Milestone III: Super Power available !


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"Milestone III" has announced, that now - after there are enough splinter groups around (Freezone, Indys, Martys, APIS, Milestones etc.) riddled with Class VIII auditors and above - the delivery of Super Power becomes a reality.

For those who want to know what they will get before they in-waste their hard-earned money here is what it´s all about (from pg 599 - pg 612) - download link is at the bottom:

Be prepared, tasty questions will be asked - therefore here are the correct answers:


Super Power Rundown Series 3

17. Have you been given a wrong postulate?
(yes, to move up the bridge will be good for me)
18. Have you given another a wrong postulate?
19. Have others given others a wrong postulate?
(yes, the reg told this shit to every public)
20. Have you caused yourself to be given a wrong postulate? (yes, I listened to the reg)
49. Has anyone ever said that you were bad?
(yes, the ethics officer... all the time)
50. Have you ever said that anyone else was bad?
51. Have others said bad things about others?
(yes, everyone was writing knowledge reports)
52. Have you ever said bad things about yourself? (yes, I made countless O/W write-ups)
65. Has anyone ever caused you an injustice?
(I can´t remeber a time when this hasn´t been since joining the Co$)
69. Have you ever been lied to?
(yes, all the time since I have been in Co$)
101. Have you ever been forced into something?
(I am getting tired, ask the regges for further details)
117. Have you ever been made to stay in a location you didn’t want to be in?
(Yes, the PAC-building and the RPF)
205. Has anything ever happened too slow for you?
(yes, the close-down of the Co$-fraud)

After being aware of the correct answers you will better understand, why the "End-of-the-Endless-Super-Power-Rundown" will never be delivered in the official Co$. So join "Milestone III" for a fast delivery of this ground-breaking flubby-hubby-tech ..... or use your time better by having a nice walk in the nature.



Super Power Rundown Series 5

At some point during the running of this series of processes the person will reach a state wherein they are speechless.
("Did I really waste my heard-earned money for this bullshit ?") Then They will laugh with wild abandon. Their TA will be floating! They will probably also be exterior and will be unable to communicate in words what they are experiencing. This is the end result of the Super Power Rundown.
One thing the auditor must not do is interrupt the person while in the middle of this major win or during the laughter. Otherwise it will invalidate the win. The auditor simply maintains his TRs and lets the person have his win. Do not end the session until the laughter stops as this will also tend to invalidate the person and his win.

The laughter can go on for some time. Perhaps up to an hour. Be sure and just be there with the person during this win and not end the session until the laughter has subsided.

:duh::roflmao: Scientology is a scam..... :duh::roflmao: Scientology is a scam..... :duh::roflmao:Scientology ....

BTW, it has been found out that the "Bright Think Rundown" (pg 589 - pg 596) made up by a squirrel is dangerous for every true believer (and the org-income) and therefore too will not be delivered in the Co$.


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Milestone two, and now milestone three? - Can't someone hit these nutters on the head with those milestones?


BTW.. I love that 'Ethics Repair list'.. It completely amazes me that scientologists can answer these questions in that 'tiptoeing through the minefield' way that they do.. Mindboggeling!

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The Ethics Officer: " Now you flied Bankruptcy and never paid for your Bridge. (of course, we keep the money:whistling:). Now, you will have to make up the damage so WHO can you borrow money from...let's see if you have any pre-OT's you can borrow money from - they will have to give lots of money to be INVITED onto the levels....:whistling:You will need to deliver an effective blow to the enemy - yourself - and get in more debt that you can't pay back. You will give the money to us and once you leave here - you will have to pay that OT back or we will fuck with you some more. Now, get your ethics in and your promisory note OUT!! Your spiritual freedom awaits...".:omg:

"You are here at the Fraud scam base and cannot leave nor can you go in session until you give us the amount of money "I" determine sufficient to make up the damage you caused this group - we have your money on account and don't have to give it back - but somehow you damaged us...but you are confused and that is a state of mind we like so we can spin spin spin you into emptying your bank account, go into debt, refinance your house, cash in your ira, BORROW FROM OTHERS...anyway we can get more money.

The wog world calls this EXTORTION and it is a federal crime! ^ ^^^ Scientology calls this - ETHICS!

But what can one do about it? Absolutely nothing. They have your money on account for services they won't let you have until you give more money to make up the damage to yourself by borrowing money that a 20 year old MAA who has never worked an honest day in their life - all to get up the Bridge that leads to no where but an occasional "key out" that returns just as soon as your plane hits the runway at home...

Now, you had to file bankruptcy because you could not pay the debt you incurred to purchase the Bridge to Total Spiritual freedom - but the regg told me that I would become a millinaire (money was my ruin) - but you could not pay it back fast enough and you lost your home, your spouse left you with the kids, you have nothing left to live you are there at Flag - waiting to get in session to get the "charge" off and they conveniently cannibalize you until you are on staff! YOu have disconnected from everyone you know because since you got into Scientology - you have felt like shit and the tech tells you that everyone who is against scientology is an SP - so you disconnected and that still did not help ... you are exasperated, in a state of complete confusion and your life is a chaotic mess most of the time...but that is the goal folks - all cleverly designed to obtain all of your money and slaves for the labor camps!!

That is the Bridge to total control and abuse!

The practice of obtaining something, esp. money, through force or threats.

blackmail - exaction

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