the action of attempting seizure of product withoutsupport. Example: Robbers who do not support a community seek to rob from it supporting funds. Fraud is the attempt to obtain support without furnishing a product.

Criminal exchange is nothing from the criminal for something from another.

Whether theft or threat or fraud is used, the criminal think is to get something without putting out anything. That is obvious.

In the material world the person whose exchange factor is out may think he “makes money.”

Only a government or a counterfeiter “makes money.” One has to produce something to exchange for money.

Right there the exchange factor is out.

If he gives nothing in return for what he gets the money does not belong to him.

The IAS provides no exchange. It takes without giving. Its cheerleader, the Vampire Emperor himself, exhorts public Scientologists to give, give, give to the IAS and strokes those who give the largest amounts with a photo op where they are allowed to kiss his ring.

While they have collected hundreds of millions, every time there is a disaster in the world, they demand money in order to “activate the Volunteer Ministers” to be sent out. But even the largest mobilization of VM’s costs the IAS but a fraction of what they collect. The hundreds of millions of dollars they have collected over the years to fund relief efforts is not actually spent.

To shore up Dear Leader’s Idle Org campaign and give him something to show at events to “prove” the massive international expansion, he has directed the IAS to buy buildings for “Ideal Orgs”. But these are not “donations” – these orgs are required to repay the funds outlaid on their behalf (effectively putting them into massive insolvency) and making a lie out of even these apparent expenditures.

Or the photo ops in Mexican prisons or children learning study tech in Africa or WTH campaigns in Venezuela or Missions opening in Tasmania or “huge” inroads in the Ukraine or, or, or. These are staged photo ops to make it appear that the IAS is spending money donated to it. They throw out a few bucks to fly a camera crew and maybe a couple of people they want to glorify with the next IAS Medal but as soon as the video crews pack up and go home to edit the video, the funding stops and so do the programs.

And then there are the international Scientology “dissemination” campaigns. A couple of hundred thousand is put into these campaigns to fund them long enough to show at an event and then they are forgotten as the next big thing is announced at the next event.

So, money is collected and nothing is delivered. If you want proof, it is easy. You don’t have to get out of your chair. Just go through the earlier editions of the Impact mag or the International Reg Events and note down all the programs the IAS has claimed to have funded. Then see if you can find anything about the massive distribution of WTH or study tech taking over a country or Criminon in every prison or Narconon being the official government rehab program (or any of the other hype). If you can find any evidence of the massive inroads that have been claimed I will be happily surprised (because the real tragedy of this is that if the IAS would spend the hundreds of millions extorted out of people on the programs it SAYS it does, you WOULD be able to find those sort of results).

And the IAS refuses to return the funds on the basis that they were not paid in exchange for a service!!! But were a DONATION. Exactly like the policy. Take the money for no exchange. And they say it OVERTLY!

The IRS had a big problem with the IAS because it accumulated too much money without it being spent. In order for the IRS to grant tax exemption to the CHURCH, the church had to assure the IRS that it was NOT a requirement to be a member of the IAS to participate in any church services. Here is what the church said:

A parishioners’ participation in the religious services of Scientology is wholly separate and distinct from an auditor’s right to keep his or her certificates in force. More to the point, this right of participation is not in any way contingent on or conditioned upon a parishioner becoming or remaining a member of the IAS. We are unaware of any instance in which a church of Scientology refused to allow an individual to participate in religious services because he or she did not maintain a current IAS membership. …

You called our attention to an advertisement in issue 75 of SOURCE magazine containing statements to the effect that IAS membership is required in order for a parishioner to participate in religious services. These statements are erroneous. There is no Church policy or directive which sets forth such a requirement, nor has there ever been such a Church policy or directive.

Now, has anyone been told that they MUST be a member of the IAS in order to take Church services? Is the Pope Catholic? Worse, has anyone been told they have to become patrons or “increase their status” in order to be eligible for further services?

Dear Leader knows the IRS isn’t looking any more, and that it would be difficult to get the IRS to re-engage in a dispute with the church. So, he flaunts his word (after all, he has often announced to his adoring sycophants that it was HE who got tax exemption and that it was because the IRS trusted HIM) and the law, and keeps building his pile of gold.

