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Mike: IAS Way To Happiness Claims — Fact Check

Mike: IAS Way To Happiness Claims — Fact Check
IAS Way To Happiness Claims — Fact Check

May 22, 2013 By Mike Rinder 1 Comment

Next in the series from our intrepid IAS Fact Checker. His/her work is greatly appreciated.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Part Three – Building a Better World

by Natasha Boris

As a simple guide to better living, The Way to Happiness booklet follows basically understood moral codes that can be easily agreed upon by many people. There have been plenty of write-ups done by others exposing the flaws in the costing to produce and print but we had to ask, how many people are actually getting them? Is the world becoming a better place in the areas that have had distribution?

The IAS claims they assist in Building a Better World by their backing of The Way to Happiness. Over three pages their website gives several vague declarations regarding successes from massive distribution.

The Guinness World Records does give TWTH the record for the Most Translated Author, Same Book.

Let’s take a closer look, shall we? To re-cap, we are employing a simple and common method to determine fact from fiction: Google and Google News.
In Poland, an IAS grant funded 60,000 copies of The Way to Happiness for distribution to prison inmates, with the booklets printed right inside a Polish prison. Another grant funded 50,000 booklets for distribution in Rwanda, the Congo and Burundi.
Searching “’The Way To Happiness’ Polish prison” netted no hits on the first two pages that were not CoS sponsored sites or completely unrelated. We were not able to find any specific information on the name of the prison where these booklets were printed. Repeating this search but adding Rwanda brought us to Deputy Director Pascal MUHASHA. Searching this gentleman netted exactly four Google hits. The Congo did have an interesting mention from the NY Times. As for TWTH in Burundi, we found no sign, except interestingly some ebay sales of the book wherein Burundi was listed.

In 2002, The Way to Happiness was distributed by an IAS member throughout the South American country of Guyana. 4,000 copies were requested for use by the Police Department alone and another 5,000 by a world peace organization working in the country. Copies were enclosed in a major newspaper and finally, to ensure no one was left out, a national mailing was sent to all households in the country.

We were unable to find any specific mention of TWTH in connection with the Guyana police force. They do have a very spiffy appearing website, unfortunately we did not find any reference to TWTH on it. We did find this Embassy Cable leaked. “Caberta showed Pol/Econ Officer and Specialist a booklet she had received early November that appeared to be published by Hamburg’s mayor. The booklet contained the mayor’s photograph and signature, yet was actually a publication from Scientology’s “The Way to Happiness Foundation.””

  • In the Middle East, a million copies of The Way to Happiness, funded by IAS grants, were distributed in Arabic and Hebrew through schools and refugee camps, kiosks and on the streets. IAS members and other volunteers delivered copies of The Way to Happiness door to door and thousands of copies were inserted in Israeli newspapers. A program of workshops for schools was launched to help both Palestinian and Israeli students and teachers use The Way to Happiness in their daily lives.

This is a sticky one. According to Wikipedia the Israel TWTH campaigns in 2008 caused quite a stir. Reference is made to The Association for Prosperity and Peace in the Middle East. We were not able to find much on this group except this website that is owned by them. Danny Vidislavski, the founder of The Association for Prosperity is also apparently the ED of TWTH Israel. The denial made to the Jerusalem Post that their organization had no relation to Scientology is given lie by this post, also dated 2008, on the Scientology Volunteer Ministers website. As for actual numbers of distribution being verifiable…?

The Hollywood Division of the Los Angeles Police Department, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) of Compton, banks, cities, embassies and hundreds of others are now distributing their own copies of The Way to Happiness.

In 2005 this story broke about the relationship between TWTH and the LA Police Department [Ed. note: I included this entire article below as it illustrates the point and highlights how these "endorsements" can be misleading]. It is a similar situation to that in Germany, where the campaign used the Hamburg Mayor’s photograph without permission. TWTH’s relationship with the NAACP of Compton appears to be over as there is no current information and the activities mentioned appear to be from the early 2000’s.

