Minors with mental health issues were allegedly subjected to a hostile demonstration


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‘Hostile’ protest by Scientology group outside Brighton Dome

Young people with mental health issues were allegedly subjected to a “hostile” demonstration by “extreme” Scientology-linked protesters.

Youth delegates attending a mental health conference described how they were “upset and traumatised” by up to 60 shouting protesters.

The group were from the East Grinstead-based Citizens’ Commission on HumanRights, which has ties with the Church of Scientology.

The anti-psychiatry group who believe children are being over-medicated picketed the International Association of Youth Mental Health Conference 2013 outside Brighton Dome on Tuesday afternoon.
My run in with the Scientology Anti-Psychiatry movement

Then the others arrived and there were a lot of them. They shouted at the delegates, hurling abuse. They chanted “we don’t need n o thought control” and other slogans and intimidated everyone including the young people attending the conference.

I went back into the building to warn my friends not to go outside and promptly had a bit of a breakdown.

I ended up upstairs in the chill out area shaking uncontrollably and close to tears.

“How dare they?” i asked. How dare they question and dismiss my pain? How dare they tell me that the last 18 years of my illness didn’t happen.

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Re: Minors with mental health issues were allegedly subjected to a hostile demonstrat

This is the 'harvest' of the seed of the paranoia of scientology's founder. nurtured by megalomania and hatred, it is scientologists showing how 'something can be done about it' by following the co [STRIKE]m[/STRIKE] n_passion and demonstrating betrayal and harm while claiming 'educated' knowledge of the mind , yet themselves actually under the mind control of a destructive cultic ideology.
Perhaps the guardians of these patients will stand up and take the scientology front group to court for their wanten malicious ASSAULT upon vulnerable citizens. This sounds like a very clear illustration of Steven Hassan's BITE = Behaviour control, Information control, Thought control and Emotional control
of which is rampant in the scientology cultic world.

I would wager that 100% of people who have left scientology would agree that they experienced all of BITE at least attempted, if not fully implemented upon them while in the "church"
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