But, back to the real point. Were there no IAS, the Church would have HAD to figure out how to deliver more auditing and training. That isn’t accomplished by buying fancy buildings in industrial parks. IAS money is a substitute for money paid for delivering Scientology. As a result, Dear Leader can have crashing delivery stats over many, many years and it doesn’t matter. He has straight up and vertical income stats! He has used it to PR himself to the hoodwinked public and staff. And based on his “stats” he has become “untouchable.” Let’s not mention the stats of Auditors Made, Clears Made, WDAH or heaven forbid Refund Requests.

The IAS is preventing the Church of Scientology from being a service organization with a purpose of delivering auditing and training. The criminal exchange has corrupted the very core of the Church.

So, when you see IAS “regges” parading around like they “own” the orgs and being treated as “senior executives” and being given precedence over registrars trying to get people onto service, realize that this IS the Vulture Culture personified.

As one of LRH’s hand-picked and trained old time org ED’s once said: “No one is exempt from the laws of exchange. Including the Church of Scientology.”

Church of Scientology, RIP.


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Mike: “Czech Scientologists Getting Madrid Done” Great News???

Mike: “Czech Scientologists Getting Madrid Done” Great News???
“Czech Scientologists Getting Madrid Done” Great News???

May 14, 2013 by Mike Rinder Leave a Comment

This is bizarre on so many levels…

For anyone who doesnt know, Madrid is like Buffalo. One of the very first “Ideal Orgs” (and a very high priority for Miscavige at the time as Tom Cruise was dating Penelope Cruz and her family were being coaxed into the church — Penelope’s sister is a very well known TV presenter in Spain), they have had a second “Grand Opening” and now they doing their “Non E Campaign” (10 years later).

And apparently the “hey-you” isnt just across the US for Portland, Europe was in on it too because they say “after having finished the funding for Portland” we are now “all on fire” to get “Madrid completed this week.”

Seems the “Ideal Org” pitch is spreading. Now its not just the org, it is their subsequent “Non E Campaign” that is part of the “all-hands for everyone everywhere for everything Ideal”.

Forget doing anything normal. The new motto of the RCS is “All for one, one for all.” Sums it up well. No hats. No org board. Collapsed dynamics.
From: David Hostettler <[email protected]>
Sent: Friday, May 10, 2013 11:24 PM
Subject: International Target Achievement

Hi Xxxxx,

I am in Spain right now and we are preparing the Madrid Ideal Org Scientology Dissemination Campaign. We are meeting with the advertising companies and making the contracts to start the promotion. We are ready to go!

After having finished the funding of the new Ideal Org of Orange County and Portland in the US last week we are now all on fire to get Madrid completed THIS WEEK.

See the latest Czech Scientologists who contributed to getting Madrid done!

It is International Help! International Teamwork!

If you can manage to buy one book yourself that would be great. One book costs 425 Euro.
As an example with that value we can print and distribute 100,000 handouts around the org!

You will receive a special commendation, a certificate and for sure your own limited numbered collector’s edition of Dianetics in leather and gold.

On top of that you will be included on the Honor Roll that will be sent to the Church of Scientology International once the campaign is done and this donation will be credited on your personal Planetary Dissemination account for achieving your next status.

There are 141 books left out of 500 and we want to get it done THIS WEEK.

All for one, one for all.

If we work together as a team we will clear the planet faster!

Best Regards,

David Hostettler

Vice President Distribution
New Era Publications International

My Spanish Number: 0034-603614522

p.s. You can make your donation for the book via credit card, PayPal or bankwire.

Bankwire data:

Re: Madrid Leatherbound

New Era Publications International ApS
Smedeland 20A
2600 Glostrup

Bank: Nordea
Nummer: 2191 0030 172 450,
PO Box 850 0900 Kopenhagen
IBAN: DK80 2000 0030 172 450
VAT No. 30426428
Reg. No. ApS 21.205


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Mike: Church of Scientology — Wack Jobs?

Mike: Church of Scientology — Wack Jobs?
Church of Scientology — Wack Jobs?