  • Organizations and individuals as diverse as the National Honduras Police, Secretary General of the Philippine Red Cross and the California State Chairman of the Congress on Racial Equality now distribute personalized copies of the booklet. As a further example of the far-reaching use of this booklet, the National Police of Colombia now utilize The Way to Happinessbooklet in training their entire force and broadly distribute copies to Colombian citizens.

We aren’t sure if someone is trying to pull a prank on us with statements like these. Mr. Rinder has already given lie to the National Police of Columbia statement in his blog post Scientology Saves Columbia (which comes up on the first page of Google).

The Congress of Racial Equality, or CORE, is a civil rights group. The California branch has a whopping 38 likes on Facebook and their website makes no mention of The Way To Happiness.

The National Honduran Police are definitely not employing the precept Do Not Murder as this article makes abundantly clear. In the last six years the murder rate in Honduras has risen 250%.

The Red Cross has several chapters in the Philippines. Determining which Secretary General from which chapter is nigh impossible without more information.

As always, if readers have information on The Way To Happiness foundation’s activities, please share in the comments below.
The Way To More Questions

Scientology affiliate The Way To Happiness of Glendale teaches honesty in schools but, according to LAPD and others, utilizes dishonest promotions

By Carl Kozlowski 08/18/2005

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If a high-ranking LAPD official can be believed, perhaps the Scientology-affiliated The Way To Happiness should take a page from its own teachings.

Two of the Glendale-based nonprofit organization’s 21 guides to achieving happiness are “Be Worthy of Trust” and “Seek to Live the Truth,” neither of which were followed apparently in the group’s dealings with the LAPD and a city
in Texas.

Officials with the group, which over the past two decades has distributed booklets of the same name to millions of school children across the country, all with the help of a variety of public officials and corporate sponsors, say they have worked with hundreds of organizations throughout Southern California and around the country in efforts to promote clean living as a virtue worthy of emulating.

But according to LAPD Cmdr. Mike Downing, the Church of Scientology forged his endorsement on The Way To Happiness Web site, prompting the LAPD to disavow any endorsement of Scientology and The Way To Happiness.

“We cannot endorse the Church of Scientology or any religion as the LAPD, and we very specifically said they could not use the LAPD name as it related to their book. They know they are clearly overstepping their bounds” in linking to the LAPD as an organization that works with The Way To Happiness Foundation (TWTH).

TWTH, Downing told the Pasadena Weekly, also apparently fraudulently posted on the Web a letter of commendation from the LAPD that was not signed by alleged writer Chief William Bratton, and also forged Downing’s approval by rubber-stamping his signature to the image on the site, www.twth.org

But that isn’t the only time TWTH, which has distributed booklets to more than 12 million American schoolchildren in 12,600 public schools since its inception in 1984, allegedly fabricated information to promote its product.

In the case of the LAPD, the booklets were distributed by the department, but only after TWTH representatives approached police officials repeatedly and only succeeded in disseminating through the Hollywood Division. Even then, when TWTH attempted to distribute the booklets with the LAPD’s name on them and depict a book-cover drawing of a policeman wearing an LAPD badge, they were ordered by police to remove the badge image and remove the department’s name from the back cover.

“We sent them back and said they could not distribute the literature with the LAPD Hollywood Division on the text. I’ve seen the program work, and I don’t mind programs that try to raise the stature of communities and clean them up, but we as the LAPD cannot endorse the Church of Scientology,” said Downing. “I did not authorize the letter displayed on their site nor its display, and they used a stamped-font signature instead of my actual one.”

In response, TWTH President Lance Miller, a high-level Scientologist, denied any wrongdoing on the part of the foundation and said Downing is, at best, mistaken.

“That’s the first I’ve heard of it. Michael Downing has appeared at events for us and spoken very highly of the work we do,” said Miller. “As far as I know, the letter was generated and sent by him and I have the original hanging on my wall here. It looks like a real signature to me. But if it’s a situation where we need to remove it, we certainly want to comply.”

The organization’s success at entering public schools with a guidebook espousing “21 Rules for Living” is particularly noteworthy at a time when displaying the Ten Commandments in schools, courthouses and other public places remains a hot-button issue.

