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Montreal Anons *ROCKED ON AGAIN TODAY* at the downtown Scientology ORG.

I was only able to attend for one hour before heading off to do the radio show with Sautez,
but still have some awesome fun.

Published on Jun 15, 2013
June 15, 2013 - Armed with bright picket signs, loud music, and wearing colorful costumes, the Montreal Anonymous group lined the sidewalk in front of Scientology earlier today. Montreal police were called three times today, and a text message received a few minutes ago, states "the police were awesome and supportive of the protest."




None of the Montreal protesters were ever members of Scientology, but show up every month with signs of protest - informing the public by handing out pamphlets and flyers about the abuses and crimes inside the cult.



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you guys are so cool I almost want to move to Montreal !! My favorite is the horse.