Mike Rinder 14 Comments

Just a bit of lighthearted amusement among the real news being generated by Corporate Scientology, but it illustrates an important point about the state of Scientology.

This email is being sent out by Boston Org with no message, just the subject heading “Freedom Alliance Mystery Magnet.”


What are they thinking?

Not much apparently.

Not even a Paypal button like Austin to give them $25,000?

But then again, I guess it makes about as much sense as the other garbage that is sent out to convince local org public to give money to other orgs for their “Ideal Buildings” when their own org doesnt even have one.

The whole thing is becoming weirder and weirder.

The Church of Scientology is no longer ridiculed because of its “weird beliefs” — it is laughed at for its utterly bizarre displays of idiocy in public:

Its spokespuppets outbursts and statements that everyone is a liar and the media are missing the real story of Scientology because they are not reporting on the massive international expansion evidenced by new empty buildings opened;

An utter refusal by the masters of communication skill to talk to any media at all;

Secretive “public” events for the “local community” where no local community are allowed in, and there is a hired cop or PI for every 10 attendees;

Bizarre exaggerations of numbers that everyone knows are just plucked out of thin air (sometimes accompanied with photoshopped “proof”);


“Freedom” magazine and its clown reporter Jim Lynch;

The endless stream of goofy “promo” and corny events in ever more desperate efforts to raise money;

And this is not even a complete list.

The problem is that the behavior of the Corporate Cultists gives good grounds for the perception that they must really believe some crazy stuff.

If I didnt know better, I would look upon the antics of the RCS as being a result of their beliefs (especially as they seem to find some LRH quote to justify everything they do….) and could only conclude that those beliefs must be absolutely wack.

And if not that, then I would at least conclude that they are so crazy that whatever they believe in must be as crazy as they are.



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Mike: Mountain View “Ideal Org” Test Center closed?

Mike: Mountain View “Ideal Org” Test Center closed? ("Scientology Mountain View — A Not So Ideal Ideal Org")
Scientology Mountain View — A Not So Ideal Ideal Org

May 17, 2013 By Mike Rinder Leave a Comment

This is the first in a series of investigations into the status of highly publicized churches and missions.

Thanks to Special Correspondent Ronn Stacy who took this shot of the Mountain View “Ideal Org” Test Center today.


If you cannot see clearly — those are “For Lease” signs in the window. Ronn tells us that he doesn’t know if they relocated but that would seem odd since this was a prime downtown location they have had for a decade or more. At one time they ran most of Div6 here, OCA testing, basics bookstore, pinch tests, Div6 Crs Room, Book 1 auditing.

Mountain View was one of the first orgs to renovate their own building and much was made of Jan Silber by Miscavige. He held her out as a “model” ED at Maiden Voyage because she was OT VIII and had an upstat, renovated building. Mountain View began promoting itself as an “Ideal Org” but of course their current premises were soon determined to be inadequate in the overall grandiose scheme of things. So in 2008, two adjacent buildings were purchased in a semi-industrial area. Click the google street view to the left and the building alongside the glass front building is the second part of the “Ideal Org”. Keep rotating and you will see this is at the very end of a cul-de-sac with NO body traffic. The assessed value of these two is $10.25 million, how much was actually paid I don’t know. Interestingly, both these buildings were purchased by CSRT. Yes, that is the same CSRT that promotes itself as “The Super Power Project”, so maybe this is where some of that Super Power money went!

The property taxes on these buildings are reported to be $125,000 a year. So, Mountain View has shelled out $625,000 for empty buildings over 5 years.

Or maybe CSRT is paying it and this is why they have to keep regging people for “Super Power.”

Another angle of the insanity of the great “Ideal Orgs” boondoggle that is the ONLY thing happening in the Church of Scientology these days outside of IAS regging and status presentations.

Thanks to Ronn Stacy for sending in this info. We have a report on another nearby, very prominent Scientology Center also anointed by Miscavige coming very soon.


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Mike: Scientology.org v. Rinders Blog

Mike: Scientology.org v. Rinders Blog

Scientology.org v. Rinders Blog

May 17, 2013 By Mike Rinder 26 Comments

This analysis provided by J. Swift. Interesting….