While TWTH states that the booklets are devoid of religious content or any proselytizing for the Church of Scientology, the book’s rules directly parallel the life rules displayed by the church at its L. Ron Hubbard Life Exhibition in Hollywood.

However, TWTH downplays its ties to Scientology, which has long battled charges that it is a cult, and does not note in booklets that the author is Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.

As reported in the Weekly on Aug. 4, the hugely popular Church of Scientology, a religion embraced by such Hollywood luminaries as Tom Cruise and John Travolta, has attracted widespread media attention, primarily due to exposure by Cruise on national television in recent months. In turn, that exposure prompted some disgruntled former members to reopen some of the church’s lengthy history of lawsuits and claims alleging fraud, threatening of the church’s critics, and the fact that the heart of the church’s beliefs center around the claim that every human’s stresses are in reality the result of the souls of aliens, Thetans, attaching themselves to their bodies.

Church leaders have responded to some of these criticisms by softening some of the organization’s more blatant recruitment tactics while claiming the church’s more extreme aspects are aberrations of the past.

According to ex-church member Tory Christman, who rose to the second-highest level of membership during her 30 years as a Scientologist, such questionable tactics are de rigeur for TWTH and its affiliate program, Set A Good Example (SAGE), which encourages community volunteerism by students and sponsors local essay contests on that theme.

“It’s fantastic when kids go out and do good in the community as part of their Set A Good Example program, but they can’t say it’s not part of Scientology,” said Christman. “Scientology is designed to ‘clear’ planet Earth’s citizens of their problems, so kids are always going to be part of that approach.

“The church calls it ‘safeguarding’ when they’re able to promote positive attitudes about Scientology by doing things people like and help people,” Christman continued. “They should do good things but it’s bad that they use community leaders to promote and pay for the books who often have no clue it’s affiliated with Scientology.”

Controversy be damned, TWTH is growing, as Foundation President Miller noted that the program had just this month been authorized for use in all of Nevada’s public schools.

“We just put a million books into the South LA area through The Way To Happiness Outdoors Club, which takes inner-city youths into the mountains and shows them a world beyond their four-block radius,” said Miller. “We work with over 600 different organizations, and the programs are often more successful when run exterior to the school system but still in conjunction. We rely on community members’ donations to pay for it, not tax dollars, and the SAGE contest is optional.”

The ability to distribute the booklet in so many schools has raised questions in some areas from advocates of church-state separation as well as coalitions of church and parental groups. For instance, according to a June 27, 1990, article in the Los Angeles Times, a Fresno school district official named Geoff Garratt led a successful campaign to bar TWTH and its SAGE program due to church-state separation concerns even after the program had successfully been launched in a middle school in that city.

Yet Barbara Ayash, president of another Scientology-related group called the Concerned Businessmen of America (CBA), still mentioned the Fresno program as one of the SAGE success stories in an Aug. 15 interview with the Weekly. In addition, Ayash’s granddaughter, Marylen Ayash-Borgen of San Diego, faxed the Weekly office two statements that she authored about purported TWTH and SAGE successes in Glendale and Inglewood schools.

One statement claimed the city of Harlingen, Texas, attained a year with “ZERO violent crimes” in 1998, three years after Harlingen became the first city in America to offer the programs citywide in its public schools.

The problem is that claim is a lie as well.

According to the May 24, 1999, newspaper article that Ayash-Borgen refers to, which was faxed to the Weekly by a current staff member of the Harlingen Valley Morning Star, violent crime and crimes against property in that city had fallen by 13 percent in 1998. Yet the city still experienced 54 violent crimes per 10,000 residents for an approximate total of 324 violent crimes in the city of 60,000. Additionally, police officials did not mention The Way To Happiness program at all as one of the reasons for the crime drop.

“I can’t conceive that we would say any program alone was responsible for dropping crime,” Juan I. Ramirez, public information officer for the Harlingen police, said in a phone interview. “Besides, there’s no city on Earth without violent crime.”

But former Harlingen Mayor Connie de la Garza was receptive to trying the program after he was approached by local dentist and Scientologist Juan Villareal in the mid-1990s about what he described as “a program that can help young people make the right decisions.”

