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It seems they are running out of Public Relations people to throw under the bus. It used to be that if you were going to be on one of these PR posts, you had to be OT 3 or above. That way when someone tells you all about Xenu, you have already read about it and can deny it while knowing full well it is completely true.

Well now you have people that are not even up to the State of Clear on these posts. You start talking about Xenu, and they REALLY have not heard about it. What would be great of if people could start telling these newbie PR people that they created their own reactive mind and if the stopped, they would be Clear. That would create a real big problem for the “church.”

Anyway, you may have heard about OSA staff calling people to have them take themselves off MySpace pages as “friends” of SP’s. This has actually been going on for some time with multiple people and many SPs are on MySpace and “Scientologists” frequently talk with these SPs and the Church is none the wiser.

It seems that most church goers could care less if their friends get declared SPs or leave the Sea Org. They talk with them all the time and this has been going on for years. Most Scientologists just lie through their teeth and say that they are not talking to their SP friends. Just like the OSA staff lie through their teeth every day. Talk about hypocrisies run amuck.

Well now they have OSA MySpace “plants” that get themselves added to an SP MySpace page so that they can then see who all of the friends are that are Scientologists and contact them and get them to disconnect from the person on MySpace!

First they did this with emails. Not a good idea OSA. Copies of emails looked very bad and this was stopped early on. Having orders coming directly from OSA to disconnect from friends was not looking too good.

Next they had MAA’s calling people into to local orgs to get them to come in for interviews where they would tell them that they were connected to an SP and they needed to disconnect. This was not working out to well. I actually know of three people whose Scientology parents ended up disconnecting from them because they would not disconnect from their SP MySpace friends. Not good PR for the church and not a good success rate on getting people to stop talking to their friends.

Next were the phone calls. You may have heard about the OSA Clearwater staff member (Mariah Pearce) that was actually starting off her calls by identifying herself and the reason for the call. Once a few of the calls were caught and recorded, they stopped with phone calls.

Now they are actually making house calls!!!! I kid you not; they are now driving out to a person’s house and meeting them in person.

Here is what one of the Scientologists recently contacted sent to their SP friend in a MySpace message, “I was just informed you are not in good standing. Obviously, I would love to see you handle this so we can be in comm., but until then we cannot.”

And another that did not go exactly as the church planned, “Did I tell you that I have another MySpace account I set up that I use just for Scinos. That way when they search for me they'll see the one with my actual pic and they can join that one and the "other" one is for my actual friends. Pretty lame, I know... But it keeps them at bay and leaves me alone. I rarely even check that Scino one. Who cares anyway? They are just trying to sell me books and go into the org for some video that is being played. Lame.”

How many other “churches” monitor and enforce their parishioner’s social networking connections and have parents disconnect from their children based on their MySpace friends list????

Well OSA, do we really need to now start posting videos of your staff making MySpace friend disconnection visits? I am sure that you will curtail these activities now that you know you are being watched.

Here is an interesting fact that I wonder if OSA is fully aware of. YOU – OSA - are being watched by more people than ever right now. For years you have been doing the watching with your OSA goons and your plants and your plethora of Private Dicks. This is not the case today. Your entire force is miniscule compared to the throngs that watch your every move now. Do not make any that would be considered out-PR or not publically acceptable in TODAY’s society.

You are walking on eggshells now.

Tread lightly.

Now, let’s get onto talking about your latest sacrificial lambs.

Pat Harney – Scientology Public Relations – Clearwater, Florida
Apparently the public spokesperson in Clearwater for the Church is Pat Harney. It appears they are not being very picky on who gets put on these posts anymore.

OSA, you really should go through your people a bit better. If you are going to have someone on Public Relations that will be denying that you break up families, at least have someone that does not have a broken up family. I thought we had been over this with the whole Karin Pouw incident.

Pat’s husband Mike Harney was on the Sea Org Project that was sent to Harlem to renovate and open an org there. He was separated from his wife Pat for 2 years while gone and, wouldn’t you know, ended up having sex with the woman that was named to be the Executive Director for the Harlem org. You gotta love a guy that really takes his work home! Okay, well he was sent to the RPF. He is still on the RPF 6 years later! No family break up there OSA?

They are still married and she still has his name, but has not seen the guy in 6 years. And here she is on the radio the other day talking about “the church does not break up families.” Maybe next time she goes out for an interview, we will ask her about this one. I sure she will have a really good answer for us written up.
Now let’s move over to the West coast.

Heber Jentzsch was taken off of the Public Relations lines a few years ago, because Dave Miscavige had to mop up tons of messes that Heber was not containing. We won’t even get into how Heber never saw his late wife and even when she past away from cancer, was not able to make it out to see her because he could not “get off post.”

Every once and awhile OSA will issue a press release in his name even though he had no part in writing whatsoever. Heber has been off all Public Relations since about 5 years ago.

This is the period where you have Kurt Wieland and Mike Rinder starting to show up in interviews and TV appearances. Well, Kurt Weiland has been locked up at Int for going on 4 years now and Mike Rinder is long gone, out of sight and out of mind.

Just when you think there is nobody left.

Now they have this guy Bob Adams. Bob Adams used to work at ABLE International. Before that, about 30 years before that, he used to be in the NFL. This was in the early 1970’s and because of this he is a big celebrity in Scientology. Well they got him to join the Sea Org a few years back.

He was just recently quoted as saying the RPF was a very good thing, that people go voluntarily, have lots of breaks, study, 3 good meals a day, etc. Yeah, sure it is a good thing if you are not on it!

WELL.... in 2004, he screwed around with this girl that he was not married to. A big no-no in the “church.” Her name was Dean Nichols -- they were even engaged at the time, but got involved in "heavy petting." They did not even have sex! Well, Dean was RPF'd for this incident. She went to the RPF because she had a “make-out session” with Bob.

Well, Bob did NOT go to the RPF because he's a celebrity having been a former player in the NFL, blah, blah, blah. They went “out 2D” in LA and Dean was shipped off to Florida and put on the RPF there. She was totally crushed about being separated from him and about being sent to the RPF for it. Within a year, Dean was declared an SP and offloaded from the Sea Org in 2005.

I sure Bob Adams would love to explain that one to the press next time they ask about families being broken up or about the RPF being such a great place. I am sure that Dean might have a different take on that one as well. Bob Adams hadn’t even started a family and they broke it up.

Okay OSA. You are really going to have to come up with some better people to be representing you out there.

I look forward to exposing their past and present "secrets" as well.

Until next time…


Genuine Meatball
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blownforgood at OCMB said:
I almost forgot, this was Jenna Miscavige's response to OSA killing off her MySpace friends due to her connection to a few "unsavory" characters. She sent this message to every single one of her friends on Myspace!

Unti next time...

From: Jenna
Date: Oct 16, 2007 8:26 PM

If there is anyone who is currently a friend on my page who has a problem with _____or _____, ____, ____ or ______ being on my page. To put it nicely...Get the fuck off my page!!

I am sick of this Scientology discriminatory bullshit. The truth of the matter is that if you are willing to dump your friends based on the word of the church or because your friend is connected to someone who the church frowns upon - YOU AREN"T MY FRIEND!! and I don't need you in my life. (You are probably also a self centered ass kisser too)

I am sorry for those who are caught up in the mix because the Church won't let you talk to your families if you talk to my friends and thus me. You can take your name off my page and we can still message each other with out the watchful eyes of IJC perving out on your page.


P.S. You can see Jenna on Inside Edition later today.