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More infor needed plz

Discussion in 'Europe' started by UkAnony, Aug 25, 2010.

  1. UkAnony

    UkAnony Patron Meritorious

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  2. Sharone Stainforth

    Sharone Stainforth Silver Meritorious Patron


    What a shame I did not see this earlier.

    I have been to Eastbourne today and combined a little mission hunting with shopping.

    The only address I had was 57 Cavendish Avenue. Its' based not far from Eastbourne train station and is about 10 mins walk. It's all residential. No sign to say what it is, just looks like an ordinary house.

    Put it this way, it won't be going St. Hill size in the near future, not unless they are planning on taking over the entire town center.

    When I next get a chance, over the next few weeks, I will see what I can do about some of the other addresses.
  3. UkAnony

    UkAnony Patron Meritorious

    Cheers Sharone
  4. UkAnony

    UkAnony Patron Meritorious

  5. Sharone Stainforth

    Sharone Stainforth Silver Meritorious Patron


    In front of me I have a leaflet with the stress test written on it. The address is;
    Hubbards Dianetic Centre
    The Lookout
    Chapel Walk
    Bexhill on sea
    East Sussex
    TN40 2JT.

    This leaflet was posted through one of my daughters letter boxes. I already posted a post about this , I can't find it. The thing is I already spent an entire afternoon wandering round trying to find this address. To no avail, the address is non existant.

    Not to be deterred, I have looked it up on google maps, googlemaps is having the same problem as me.

    It says "We couldn't understand this location".Tap the address in and see for yourself.

    Whereas googlemaps may not understand, I most certainly do,tricky bastards these scientologists arn't they?
  6. anon2019

    anon2019 Patron with Honors

    I think this is chapel walk, looks like a new street so no street view,+Bexhill-on-sea&sll=53.401034,-8.307638&sspn=10.452086,28.54248&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Chapel+Walk,+Bexhill,+East+Sussex+TN40+2JT,+United+Kingdom&ll=50.849964,0.49181&spn=0.00135,0.003484&t=h&z=19
  7. Sharone Stainforth

    Sharone Stainforth Silver Meritorious Patron

    Thank you anon2019.

    I will check it out. It is the same area I spent a whole afternoon at and none of the locals knew of it either.
  8. RogerB

    RogerB Crusader

    Maybe it is their famous COSRECI address stunt they pulled in Adelaide, Oz . . . . :D

    It may be they are simply trying to look "expansive" by plugging in phony addresses. How else to keep the suckers believing in "upper management."

    Either way, at best, it can only be some individual "being a mission" from home. At worst, a fraud.

    No, let me re-write that . . . a misrepresentation, as usual!

    I'm familiar with that south coast area as Sharone is (she more so) and having a mission there is about as impressive as having a mission in Woop Woop, in Oz. :melodramatic:

  9. Sharone Stainforth

    Sharone Stainforth Silver Meritorious Patron

    Originally posted by RogerB:


    Badly in need of a good brisk walk, I chose Bexhill today.

    First stop 'Charter House' 2 mins walk from Bexhill Station. This is a small office block, that has a sign outside saying 'offices to let'. Whilst looking at the sign a very tall, bald headed man came out and asked if he could help me.Wondered if I was expected and this was the welcoming committee. He told me he owned the building. I said I was looking for 'the church of scientology', he informed me it was 'the Hubbards Dianetics Centre'. I asked was he aware of what scientology is all about. He told me he was not into religions and that they payed their rent which is all he was concerned about.

    I gave him a 'pssst, hey buddy want to buy a bridge' leaflet and a 'Justice Latey High Court Ruling'leaflet and directed him to OCMB and and suggested he might like to go to these websites as he may find it very enlightening.

    What was amusing to note was that he dissappeared back into the building and I turned left at the side of the building, to see the same man in an office in deep conversation with two men in the second office on the side of the building. I recognised one as being a scientologist, I had met previously.

    A couple of things to note, you would never know this was a Hubbards Diantics Centre, it just looked like any office with two men inside doing business.Both men were dressed in office clothes, no obvious tell tale signs they were anything other than ordinary office worlers.