Rev. Charles Palmer, pastor of the Treasure Hills Presbyterian Church in Harlingen, led a coalition of a dozen pastors from throughout the city who sought to bar TWTH from the city’s schools. Yet despite their combined strength, the protests were unsuccessful for an interesting reason.

“We wanted equal access of all churches, but it didn’t seem to deter anything because Dr. Villareal became the school board president,” said Palmer. “We ultimately didn’t receive any feedback once the program was in schools, but most people would say the materials would look good. Our concern was because of who authored it initially and where it was coming from.”

The promise to keep Scientology tenets out of schools was kept despite the fact that in 2002 Villareal settled a federal lawsuit filed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission alleging he had forced his dental practice employees to take Scientology courses or lose their jobs.

“Anytime you have a program trying that, I’m for it regardless of religion, creed or code,” said de la Garza in a phone interview. “Whether you agree with Mr. Hubbard’s philosophy or not is immaterial. What I like is if you can touch a child and make them a better adult. That’s what we need to do.”

It was de la Garza’s recommendation in a letter to Inglewood Mayor Roosevelt Dorn that inspired Dorn to welcome TWTH and SAGE programs into his city’s public schools three years ago. Dorn noted that he was aware of the programs’ Scientology connection. Dorn said he also knew that the program is paid for by donations rather than tax dollars, and he believed that they sufficiently steered clear of proselytizing to merit inclusion for the values they promoted.

“I am a minister in the AME church, and those portions of the Church of Scientology that teach individuals to uplift their lives and cause them to do better with their lives, how can I argue against that?” said Dorn. “The Methodists can develop a book like that, Baptists, Catholics, anyone who develops that kind of book if it’s good, the schools will say fine. But if it’s going to be promoting religion, that’s different and I’d be against it.”

Dorn’s opinion was largely echoed by Peter Eliasberg, the ACLU of Southern California’s Manheim Family Attorney for First Amendment Rights. Eliasberg noted that some of the issues that could grow out of having TWTH in schools are tricky, but appear to have been carefully navigated by the organization.

“The only way a school might be allowed to distribute religious materials on campus from outside groups is if they allowed other religions to come in. You can imagine it could get crazy, so a lot of schools might not open themselves so broadly,” said Eliasberg.

“What’s tricky is that it’s not obviously either here, a religion or religious group. I’m concerned that they use a different name, and parents and schools should be vigilant so that the lines shouldn’t be crossed,” Eliasberg said. “Is this a way in the door to further proselytizing? But if this is the equivalent to a school assembly on tolerance, I can’t say it’s a bad thing to have general moral training in schools.”



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Mike: The International Association of Scams

NOTE: Original material from Mike Rinder excerpted. Leaked material quoted in full as is usual and customary on this forum.

MIke: The International Association of Scams


The International Association of Scams

May 27, 2013 By Mike Rinder 25 Comments


It is interesting that orgs now have “targets” for the IAS and “targets” for “Ideal Org fundraising” — I wonder if they have any targets for auditors made or releases? Probably the only “target” that isnt money is number of people sent to Flag for GAT II training….

We are now 6 weeks away from a Major target attainment that must be reached and we need every shoulder to the wheel, every public Scientologist, every Field Disseminator, and every staff member as an unstoppable force …

because everyone plays a role in the IAS:

“The single most dauntless, defiant and resolute group this world has ever seen”.
Therefore this Game is launched for you:

Any OTC Member or Field Disseminator who assists in fundraising for the IAS by helping their Org to make their target by June 20 will win the same item the Org staffs are winning (Jackets, Port Folios or Messenger bags).

There is also a game for you as individual OTC member or Field Disseminator which is the following:

As every Scientologist should be a monthly supporter, therefore:

For completing a Lifetime or Patron status or 5 monthly supporter applications you get a numbered commendation.

For completing 2 Lifetimes or Patron statuses or 10 monthly supporter applications – or any combination of it where one status counts for 5 monthly supporter applications- you get a numbered commendation with highly commended and you get a pen engraved with your name.

