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Monique Yingling the LYING LAWYER for Scientology and David Miscavige


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You didn't see it but Blinky had an earpiece where she could be coached directly by DM. Don't blame her for all the blinking, it was at those points which DM was screaming profanities in her ear. :yes:


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I think we all can assume now that the Church will never use another main spokesperson who doesn't come with Attorney Client Privilege as part of the package. We would never expect the Corleone family to not use a high powered dissembling attorney to represent them either. LRH loved to use marketing positioning for everything and the positioning being made here for the viewing public is that the Church spokesperson is Tom Hagen.

Michael Corleone couldn't trust his own people either. Their motivations were unreliable and he knew eventually they could all turn on him and let him down - but the family attorney's motivations were clear, unadulterated and reliable:



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In my opinion, analyzing the statements of the liar is more effective than looking for non-verbal signs of deceit, due to the analyzer either having an incorrect belief about what behavior the ‘typical’ liar shows, or being unable to interoperate the non-verbal behaviour that is on show, thus rendering an innocent person guilty.

The global view about liars is that they look away from you (avert their gaze) when they are lying. This is a false belief, which can be backed up with 40 years of research. What you will often find is that liar’s will often consciously engage in greater eye contact, because it is commonly (but mistakenly) believed that direct eye contact is a sign of truthfulness. Some eye gaze behavior is well rehearsed, such as when women use their gaze to attract males and persuade them into taking a course of action they might not otherwise have taken. Another reason is that eye gaze is related to many factors that have nothing to do with deception. People make less eye contact when they are embarrassed and make more eye contact when dealing with people of high status than low status. Additionally, people avoid eye contact with others who sit too close to us, and, as mentioned, women use eye gaze to emotionally manipulate. For these reasons, no relationship exists between eye gaze and deception.


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Re: Monique Yingling the LYING LAWYER for Sciehtology

as Mike Rinder pointed out on his post today, Yingling is not a scientologist:


Not using someone who is personally familiar with Scientology teachings and practices provides an opportunity to exploit plausible deniability. If you put someone out front who does have a lot of familiarity then the chances of them revealing too much is also a problem.

I think the viewing audience picks up on this strategy and it further solidifies a negative perception.

If they really wanted to be open and honest why use someone who practices a completely different religion and is so inept at answering in detail?


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Please ! Monique Yingling is the most perfect spokesperson that group could ever have !

Praise her appearances on national television !

She portrays that group as it should be portrayed !

I'm so glad she appears just the way she appears & says what she says the ways she says it & wearing the clothes she wears !

She completely freaks out the general public - and they pay her to do it !

Folks, this is good stuff to watch !


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After watching Monique Yingling on ABC's - 20/20 tonight - I felt she deserved her own thread.

That crooked lying sleezy lawyer has been lying for Scientology for many years. Monique Yingling is living off of BLOOD money - and perhaps that is why her TR LIE was out tongiht.

I believe it is even hard for Scientology's other black hearted ICE QUEEN to keep her TR's in - there is just no denying it. Scientology is a full blown criminal con organization that Monique Yingling has gotten filthy rich on!

Her stats are up though - she blinked 13,243,321 in the one hour episode. The last time she was on - she blinked 12,543,354 times. Please - someone prepare a CERT for Ding a Ling Monique Yingling.

Go to ABC 20/20 and read the posts lighting up the board.

I hope that rotten apple loses her job and has to live under a bridge. SCUM!

Lawyers are trained to be very prejudicial for their client. This is why they have such a sleazy reputation. Even if they know their client is a lying, guilty, criminal sleazebag they have to argue for him. They are taught that that's the system. It's based on the Hegelian dialectic. (hmmm, sounds familiar, huh?) The clash between the thesis and the antithesis results in a synthesis.

So lawyers feel justified in being lying, misleading, deceptive manipulators, as long as they are operating within the law. Just realize that innocent people rarely need criminal lawyers. I suspect the insane money they make helps them get over the integrity crisis.

Do you know the difference between a prostitute and a lawyer?

The prostitute wont screw you after you're dead.
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