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Milestone Two drops "Independent" from Independent Scientology label

From Ænema by Tool:

"Fuck L. Ron Hubbard and fuck all his clones"

It's nothing personal. Just had to let it out. "LFBD, Floating Noodles".

They will graduate too, eventually.

Fuck Ron and Fuck the DC8 he rode in on. But I'm glad it didn't crash.


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The writer of this observation apparently did not find it an "interesting phenomena" to wonder why that happened.

The writer of this observation apparently did think it was much more important to discuss what the duped stragglers should call themselves.

And the right item that indicated to them was....."Scientologists". Well, judging on how dumb someone would have to be to note that droves of Scientologists denounce Scientology and LRH (and not wonder why) I think that "Scientologist" would actually be a perfect name for them. LOL

It is known to all except the most reality-blind scios that dabbling in scientology, 'handling' imaginary ruins and ejecting space cooties from your body is a colossal waste of time. It's just a matter of time before they come to that conclusion. The great majority of exes know that there is LIFE to be experienced and enjoyed and that hubbard's collection of nonsense is the thing that really needs to be ejected from their lives.


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A new poster dropped into the other MS2 thread to post this screenshot from the MS2 blog of Jim Logan being his typical KSW, creepy old man self and telling all the non-ronbots to get off his lawn with their understanding and compassion. (and reaching down into his depends to throw his turds at them to boot.)
This in response to someone's suggestion of mutual respect for all types of Scientology practioners after a MS2 groupie called indies and freezoners sewer dwellers.

I'm grateful for ppl providing screenshots or summaries of this insanity because too many critics going to gawk at the MS2 stupidity give the poor fools the idea that their stats are up, instead of the truth of people going visiting to get a glimpse at the looney toon scio-freak show.

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Originally Posted by Udarnik
(e) It's stupid.

It's a stupidityness.

I learned how to makes words like that from the COS. (Church of Suffixes)

So, on the Freewinds, the only source of comfort from overwork, psychological torment, incarceration and malnutrition would be their 'crew suffixes'.