Again we need everyone to work to reach the assigned targets for each Org and so reach the overall target which is bringing us again a big step closer to a cleared planet and together we can reach this target by June 20th.

The Flag OTC also welcomed newly bestowed Platinum Meritorious and King of Sleaze Howard Becker to blow some of his well-known smoke:
Howard Becker, IAS FDSM Project member introduced a very special video which was shown, an incredibly uplifting documentary of the “Crusade for Religious Freedom” march in Portland Oregon which won a pivotal legal battle for our Church in 1985, in which a verdict against the church was overturned by the court. This is a must-see video!

briefed us that there have only been TWO instances of these cases being overturned in HISTORY, so the odds against us were that great, and WE WON! He said that we need to realize how valuable we are and how much one person can make a difference to clear the planet, and that the IAS is the resource. He urged us to upgrade our IAS status, to get onto the monthly donation plan, and to get others to do the same.


Portland is hardly a “winning tradition” to emulate. In fact, the VERY next “Religious Freedom Crusade” in Los Angeles resulted in an even worse verdict from the jury and teh church DID pay Wollersheim $8 million dollars. Read Marty Rathbun’s new book for a detailed description of the Christofferson and Wollersheim cases and what REALLY happened.


  • 49941a68d87d1f57701101fc43d2be7c
    TheWidowDenk says:
    May 27, 2013 at 1:50 pm

  • Watch out for Howard Becker! Shortly after Dr Denk’s memorial service in 2004, he contacted me to take out a home equity loan to upgrade my IAS status. He has no sense of propriety in his zealousness to collect for the IAS.
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Mike: 3 Cassettes — Yes, Cassettes — For Only 42 Dollars!

NOTE: Original material from Mike excerpted. Original leak quoted in full.

Mike: 3 Cassettes — Yes, Cassettes — For Only 42 Dollars!


3 Cassettes — Yes, Cassettes — For Only 42 Dollars!

May 30, 2013 By Mike Rinder 16 Comments


This illustrates how absurd Pubs Orgs pricing policies are. Anyone in their right mind would not even TRY to sell these, but if they did they would be 10 CENTS. Like the rest of the vulture culture their motto is “Money for nothing.”
From: Kolja Hinrichsen – NEW ERA Publications <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, May 29, 2013 at 4:16 AM
Subject: Ron’s Journals

Hi ,

Thanks to my friend KK (who wrote me an email about it), I found the following in our stock:

Ron’s Journal 67, 36 and 39 on cassette!

I thought they were long sold out, but actually we still have a few of those in stock.

Earlier this little package was sold at $70. As cassettes are already a bit old-fashioned,

I am able to offer them for you at $42 only!
Order the package of 3 Ron’s Journals here <— (40% off)

Let me give you an overview about what you are getting:

Ron’s Journal 67 (20 September 1967)

- LRH announces the formation of the Sea Organization

- Who are the main SPs on the planet? –> revealed by Ron

- What is the role of the Sea Org related to you?

“From here on, the world will change; but if it changes at all and if it recovers, it will be because of the Scientologists. It will be because of the auditor and his technical skill. It will be because of the organization and the organization staff member and his dedication. In all the broad universe there is no other hope for man that ourselves.” -


Ron’s Journal 36 – “Your New Year”

- Date: 31 December 1982

- Ron announces the completion of NEW OT VIII

“The sun is in the sky
The stars are in the heavens
Life lives.
And I am here to wish you a happy holiday season.
With inexorable promptitude 1983 is upon us!”

Ron’s Journal 39

- Undated

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank all you wonderful beings for holding the forts like you have been doing for so many years while I get on with my own job.
Ah…. I had better make that a half acknowledgement as we still have a ways to go.”


Order Information

Ron’s Journal 67, 36 and 39 come to you on cassette in very good condition. At 40% discount, the set costs just $42 instead of $70.

There are limited copies in stock so be sure to order one ASAP.
Order the package of 3 Ron’s Journals here <— (40% off)

Or call me directly: (45) 3373-6666.




