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More COS Mojo Concerning Debbie Cook

You have no understanding of me at all. ...

The way you have been acting out publicly why should anyone care to get to know you, BB?

I know you can be a real sweet guy, BB. But for quite some time now you sure have been doing a great job of hiding that fact.

Mark A. Baker :no:


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I don't think that most people on ESMB fit that description. Most here can see both the cheese and the trap. :) It's just that some of the tiny pieces of cheese still have even tinier hooks in them, and a certain amount of caution and doubt is prudent.

This becomes somewhat muddled, since there are a few Scientologists - such as the Abbott (Mark A. Baker) and Costello (Terril) team - who regard the majority of ESMBers as fitting the description of the disillusioned "mark," and themselves as being above that lowly state and able to (brace for the Scientologists' favorite word) differentiate.

The rest of us are regarded as lowly non-differentiators, and this becomes even more muddled as Scientologist Abbott slaps Scientologist Costello around, scolding Costello for not differentiating.

:clapping::clapping::clapping: freaking hilarious! :clapping::clapping::clapping: