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From: IAS Administrations <[email protected]>
Date: Monday, March 29, 2010


Here is a letter that was sent to the IAS from a Volunteer Minister who was in Haiti after the devastating earthquake.

The letter speaks for itself -- read it and consider how you can help to support the IAS in order to continue these campaigns.

You can make a difference!


Selina Frick

IAS Administrations

On behalf of the IAS

“My name is Ayal Lindeman and I am a Disaster Response Volunteer Minister as well as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and Licensed Practical Nurse, Community Emergency Response Team member and Trainer and more.

I wanted to thank you for your help and support with the efforts of the VMs in Haiti . This help saved lives and I am not speaking in the abstract here. IT SAVED LIVES and stopped people from dying.

I was given a report that patients were dying without care each and every night at the General Hospital . The day shift would find two or three dead patients each morning.

On the night of January 22nd, I was at the General Hospital with another VM, Darrel Craig. That night we were caring for over 360 patients spread out over the hospital compound with one medical doctor, one New York City Paramedic and three New York City EMT’s. Everyone there had traveled to Haiti with the help of the IAS-sponsored charter flights, including our medical supplies.

The Haitian medical staff, traumatized by the death and destruction caused by the quake were not to be found. Darrel and I were the only caregivers inside a building with almost forty patients in four wards. We were there because we were told that these people had no one caring for them from 5 pm until 8 am and again I tell you that every night people died. I can tell you that the death stopped that night in the wards.


Outside the ward in the tents a patient had pulled out his IV (intravenous drip) and was losing blood as instead of IV fluid going into his body, the IV line now allowed his blood to freely flow out of his body, he would have soon bled to death. Another situation was that an oxygen tube had been twisted so that a patient was breathing his own exhaled air which would have led to suffocation. Neither happened because medical personnel were there that YOU HELPED TO BE THERE! We were there.

Another night, a nurse became so upset at a death that she stated `I can’t do this any more’ and ran out in tears. Darrel went after her as I continued medical care. I knew that unless handled she might never again return to patient care here or back in the States. A few hours later she returned into the wards smiling and got right back to work. First Darrel gave her an assist and then a Dianetics session!

Know this in no uncertain terms: There is no abstract way to put it — it was care or no care, life or death. There just is no PR about it.

That support, our transport, the transport of our supplies, our food, all of it came directly from the funds donated to the IAS.

Know this with certainty!

It saved, changed for the better, brought comfort and support and even assisted us so that we were able to get the Haitian staff up to a point where they too were working in their wards, supported side by side with aid workers. Patients would see us and smile knowing they were cared for, cared about and mattered.

In the worst conditions I have ever experienced — and this is my tenth disaster — we made a difference. You made a difference. KNOW THIS TO BE TRUE! KNOW IT! And thank you.”

~ ~ ~

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