Whoa what a deal! 3 cassettes for 42 bucks! :duh: :hysterical:

Seriously, some recordings might be worth a quarter or two, some music is getting very rare and doesn't make it to CD/DVDs, something with the ol' blowhard blathering away..... not so much...


Thanks for the guffaw!


Gold Meritorious Patron
Whoa what a deal! 3 cassettes for 42 bucks! :duh: :hysterical:

Seriously, some recordings might be worth a quarter or two, some music is getting very rare and doesn't make it to CD/DVDs, something with the ol' blowhard blathering away..... not so much...


Thanks for the guffaw!

Ogs, you are in good form this evening :) :yes::biggrin::coolwink:


Squirrel Extraordinaire
That kid is probably doing lowers right now for "causing a PR flap."

Even if Ad Council approved his pricing CSW.

[For our cultspeak-challenged readers = undergoing harsh disciplinary action even if the local financial authority approved his pricing plan.]



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Mike: Scientology Vulture Culture: Wall To Wall Regges

Mike: Scientology Vulture Culture: Wall To Wall Regges

This email was just sent out broadly.

Apparently there is a new type of Reg now being installed in orgs. “Planetary Dissem” regges have been at Flag for years, the infamous Dick Story sort of created this niche for rip-offs, getting people to donate for distribution of WTH (paying exorbitant prices) or selling special limited edition leatherbound books that theoretically financed “broad dissemination campaigns” (but never did).

Now, in another classic “propaganda by redefinition of words” routine, “planetary dissemination” includes FURNITURE for “Ideal Orgs”, UNIFORMS for staff, FART TV systems and anything else that doesnt seem to fit — and its all “EXACTLY” per the LRH PL!!! Even the quote that is pulled out of the PL doesn’t match what she is talking about. The rest of the PL hurtles around an even wider orbit, in fact its in a different solar system.


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Mike: IAS Narconon Claims — Fact Check

Mike: IAS Narconon Claims — Fact Check

We have to say, it was not hard to find results when we Googled “Narconon” but we wanted to dig in to some of the lesser-known facts that the IAS has stated, instead of rehashing the ones making headlines in recent months.


  • In one study of 2,045 students who received Narconon drug education, 86 percent of those who had considered the possibility of using drugs in the future said they had changed their minds, and 42 percent of those who had previously supported drug use reported they no longer did.

There is no citation on this study and searching for scholarly papers on Narconon netted two interesting results. The first was a program evaluation done in 1975 in Delaware. It has some very interesting numbers. We were not able to get access to the full text of the second, but we did research the Institution that authored it, the Foundation for Advancements in Science and Education.

This article explains who FASE is and how it is linked to the CoS. If anyone has a copy of the “Narconon Drug Education Preliminary Analysis” authored by FASE, we would ask that you please email it to us at [email protected]. We’re very interested.


@IndieScieNews on Twitter
Mike: The Circular Bridge

Mike: The Circular Bridge

Word is going around now that all OT8′s have to re-do their Objectives. Most are stripped of cash from decades of 6 month checks and so the “OT Objectives Co-audit” was implemented. But there are some who will still pay Class IX rates to arrive once again in Present Time, or incredibly even go exterior. How the EPs of Objectives have not been achieved on the OT levels is the eighth wonder of the world. But of course, these are the “new” “GAT” Objectives.

Meanwhile, the FSO is apparently desperate to get people “off the level” back onto auditing on OT VII (still trying to make the 10,000 on or through OT VII after 30 YEARS….) so they are apparently going through folders and “finding” hours or “recrediting” so they can be called in for “free auditing.” Of course, when they get there, they use up the “free” hours and then cannot leave without buying more. Flag has reportedly also been offering a discount “pilot” for those who have bought packages of intensives at the highest discount, they can buy additional intensives as they go, at the same discount. But only if they are at Flag.


@IndieScieNews on Twitter
Re: Mike: The Circular Bridge

Vertsurblanc says:

June 11, 2013 at 4:27 pm

Those that meet and work out how to actually DO these targets are amazing. My head hurts trying to figure out how they do not see the BS. Two people I know who do this on their OT Committee are both ON VII. They seem to have to keep playing the game to not get into trouble on the level.