    About an hour later after going to my second destination, I walked past the office again, the two scientologists were still inside, I'll give one his due, he had full TRs in and gave me a big smile.I think he recognised me.

    Charter House location is perfect for a protest.

    Location 2, The Lookout, Chapel Walk. It does exist. It's about a half hour walk from the station off of Hastings Road. It's a job to find if you don't know where you are going.Local people don't know of it,at least the ones I spoke to. It is on a relatively new developement, one house is still being built. The Lookout it'self is the only older building there and is a charming little chapel like looking house. No signs to say it was a Hubbards Diantic Centre. One worrying aspect, it is situated less than one minutes walk from Bexhill College, which was bustling with young people.
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  10. Sharone Stainforth

    Sharone Stainforth Silver Meritorious Patron

    Re Charter House, Bexhill on sea, East. Sussex.

    Have been doing a bit of checking up on this office building.

    There are listed two other organizations operating from this address.

    1. is a Infertility Network(UK)

    2. is an Insurance Company.

    Initially thought there wasn't a link. Why in the world would Scientology be running a fertility clinic. Instantly got my antenna up. In the Infirtility Network (UK) there is listed a Diane Arnold.Further checking lists this woman to education consultants, from there onto real estate,and then to a christian boarding school for troubled teens and from their to 'the drug rundown' which takes us full circle back to Narconon.I think the owner of Charter House lied to me, no surprises there then.

    If bonafide and legitimate, why do they lie?

    Earthlink and Reed Slatkin.

    On the right hand side it says outpatients 'drug and alcohol' Narconon booklet.

    I could probably spend all night putting up more links, but I think you get the picture.Will check out a load more names tomorrow.
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  11. lionheart

    lionheart Gold Meritorious Patron

    Super Sleuth Sharone! :thumbsup:

    It seems the cult are getting more covert and hiding behind layers of identity deception.

    You know what? They are NEVER going to clear the planet at this rate! :happydance:
  12. Sharone Stainforth

    Sharone Stainforth Silver Meritorious Patron

    Originally posted by Lionheart;

    It's funny you should say that.

    I was in East.Grinstead some time ago and met a 'christian evangelist' or at least that's what he called himself. Much later, thanks to stc I found out he was a long time scientologist.

    The man married to my 2nd stepmother is Derek Field,Derek Field is an accountant in East. Grinstead, his name is on the accounts for Narconon in St. Leonards.My 2nd stepmothers name is Lynda Field, she's a life coach. What is a life coach? Having sifted through a myriad of online websites, I'm inclined to think it is the new buzz word for 'scientologist.' Well, that and 'Educational Consultant',and many other words that don't say really 'I am a Scientologist'

    Sifting through a lot of information I came up with the 'Field Group' they are declared SPs according to the enimies list. It was something about the 'Field group' that caught my attention and lead me straight back to 'Charter House' in Bexhill.

    I won't say what the something was, but it was good to see your post here this morning Lionheart, Thank you.

    Justice Latey,ruling in the London High Court, Family Division on the 23 July 1984 had it wrapped up.

    "Scientology is both immoral and socially obnoxious.....It is corrupt, sinister and dangerous. It is based on lies and deceit,and has it's real objective being money and power for Mr.Hubbard....(Mr. Miscavige)....It is sinister bacause it indulges in infamous practises both to the adherents who do not toe the line unquestionably and to those who criticise it or oppose it. It is dangerous because it is out to capture people to indoctrinate and brainwash them so they become the unquestioning captives and tools of the cult, withdrawn from ordinary thought, living and relationships with others."

    (Mr.Miscavige) - added by me.

    4.30 on theis video. I'm digging.
  13. Nicole

    Nicole Silver Meritorious Patron

    OT, but I wonder me always.

    Always if I see a Scientologist or a vid from Scientologist and how they "discuss" (*lol*), they seem like robots. I find the uniform appearance very horrific. The gesticulation and mimic is allways the same. What they say is of course allways the same.

    You could replace Tommy Davis with Sabine Weber (Geman Spokesman) or with each other trained (mind controled) Scientologist.

