MISSING: Mike Jones. Last Seen at Scientology Celebrity Centre in Los Angeles


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MISSING: Mike Jones. Last Seen at Scientology Celebrity Centre in Los Angeles.

This came across my Twitter feed from some trusted sources.




From the Reddit thread:

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[–]bagginsforsure 2 points an hour ago

Is this a joke? Does anyone know more? :/


[–]ellaraitchscn4stadtech 2 points an hour ago*

I don't know much, but it sounds like a case of disconnection. Sad.


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[–]ellaraitchscn4stadtech 2 points an hour ago

Looks like this is legit. The guy's father posts at the Underground Bunker under the handle Sid, and is ex-Scn himself. There is a medical emergency in the family and they are desperate to reach their son.


[–]bagginsforsure 3 points 58 minutes ago

Thank you. :( "Church." What a joke.


[–]ellaraitchscn4stadtech 2 points 41 minutes ago

Can you imagine facing the end of your life and not knowing if your kids are OK? I'm panicking a little just thinking about it. Fuck this shit.


[–]bagginsforsure 2 points 34 minutes ago

Unfortunately I can imagine a version of what he/she must be going through as I have lost my biological family to scn disconnection policy. I don't know a bit about this family but compassion isn't going to come from scn management in L.A. I hope the police and media are involved very quickly to move things along.


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This is so wrong, I don't even know where to start. :no:


My heart and prayers are with Mike Jones' family.


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Like so many of us, so much we didn't know when we got involved with that little cult.

There seems to never be a " good side " to scn once they get their hooks set.

Most every X has a string of true horror stories.


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Tony Ortega has a follow-up on this story.

Willie and Phil Jones — on a mission to defeat disconnection (2nd story)


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Last night, Karen de la Carriere posted on Facebook a statement by Willie Jones who, with her husband Phil (known as “Sid” in the Bunker), has made a trip to Los Angeles to try and reconnect with their son and daughter, who each work in Scientology’s Sea Org.

Recently, we wrote about how that activity kicked up a threat letter by Scientology’s attorney Bert Deixler. (Karen was sent one, and so were Phil and Willie.) In that story, we explained that the Joneses are working with Sirens Media on a television series about Scientology. Willie explains a little more here, from the Facebook post, and we thought you’d want to see it.

My name is Willie Jones. Most of you will know my other half, Phil Jones, AKA Sid. He’s a trouble maker but I adore him to pieces! We have been together for 43 years and have three kids, five grandchildren and one great grandchild on the way. Two of our children are in the Sea org and one was never really in. Our son who was never in, David, has given us all the grandkids. Bless his heart!

Emily Jones our daughter currently works at ASI. Before that she worked as David Miscavage’s personal assistant for ten plus years and travelled everywhere with him. Our oldest son is Mike Jones has worked at Celebrity Center for almost twenty years. Both have completely given their entire adult life to the service of the Sea Org. They both joined the sea org for the “right” reason, which was to save the planet, and for that reason I am proud of them. Unfortunately, they have been completely taken over by the church and have disconnected from us. I don’t blame them for doing so. As most of you already know, the programming goes very deep. For all those who have struggled to come to grips with what has done to them and how difficult it can be to sort through, I feel your pain! It is why we fight!

I am not going to go into our whole life story but suffice it to say, our story is most likely similar to your own. I will say however, that even though we have basically been out for more than ten years, we recently changed our operating basis.

We, like many others, played by the churches rules. We stayed quiet, didn’t make any waves and put a smile on our faces just to stay in contact with Emily and Mike. It only took a facebook friend who had been declared (that we did not want to disconnect from) to start us on the road to having our lives turned upside down. We have not seen our SP declare but have been notified that our only terminal is the IJC. We have not had contact with our children going on two years now. Believe me, we have tried.

We went from being good little boys and girls to roaring lions! Turning the kids against us was a bad idea! You may have seen some of the noise we have made on Tony’s blog and Karen’s posts. Well you ain’t seen nothin yet! We have only just begun to fight!

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