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You'd think 59 years of unmitigated expansion would mean they could afford a building or twenty, wouldn't you?


According to Little Hitler, it's been straight up and VERTICAL!!!!

ha ha.

Very interesting.... that makes by my math..$11.8 Mil for building, buy out and renos. Where is the other $10.2 Mil going? And for what??

How is it that no one reads the $23 million figure and goes "WTF are we spending $23 million on a building for?" How can renovations be that expensive? Or they using gold leaf?

For those here who were in really "in" the CoS for a while, when news like this trickles down through the ranks, is there compliance and acceptance everywhere? Does anyone complain? Surely public occasionally go "what... wait, hang on... these numbers seem a little high"

I'm shocked that anyone can accept such bold-faced lies, namely that a building of that size + renovation could be *anywhere* near that figure. It's ridiculous.


Sorry for getting this posted so late.

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Subject: Pasadena Launch this Saturday!

Date: Wednesday, April 7, 2010