More on the Factnet Investigation


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Hey folks,

This follows a posting I made some time ago concerning an investigation into crimes and alleged crimes committed by DM and others.

I wanted to give you a link to something I recently posted on ars which was an update of sorts with respect to the investigation. I also posted this on XSO.

As I have gotten so many people contacting me about this and as I saw some common types of problems people were having in trying to help, I made that posting on ars. (I post on ars as “SME”).

The link is:

The questionnaire referred to in that link can be found right here on EXSCN. It’s entitled “Scientology Investigation Questionnaire”.

Based on information supplied to date, I have recently finished writing up some more questions for the questionnaire and after they are coordinated with some others I will be publishing the updated questionnaire here and elsewhere. The updated questions for the most part are asking for some more specifics based on the information already obtained.

I wanted this information to be available to all of you as well, in the event any of you decide to participate.