A dear friend of mine had to do a bit of this inane ‘playing’ to get through. Once through, that was that.

My last visit to our local OT Committee was interesting. The CO CMO, Mike, no kidding, was addressing the group and ALL he was doing was explaining how we arrange automatic bank payments each month for members of the field. For Ideal Orgs.

Once a person agrees to a monthly debit, Say 200 a month for 2 years, the full amount is paid in cash immediately by an OT in exchange for a commission. This person pays the church the full amount less comm and collects the monthly payments from the original person, for the next 2 years.

It is like discounting your accounts receiveables at a bank to get immediate cash. The CO CMO did the sales pitch for this financier OT sitting in the same “OT Committee” meeting.

I left.

On the way home I thought of LRH popping in and listening to this crap.

Your post today and the declare sequences all confirm in so many ways the descendance of the current strange church into more and more ridiculous depths of depravity.


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OT IX and OT X coming soon... 29 years ago

OT IX and OT X coming soon... 29 years ago

Mike: OT IX & X Promises, Promises….




A blast from the past.

This is taken from a Source Mag sent out in late 1984.

It serves to highlight the fact that the carrot is always dangled out ahead, and if the carrot gets too old and moldy, it is replaced by a new one. The goalposts are forever shifting.

New OT VIII and IX being released on the “new ship” soon became just “OT VIII.”

Then it was OT IX and X packaged together as the new carrot and the requirement has changed over time. First it was “enough OT VIII completions”, then it was 10,000 on Solo NOTs, then it was “All orgs SH Size” and now it’s “All orgs Ideal.” None of the requirements has EVER been met, but they change before the natives get too restless about how it is something impossible.



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Only Completion of the Briefing Course required for OT IX and OT X... 20 years ago

Only Completion of the Briefing Course required for OT IX and OT X... 20 years ago.

Cindy P says:

June 28, 2013 at 7:38 pm

Sometime around 1993-1995, I was on Solo Nots and COB came out with an order that anyone that wanted to do OT IX and OT X had to complete the BC FIRST! I started the BC! All around PAC Base people were starting the BC. A few weeks after starting, the hammer came down, all students must have a full time day schedule or a full time foundation schedule as the BC needed to be completed ASAP! OT IX and OT X were going to be released. Well, it has been 20 years and there is still NO OT IX and OT X. I would think that the Public still participating in the C of S would start to question this. It is not even been mentioned as a Pre Requisite for years now. This was just one of the carrot dangling cycles that I actually bit on!


Re: Only Completion of the Briefing Course required for OT IX and OT X... 20 years ag

Only Completion of the Briefing Course required for OT IX and OT X... 20 years ago.


I don't recall the 'completion of the BC' requirement, thanks for posting that. What about the requirement to get every Org to Saint Hill size for OT IX and OT X to be released? That seemed to also be in the early 90's.

In the 1990's the C of S was really pushing making all orgs Saint Hill sized for quite a few years. If an Org did make it, there was a team of Flag auditors, 'The Universe Corps', who descended on that Org, and began auditing their staff to reward them for having made St. Hill size. Like so many other Miscavage programs, the Universe Corps quietly disappeared and not long after that the campaign to get all Org's to St. Hill size quietly faded out. Now, about 97.5% of old Saint Hill's staff have been declared SPs. I suppose that anything having to do with the old Saint Hill Org in England has fallen into disrepute.

It really illustrates how hypnotized and robotic the current parishioners of C of S are! Huge PROMO campaigns take place touting some new magical program which will finally provide the final push towards clearing this planet. That program is pushed for a couple years and then the parishioners are ordered to shift gears and start supporting another newer and better campaign, now touted as the new ultimate breakthrough! This new activity goes on for a couple of years until yet another new bonanza is touted as being the ultimate answer, etc.

