MORE Magazine (UK) would like to hear from Ex Scientologists


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Cross post from Operation Clambake regarding More (Woman's) magazine UK; they ran a favourable scientology feature which illicited some emails it would seem. The response from them is as follows, note that age range is perhaps illegal under age discrimination however I expect that is driven by the target audience of the mag.

Dear Jonathon

Thank you for your email regarding our scientology feature, and thank you for sharing your story with me.

I would like to emphasise that the real-life articles in more! are first person stories, intended to show different perspectives and lifestyle choices on different women within our readership demographic.

This is one woman's take on an issue that is of constant interest to our readership, and we have previously run stories from ex scientology members who have a different perspective.

When we put together this article, we did have an ex-scientologist approach us who was prepared to talk to us about her experiences, but [...] unfortunately we can not run stories like yours anonymously.

We need to be able to name the individuals in the story, offer right of reply to anyone they name within the article (like family members still within Scientology) and be able to verify the story with sources. If you know of anyone who has been a scientologist, who would be photographed and share their story, we may also be able to run their article. However, this person would need to be aged 18-25, and as I said would need two or more other named witnesses to verify their story.

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts on this article.

Best wishes

In case anyone is interested.

Wisened One

I wonder how easy it would be to find witnesses to 'verify' their story. (If she's talking about those still in witnesses?).

If someone called my former org to ask if I used to work there, they'll probably deny it. (If they knew I was out, that is).


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I must admit they have put some tough standards on it, maybe they're scared of Co$ legal action. We had one young ex-scientologist who did an interview which couldn't be published because it wouldn't be verified so the legal people got worried.