Thanks for all your support

1. Scientology.org is down 30.83% in the past one month. There was a seven day blip up 20% coincident with Portland Ideal Org grand opening and the attendant controversy over the photoshopped image.


2. Mike Rinder with a new blog — and no billion dollar cash bank account — powers out of Non-E with an 80% + change in one month:


3. Using Alexa to compare Mike Rinder with Miscavige Inc., we see that Rinder’s blog is overtaking Miscavige!



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Mike: "orgs now opening with virtually NO staff"

Mike: Scientology Gone Status Crazy
Scientology Gone Status Crazy

May 18, 2013 By Mike Rinder Leave a Comment

The Idle Org money crush to buy extravagant and unnecessary buildings in deserted areas of cities around the world has been the subject of much comment and speculation.

But here are some facts and figures — not for the faint of heart. But it does prove the economic wisdom of Miscavige’s plan. Wisdom is used advisedly of course. If your PURPOSE is to accumulate MEST it is a fabulous plan. Though if your purpose is to help people, it is an unmitigated disaster.

First of all, what does it take to get one of these fancy Scientology Idle Org Donation statuses?

This list, presented on the New Haven Ideal Org website tells the story:

(These are contribution levels specifically and only for building donations)


SPONSOR – $500

CRUSADER- $1,000

HONOR ROLL – $5,000





GUARANTOR -$75,000-







But wait!

In order to accommodate the whales who are serious about status and want to part ways with really obscene amounts of money (and receive truly ridiculous amounts of sucking up), there are more statuses. Anyone who knows how much these “acknowledgments” will set you back, please chip in. I have no idea but obviously more than the million required to be a “New Civilization Builder”.




And in fact the Western United States alone has 6 Silver NCB’s, 3 Gold NCBs, 3 Ideal NCBs – that is a lot of privilege and prestige, not to mention a lot of cash (or empty real estate). It also represents fawning and “ethics protection” that would make the Queen of England blush. It is probably hard to understand for outsiders but imagine for a moment that every single person you deal with in your life, your employees, your church minister, your friends, the lady who cleans your floor, all treat you like you were anointed and you could (no, should) be forgiven any fault or flaw by everyone you deal with. Imagine that when you sit down at a function, you sit a few feet away from the “stars” 0f Scientology — Tom Cruise, John Travolta or Jenna Elfman. It’s no different than the whales who blow millions at the crap tables in Vegas because they enjoy being treated like royalty, the most expensive suites, ringside seats for the title fights and shows, the best tables in the restaurants. If you have that sort of money, its the perks and privilege — the STATUS that is all you can buy.

But status generated by buying privilege has NOTHING to do with Scientology.

And I haven’t even mentioned the International Association of Statuses — the original and still the best rip off ever.

Strange Gets Stranger

We all heard about the straight up and photoshopped Portland Idle Org opening and that would logically mean they must have completed the fund raising and then wrapped up the building.

That would make sense but that is not how they roll in David Miscavige’s Fundamentalist Church of Scientology.

Check out this list of Ideal Org Donations showing the huge push in the last month before the Portland opening. What on earth did they need all that money for? Even though the building was purchased and renovated, frantic fund raising occurred right up to the May 11th opening. And most of the donations came from people across the Western United States. It looks like a Scientology wide fund raiding push to donate “for the opening.” Even Miscavige couldn’t blow that much on an event with 500 people?

Now that I know how much these status represent its one of two things: 1. It was just a gimmick to get more money “for the opening” or 2. Miscavige spent the money out of Reserves or from some other building collection fund (Super Power????) in order to HAVE a ribbon to cut to show at June 6th and then started to really put the heat on to demand it be repaid.

My money is on the latter. He CANNOT afford not to have orgs to show at his events. He is staking his entire reputation on this and has convinced the Scientology public that the opening of empty Ideal Orgs proves that he is leading Scientology to the promised land. Now having done that, the Ideal Orgs cannot dry up. They HAVE to keep happening. So you are going to see ever more bizarre things happening — including orgs now opening with virtually NO staff. They always used to have posed photos of all the staff in their new uniforms for the “IDeal Orgs.” Didnt see that for Portland or Pretoria….