    What an evil mind control!:grouch:

    It makes dead eyes!!! That is the most horrific!
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  14. AngeloV

    AngeloV Gold Meritorious Patron


    Hey Sharon, thanks for taking the time to investigate. This is quite useful information to share.
  15. Sharone Stainforth

    Sharone Stainforth Silver Meritorious Patron

    Unable to leave Charter House alone because of the link that scientologists have set up a charity for Infertility, especially in light of their coerced and forced abortion policies in the sea org and their total disregard for children in general, I have spent some time digging away.

    Charter House has several supposed businesses at this address. Whether all of them are current or not, I don't know.

    There are in no specific order:

    1). Infertility Network(UK).
    2).Phoenix Accountants
    3).Acorn Building and Decorating
    4)Carpenters and Joiners
    5).Subsistance Claims Advisory Bureau

    A couple of weird ones, that I clicked on and had to shut my computer down to get off the site. It required a password and username.A site called - a restricted site.

    Not sure if it has been recently sold, or relet. There were obvious building works going on when I visited a couple of weeks ago. I found this just now.

    6).Affinity Photos.
    This one made me laugh. Not sure whether OSA have taken up a side line of photographing weddings and family portraits. Jackie says "Creation and communication are the key principles for capturing that special occasion" or is she just following the new 2D principles set forth in the altered works of L. Ron Hubbard.

    As a side note re the Infertility Network(UK) it used to be two, one was called 'Child' and the other 'Issue', they have joined forces and are a national charity. This is the one that bothers me the most, preying on the vulnerable.
  16. Moomin

    Moomin Patron

    RE: Manchester 'Ideal' Org

    Manchester Org acquired a building back in 2007, which can't be opened as the planning permission was withdrawn due to being advised by Trafford Council's planning dept that there were issues re parking and other building reject points, however, the org still push people for donations for a building that in no way can all.
  17. Sharone Stainforth

    Sharone Stainforth Silver Meritorious Patron

    This has nothing to do with Charter House as such, other than the links to scientology and back of course to Narconon and vitamin therapy.

    For purposes of research into christian evangelism, which I am not reseaching but keep finding myself there via scientology.

    This is Martin Anthony Dorn:
    He runs a business called Naparema-natural pain relief massage.

    Originally posted by Martin Anthony Dorn;
    When I met him in East. Grinstead at the protest of the IAS event he told me he was a christian evangelist.

    Not only does he quote L. Ron Hubbard, he also uses G&G vitamins which in turn leads us to the Gaimans who themselves are/were long time scientologists.

    David Gaiman: mourned in the East. Grinstead Observer.

    I won't give the source of where I originally found out this guy is a scientologist as I don't have their permission.
  18. Freeminds

    Freeminds Bitter defrocked apostate

    The OP might be interested to know that there's a "Scientology front groups" section on that wiki, too. In the light of recent posts here, it would seem to be in need of some additional information. This hydra has more heads than most individuals can perceive...
  19. Sharone Stainforth

    Sharone Stainforth Silver Meritorious Patron

    Copyright: Roger Nunn.
  20. Sharone Stainforth

    Sharone Stainforth Silver Meritorious Patron

    On walkabout today;

    Hubbards Dianetic Centre - Hastings.
    The offices above Queens Arcade have a 'To Let' sign up.

    Narconon - St. Leonards on sea, East Sussex. Auction Notices still up.
    Same two cars parked out front. All quiet. Think they are still operating until they have to leave.

    Bexhill - Hubbards Dianetic Centre. Charter House. Still very much in operation, two scilons in office. Window was open and I couldn't help myself. Shouted out "Mike Rinder blew and so can you". The chap who was going through some files at the time, couldn't believe it, He said "AYE" in a loud voice and I wish I hadn't already put my camera away cos the expression on his face was priceless.

    The Lookout - Bexhill :
    It is quite a lot bigger than I originally thought. There's this little house bit at the front and then this long section coming off of it at the back, at the moment it has scaffolding up and is having some work done on it.

    There is nothing on either Bexhill buildings to tell you that they are a scientology organization.