More ESMB software usage hints


Con te partirò
Here are some more hints & tips for getting the most out of the software on this board.

Multiquote function:
At the end of each post you will see one of these
things. This is a multiquote button. You can click on this button on up to 5 different posts and when you go to reply, these posts will be quoted for you in your reply.

Thread tools:

At the top of each thread you will see thread tools. Click on this and you'll get a drop down menu like this:


If you subscribe to a thread another icon appears in the forum listings to let you know you are subscribed to the thread. You can also check your subscribed threads in your user CP and request an email notification when replies are posted. Play around with this function.

Buddy list:

When you see someone's name on a post you can click on their name and add them to your buddy list. From your buddy list you can instantly see whether your friends are online or not (as long as they are not invisible).

There are a lot more functions. Play around with them. You can't break anything :)