So. here is how much was squeezed out of the whales in that last month.



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Mike: Scientology in the Bay Area — Boom or Bust?

Mike: Scientology in the Bay Area — Boom or Bust?

Scientology in the Bay Area — Boom or Bust?

May 20, 2013 By Mike Rinder 7 Comments

Last week we showed you the “test center” for Mountain View Org with a “For Lease” sign on it and reported about the two vacant building in an industrial park that have sat idle for 5 years now.

A few miles up the 101 is another “Ideal Org”, San Francisco. It is one of the original 5 orgs that launched Miscavige’s program a DECADE AGO (Tampa, Buffalo, Joburg, NY and SFO).

But even before the Ideal Org hype came the Ideal Mission hype for the “celebrity” Mission of SOMA (“South of Market”) — more on the other “celebrity” missions in Wichita, Memphis and Santa Monica in another post. Izhar Perlman reported on SOMA at his excellent blog a year ago.

Launched with enormous fanfare — it was “Jenna Elfman’s Mission” and Miscavige flew in to conduct the Grand Opening along with a “Who’s Who” of Scientology according to Celebrity magazine: “In the front row were some of Jenna’s closest Scientologist friends, including John Travolta, Kelly Preston, Tom Cruise, Kirstie Alley, Catherine Bell, Juliette Lewis, Jennifer Aspen, Lynsey Bartilson, Denice Duff, Michelle Stafford, Eduardo Palomo, Danny Masterson and Christopher Masterson.”

You may recall the hype….


The Bay area is the largest concentration of “Ideal Orgs” on earth — not only SFO Day and Fdn and Mountain View, but also Los Gatos and Steven’s Creek (now called San Jose) and Sacramento isn’t far away. If there is anywhere on earth that the RESULT of the Ideal Orgs strategy should be visible, it is the Bay Area. Miscavige’s infamous arrows shooting out like flame throwers from his CGI Ideal Orgs in his PR video should have created a multitude of groups that turned into missions and missions that turned into orgs by now. If 10 years isnt enough time to accomplish ANY progress on this, then there is something not too workable about his strategy.

The Bay Area, and particularly San Francisco itself should be leading the way in the massive, straight up and vertical international expansion that is promoted at every international event. In fact, it is going BACKWARDS.

Here is the SOMA building that Miscavige cut the ribbon on, photographed by Paul J Salerno last weekend:


The Mission is now located, according to the Scientology.org website at 604 Mission St, Suite 600. No sign, nothing visible at all except the prospect of climbing 6 flights of stairs.


Meantime, the other Mission in SFO, the “San Francisco Mission” (once had in excess of 100 staff) is here:


These are the only two Missions in San Francisco, though to be fair, the “Mission of Marin” should probably be considered part of the “SFO Org Msns” — no report on this place, but if you look at it on Google maps, it is pretty fair to assume it is not flourishing and prospering on the second floor of a building in an industrial parking lot at the end of a dead end street….


Just for entertainment, I checked out the Missions around Tampa and Buffalo too — the two “original” Ideal Orgs.

Tampa has ONE Mission — Ocala — but that is another “celebrity mission” created by John Travolta in his hometown (probably some sort of “amends” handling to create a “model mission”). When I last visited it a year ago one Saturday afternoon there was ONE public in the Purif area breastfeeding her child (not on service) and a receptionist who had been brought in from Eastern Europe with the promise of a job who told us to come back on Tuesday when someone would be there to give us an introduction to Dianetics. The Mission of “Old Tampa Bay” closed it doors a few years ago. (Belleaire and Clearwater Msns were set up by Flag and primarily handle Flag rejects).

Buffalo has ONE Mission — in Rochester. You can see it here — the location is primarily the “SUCCESS SCHOOL OF DRIVING.” No indication that this has anything to do with Dianetics and Scientology, though it is the address on the official Scientology website and shows up as “Church of Scientology” on Google maps.


I guess Miscavige’s CGI arrows are meant to represent actual flame throwers…

These Ideal Orgs are torching everything around them. Groups, Missions, goodwill, PR and their public.