In the story of "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" the locals at first believed the boy when he cried "Wolf" but after a few false alarms, they wised up to the fact that the boy was not telling the truth. For C of S 'diehards' who are still active, no matter how many lies are told by management, the 'clubbed seals' still believe they are being told the truth and they fight hard to enforce "command intention" by pushing some new scheme. How can supposedly highly aware people be so blind not to see these obvious truths?
Last edited:


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Mike: Golden Age of Tech II Update

Mike: Golden Age of Tech II Update

Voldemort Update


While a large concentration of SPs was within a mile, Voldemort snuck into the Auditorium to deliver his latest “come-on” for the miraculous divine revelation that is to be “GAT II”. He was so worried about all the SP’s around possibly enturbulating his Super Powerful OTness that he hired off duty police to guard the buildings for days before, through and for days after the wedding. Along with the CWPD Officers were additional PI’s and Flag Security who were all on extended shifts to keep the boogeymen at bay.
EDITORIAL COMMENT: Pathetic. Seriously pathetic.


- GAT 2 will not be limited to the tech. There will be some admin training to assist the implementation, and ED and Snr C/S conferences will be held in the near future as part of that.

- + 200 OOTs arrived, and now there are around 1000 trainees from all over the world.

- Student Hat: the reason for the fast completions is that all the “alterations” were deleted, a “large amount of lost tech” was recovered as “new materials surfaced,” the materials are “in the correct sequence” finally and “only the necessary materials” are included now.
[Wonder who "altered" things? And "lost tech" STILL? After 30 years of saying EVERYTHING has been gathered and proofread and researched and it is all "final" -- the tech vols have been issued TWICE with long spiels by Miscavige about the excruciating amount of work he personally did to ensure it was "fully complete."]

- GAT 2 will only be issued to the public when the traning program is completed, i.e. all the OOTs are through and done with it

- Pro TRs Course was also reviewed and now it can be completed 5 times faster
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Seriously, some recordings might be worth a quarter or two, some music is getting very rare and doesn't make it to CD/DVDs, something with the ol' blowhard blathering away..... not so much...


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Voldemort Friday Update! - Yet more GAT II and Super Power rumor goodness!

Voldemort Friday Update

- in addition to the Super Power auditors, there are 50 fulltime Super Power drill specialists in training and 22 Class VIIIs are trained to be Class XIIs. ["Drill specialists" I guess these specialists must be drilling themselves silly on oiliness]

- Basics are still a prerequisite for GAT II.

- COB “recommended” that Purif and Objectives should be done at FSO, as they are delivering it “100% standard” “using GAT II data” [What a surprise -- "GAT II data" is the new catchall to explain and justify everything -- of course local orgs cannot deliver the Purif standardly, they ONLY have the "Purif Tech", they don't have "GAT II TECH".... Pure idiocy]

- COB said that he wants to clear up a misconceptions – Objectives are not “flattened” as you cannot “flatten” something that was never done properly in the first place, when somebody did it for only 10-20 hours. Data emerged on the importance of the Objectives that put those processes into an entirely new dimension – but GAT II Objectives is to place to learn them. ["GAT II Objectives" -- propaganda by redefinition of words]

- The folders of all Cornerstone members have been programmed for Super Power. They will receive a closed door briefing on what to do to be ready for the service. COB does not want a situation where everything is ready to deliver Super Power and it suddenly turns out that a lot of people have to redo Purif. [Well, that would be a clue to all of you who have paid for Super Power. Even if you are OT VIII, all L's and redid your Objectives just recently, it's time to get out your shorts and hit the sauna -- as everyone knows, you cannot "flatten" a Purif that was not a "Gat II Purif" in the first place. How strange that after 25 YEARS they are just now getting around to telling people what they need to do to get ready....]



Interesting that there are over '50 full-time Super-power drill specialists' getting trained, hmmm, does that mean they get to do shooper-dooper powahs?

Are these morons on fucking crack?

Good-fucking-fried-baby-jebus-in-a-straight-jacket :duh:
Interesting that there are over '50 full-time Super-power drill specialists' getting trained, hmmm, does that mean they get to do shooper-dooper powahs?

Are these morons on fucking crack?

Good-fucking-fried-baby-jebus-in-a-straight-jacket :duh:

Denise Gentile is the COSLCHP

Wanna guess?