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Scientology, Harvey Weinstein, and Crisis Management Entrepreneur Mike Sitrick
J Swift

NY Times
He Fixes the Worst P.R. Crises Imaginable. Then Came Harvey Weinstein.
By Abby Aguirre June 1, 2018

Daily Mail

Kesha slams Dr Luke saying he hired the Church of Scientology's go-to 'spin doctor' which launched a smear campaign against her before their legal battle

By Ryan Parry

Dr Luke hired the 'spin doctor' used by the Church of Scientology as his celebrity PR crisis guru at the start of his legal battle with Kesha - and newly filed court documents allege he used them in an attempt to smear the pop star's name.
Los Angeles based crisis manager Michael Sitrick and his firm, hired byrRecord producer Dr. Luke, is accused of leaking and planting negative stories about the singer to ruin her publicly, according to legal documents obtained by DailyMail.com.
Kesha, 30, has filed a 'motion to compel' against the PR firm demanding they turn over any documents or emails and be grilled during a deposition.
Company founder Sitrick is known as a bull-dog in the industry and has worked with a string of big celebrity names, and has notably helped the Church of Scientology with its 'public relations.'

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Daily Beast
Scientologists Claim Errors in Lawrence Wright Book
by Caitlin Dickson

Bylined by Karin Pouw, Scientology’s director of public affairs, the piece calls Wright’s book “blatantly bigoted,” and “filled with inaccuracies and misstatements of fact.” Pouw says these errors undermine the credibility of the book overall. “The point is if Mr. Wright got these things—and more—wrong … what, if anything did he get right?”

Her piece provides a link to a website that offers a description of the collection and an order form to purchase one. (Sitrick provided short descriptions of what's written on the pages and later, upon request, photocopies of the encyclopedia's passages describing Hubbard's adventures in China).

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Church of Spin by Mike Rinder


CoS Crisis Management Firms and the Church of Scientology


Lori Hodgson Appeals to Scientology’s “Spin Doctor,” Michael Sitrick
by Tony Ortega

book The Fixer
by Michael S. Sitrick

**"The Wizard of Spin."—Los Angeles Times
"The spin doctor's spin doctor." —Financial Times
"The Winston Wolf of Public Relations....Wolf, if you recall, was the fixer in Pulp Fiction. Played by Harvey Keitel, he washed away assassins' splatter and gore. Sitrick, 65, cleans up the messes of companies, celebrities, and others, and he's a strategist who isn't averse to treating PR as combat. Over the years, clients of Sitrick & Co. have included the late HP chairman Patricia Dunn, Roy Disney, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Vick, Alex Rodriguez, the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, and the Church of Scientology."—Fortune Magazine

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